Sony 1000XM3 to Samsung 55inch TV via Bluetooth

Hi All,

I have recently purchased Sony 1000 XM3 headphones and loving it. I own a Samsung 55inch UA55D7000LMXXY TV and was hoping it could connect the headphones to TV via bluetooth but was unable to.

Upon checking the manual and chatting with samsung representative they have confirmed TV does not have bluetooth capablity.. I was wondering if anyone could assist me in connecting my headphones to TV .

Is there an external device i can purchase and connect to TV via HDMI Cable/ USB which can be connected to headphones enjoy the wireless experience ?

Any advise or help is appreciated


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    The TaoTronics TT-BA09 Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver from this expired deal will work with both 3.5mm and optical outputs:

  • Yes you can use them with TV’s (with the additional BT transmitter), but unless both transmitter and Headphone support Apt-X LL (Low Latency) you will have a considerable delay between the image on TV and sound on headphones.

    For TV use I would recommend RF Headphones such as the ones in this deal, as they have no delay, better range & battery life and are much easier to deal with day to day (charging on stand etc).

    • Thanks for your response.. I already own Sony 1000XM3 and have no intention to purchase another headphone.. would XM3 be able to connect to TaoTronics TT-BA09 Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver or do you think i will i have delay ?

      Any thoughts ?

      • According to the description the TT-BA09:

        LOW DELAY: aptX Low Latency technology eliminate Bluetooth audio delay, so you can watch TV / Movie / Video and listen to high-clarity sound in perfect synchronization

        Unfortunately, the Sony Headphones don't appear to support AptX LL.

        However, I do have the Sony 1000XM2 and watch TV connected via bluetooth (my TV has bluetooth) with no noticeable delay. Hope this helps

        • I imagine you have best case scenario, due to your TV having bluetooth (the shortest signal path).
          If you use BA09 connected by cables things may be different.

          • @thebadmachine: There is no such thing as Bluetooth without delay.

            • @Diji1: Low latency means exactly that, there is still latency, just small enough to be unnoticeable (for most).
              When I was saying ‘no delay’ in my first comment I was describing RF Headphones. And I’m sure there must be a microscopic delay, being wireless, but I honestly would be surprised if it was noticeable by anyone.

      • I had a quick look at Taotronics BA09, it supports Apt-X LL.
        XM3 only supports Apt-X and Apt-X HD.
        You may experience some delay, depends how much it bothers you (some notice it more than others, it can also depend on the TV as they are not all made the same).
        On iPad etc Apple has a function which delays the videos to make both in sync, but TV’s do not have this feature.

        • Awesome .. Thank you both of you .. Will definately try as i cant wait to connect XM3 to TV…Sounds so childish.. ha ha :)

          • @summithunter: Yeah try it out. If you leave your feedback it may help other people thinking of doing the same thing.

              • @summithunter: These guys above are spot on regarding aptx LL.

                I have Sony XM3 with Blitzwolf Bluetooth transmitter and the lag is ridiculous. Rang Sony, they said engineers are looking at adding that codec in the future.

                Bought the Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2, they sound awesome no lag, but had intermittent crackling and noise….took them back. Ended up with the sure thing Avantree Auditon pro, these sound crap in comparison to the above 2 mentioned but it works, every time, no lag. Id love to try something else to improve quality…..just not sure what, even looked at Dolby Dimension but gees $1000 is bit rich. Might need to go back to RF.

                If Sony added this codec, my god they would decimate the market.

                So now I have both Sony and Avantree (much to my disgust).

                • @whorishmouth: Avantree, one of the earliest to offer aptX Low Latency enabled stuff. Maybe felt obliged to source and sell matching headphones given so very few available early on. They sound as if they sound pretty ordinary…

                  I suggest that you buy another pair of the Pro 2's. I don't remember static as being part of irritation of their auto-sensing tech, but do remember to turn that off first thing, anyway, if you do buy another pair.
                  If baulking at new pair because you likely bought faulty, can report pair I have all good. If baulking at new pair because not very comfortable, can report with pleasant surprise that after maybe 20 hours wear or so, bed-in to be reasonably near the comfort of the Sony's. Noise reduction of milder variety, but you already know that. Sound quality overall great, and you know that too.

                  You are buying for reason of lag. XM3 standard aptX latency worse than XM2, in turn worse than Pro 2's - 200ms, 187, 166 respectively. Pro 2 aptX latency - 34ms.

                  Be aware that whilst Sony indicating to you that they may add LL codec, fairly likely only to a XM3 MkII model when happens, as may involve additional licencing fee from Qualcomm to enable on a current model (assuming even hardware feasible).
                  XM3 MkII, or XM4, surely not too far off, given absent Bluetooth 5 on current model. That's what I'm hoping for, anyway.

                  Given delay in release, new Bose model will probably at least feature that, but Bose and their entirely unnecessary forced-enable location permission and other data-selling bastardry on Sound Connect app, can keep their headphones, and their speakers, too.

                  Incidentally, Pro 2 pair bought not for LL codec, but for bluetooth range known for. I can leave connected device in back room of house, walk to far corners of backyard and very nearly to front gate, with no break-up. Can't do that with XM2's, and indeed best previous from cheap China brand you will not even have heard of!

                  XM3's a bit better than XM2 for range. If you do buy another set of the Pro 2's, you can do a comparison yourself in relation to that, just for some slight interest, if not previously tried.

                  Hope some of that helps regarding your dilemma.

                • @whorishmouth: Yes, if you find yourself buying headphones specifically (Apt-X LL compatible models) for watching TV, then you may as well get a set of cheap RF Headphones, as they will do the job better and are also designed for the use case.

                  I find the set of RF’s I mentioned in this comment above to be more than adequate for TV/Movies.
                  (we have 2 sets of the older version of these)

                  • @thebadmachine: Hi, mjs.

                    Convenient in a couple of good ways, but OP has LL transmitter and may as well use it.

                    Even most expensive in current Sennheiser RF range has higher latency - 73ms, although not of huge consequence even at that figure, but much poorer sound quality than the Plantronics.

                    Match in sound quality from one model down in Sennheiser range, but again, marginal higher latency, open-back model with no isolation at all, currently much more expensive than Pro 2's.

                    Variously a bit of a sliding-scale from there for OP with other RF models of whatever brand, maybe including those particular Sony ones you've linked. Still might be happy if willing to settle for a half-measure between headphones he currently has, though.

                    These of course all fit into category of 'First World Problems'. No lack of those on OzBargain, mjs.

                    You've been busy!
                    Don't run yourself too ragged!!

                    • @Dne: Thanks for your comment. You are right I have been burning out lately (some ozbargainers might be observing & acknowledging a similar experience).
                      As an act of throttling back, I will end my comment here.

                    • @Dne: Just to correct you, 2nd model from the top of the Sennheiser RF range (the one with the best audio quality) the ‘RS 175’.
                      They are closed-circumaural Headphones. So I would say they have adequate isolation.

                      • @thebadmachine: Briefly mjs, and no, RS195 top model and very nearly bought for elderly relative a couple of years ago, until read multiple reviews highlighting issues -
                        Closed-back, but much signal-processing always on and ultimately limiting default audio quality. Flawed design also results in specialist modes for hard-of-hearing actually limiting max volume to unacceptably low, which is ridiculous.

                        RS185 has best audio quality in current range, but apparently even less isolation than many open-back headphones, of whatever type, and ordinary practical RF range relative to claims by Sennheiser - practical would still depend on circumstance used in.
                        RS175, closed-back (still very ordinary isolation) with average sound making for that half-measure mentioned in previous comment. Slightly poorer RF range than RS185.

                        RS165, also closed-back and apparently better overall sound quality than RS175, and by quite a margin, but slightly worse RF range again relative to upper-models. May still be the pick of them to buy, other features/convenience aside.

                        Have a good day, mjs + Yes, I am imagining Easter eggs fiendishly concealed in your hair, even now. Maybe even a Lindt Gold Bunny up in there somewhere - should be plenty of room!

                        Stress a bit less, mjs :)

                        • @Dne: I see, there is a RS 195 top model.
                          Under my research / reading reviews I always concluded the RS 175 was the pick of the bunch (best audio quality).
                          Oh well the world always lacks consistency, by the time I or you may consider actually purchasing there will be a whole different line-up and contenders.

                          • @thebadmachine: I won't link the same-site reviews for you on those headphones, or you will pore over them for a week. You have been reading too many reviews, as it is, lately, anyway…

                            As general observation, I've owned a number of pairs of headphones from Sennheiser over the years. Good to great and last well, at least until chewed, stepped on, drowned, or nicked. Cable issues separate, but normal.

                            Sennheiser hang on to various models un-updated for long stretches. Could possibly do with some updates or consolidation in their wireless range.

                            Spoilt for choice at this point, if keen on something from that RF bunch. Even more models around than those. They will all be at least half-decent for intended purpose, depending on level of expectation.

  • I use one of these $5 adapters along with a ground loop isolator from Jaycar here. Bought the ground loop isolator which completely eliminated any interference/hum (but you may not need it - try the adapter on its own first). No noticeable audio delay when using with my cheap TV bluetooth earphones. Can find the adapter from China for ~$3 if you don't mind waiting. Works as a transmitter (TV to earphones) and a receiver (phone/device -> audio player/AUX). Just need a headphone output on your TV.

    • This USB transmitter may only work if your TV actually supports output of sound through USB.
      Also receiving BT on TV would also be and is a mystery.
      It is interesting though I never considered plugging one of these into a TV.

      I wonder if you had a speaker without Bluetooth but has a USB port if this would make it Bluetooth compatible..

      • It has a 3.5mm input/output jack on the end - USB is only for supplying power. So, you'd plug the cable from your headphone jack on the TV to the adapter and it'd send that over BT to the bluetooth headphones.

  • I have the same headphones and the newer Samsung NU7100 and wanted to do the same thing. I know it costs more than you are perhaps prepared to pay, but I bought one of these for $70 plus delivery
    It allows me to hook hope another set of headphones at the same time in case my wife wants to listen as well.
    I hooked to up via the optical output of the TV (all cables were provided) and I must say that the sound quality is excellent. When watching TV, I do not notice any lag. I did watch a lag test video on YouTube to see if there was a lag and it was quite small. The TV has a lag adjustment setting, but it only works in the opposite direction required. That is, you can increase the sound delay, but not decrease it.
    My only complaint is that I have to pair the headphones each time I want to use them. This requires pushing a button on the Avantree Audikast box to enter into pairing mode. This may only be because I switch between using the TV speaker and I also pair the headphones with my phone.

  • I have the same issue - use my TaoTronics BA09 to connect to the TV via bluetooth and then connect the headphones to that device via the cable. A little bit clunky, but it works.

    I've tried it with some of the lower spec bluetooth adapters like the BA07 (i think?) that don't have a volume control and it is a bit of a pain, as the volume level on those is fixed and doesn't seem to be controllable at either end. Where as the BA09 has physical volume buttons that work.

    • I think the issue with OP is that their TV is lacking Bluetooth, so they need the BA09 connected to TV via cable to transmit. Then wirelessly transmit to their Bluetooth headphones (BT headphones have volume control on them).
      In your case it seems you are using wired headphones, and your TV has Bluetooth. Just to clarify you have different setups.

      • I clearly did not read the post properly - I assumed it was the same 55" Samsung TV that I had!

        That being said, the bluetooth on my samsung TV refuses to connect to my Sony 100XM3, hence using the BA09. You're right, OP would need to connect it to the TV and use it on TX mode, where as I am using mine with my headphones wired in directly on RX mode, receiving the bluetooth connection from the TV.

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