expired $2 for 6 Chicken McNuggets @ McDonald's via App


Goodbye $1 Thickshakes :((

Starting 11th of April, McDonald's will be offering 6 Chicken McNuggets for $2. Finishes on the 17th

Wagyu burgers are coming next week, btw ;)

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    Are the wagyu burgers any good? I've always been advised to stay away as the staff are generally not as well versed in making them over the classics.

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    Waiting for vegans to protest on this post :)


      Given that the UN has just announced that food is killing more people than smoking perhaps the anti-fag brigade can chime in now that it's worse than smoking!

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        Could it be that since everyone eats (and not everyone smokes) that naturally the very thing that everyone does will have more numbers in the death department…. I will let the UN know

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        As everyone who eats eventually dies, perhaps it's more relevant that not eating causes people to die faster?


          Since the dawn of time, the number of peeps who never smoked then died is way bigger than the number of peeps who smoked then died.

          ERGO, smoking is good for your health.


            @GnarlyKnuckles: and a quick survey of clients at my local crematorium found a high proportion of people who died then smoked…
            Unfortunately, they couldn't give me statistics on whether it improved their health.

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    correction $2 for 9 nuggets and two sauces.
    1.) redeem this deal with chosen sauce
    2.) complete survey and redeem the 3 free nuggets deal and your sauce
    3.) There you have it $2 for 9 nuggets

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      Yes, "forgot".

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      Never argue with the people who prepare your food…

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      So you had a rage because of a minor human error at one store and now blame the entire chain. I think you not going back is more a win for them.

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      You're the type of customer I truly despise… Not going to lie :)


        i push my luck to chips with no salt so i get fresh chips ….no further.

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          You can just ask for fresh chips…


            @cooni: nah.

            One time I specifically asked for 24 nuggets to be cooked fresh (it was around 10pm at night, at a store with low foot traffic) and the guy on the register said 'everything is fresh' and then did nothing. He sort of had a smug tone as well. Bullshit artist, I used to be work at a maccas, I know it's not all fresh. At no point did he turn around and tell the guys in the kitchen to cook fresh nuggets, and then I got my order fairly quickly ( obviously they were not put in the fryer when I ordered, because nuggets take 4 minutes to fry). Got the nuggets and they were meh, nothing special. They definitely were not just out of the fryer. They had probably been around for at least 60 minutes.


            @cooni: Yeah, then your burger or whatever else you order gets cold.


        ye nelson! show him who's the boss!

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    Obesity peeps


      If six nuggets is going to make the difference between obesity and not, you're probably facing other, bigger challenges.


        Most of the people into this deal are into all the other fast food deals. No, it's not just 6 nuggets, it's a lifestyle of eating this type of food often, and not exercising.


    is this on the app or narrh


    Yay my fav maccas deals!


    When I realised its a one off deal, thought nah…

    Walked by maccas today, saw they had $9.95 for 24….

    so 30 nuggets for 12buckaroos…

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