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Creative Aurvana X-Fi Headphone Only $99.95 Free Shipping


Creative Aurvana X-Fi Headphone only $99.95 free shipping. crazy price.
Cheapest price on Static Ice is $227 and lowest price is $259 on Ebay.

I just got one, it's a very good noise canceling headphone. Sound quality is very good,bass A+++++

If u want more infor about is, ask me~

I order on 09/05/2011 and received on 12/05/2011, fast delievery.

Introducing the Creative Aurvana X-Fi® headphones, the world's first noise-canceling headphones equipped with X-Fi technology. The noise-cancellation feature lets you enjoy your music without unnecessary distractions and together with the X-Fi technology, gets you set for more thrilling tunes. Change the way you listen to your music, movies and games with the Aurvana X-Fi today.

X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity
X-Fi technology breathes life into your songs by restoring detail and expanding your music and movies to surround sound.

Hear every detail
X-Fi Crystalizer® technology restores the detail and vibrancy to your compressed music and movies. All the highs and lows are intelligently enhanced, ensuring you hear everything in crystal clear clarity.

Cinematic effects
X-Fi CMSS-3D® technology expands your stereo MP3s and digital movies into virtual surround sound over the headphones. Voices are centered in front of you and ambient sounds are moved all around you.

Experience no disturbance
The noise-cancellation technology significantly reduces background and environment noise by up to 90 per cent. Get to enjoy undisturbed music wherever you are. You can even detach the audio cable and continue using the headphones to block out noise while you sleep.

Performance audio drivers
Large 40mm Neodymium drivers are acoustically-tuned to produce an accurate and linear response, be it for music or movie enjoyment. Now you can achieve natural and dynamic sound reproduction easily.

Listen to it anywhere
With its wide range of bundled accessories, you can now connect your headphones to the seat socket of the airplane, your home entertainment system, MP3 players, iPod® and even the iPhone™.

Easy storage
No worries on where to keep your headphones. You can easily place them and all the bundled accessories into the included travel case and bring it along with you wherever you go!

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    i noticed the price has been like this for a while.

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    I own one myself. Yes, we know it's Creative brand. I only bought it as there was a promotion. But seriously, after listening to it, I am impressed. It sounds great; deep base while mids and highs are clear. I also own Sennheiser HD 25-1 II, Sennheiser HD 202, and Dr. Dre headphones. It's also comparable to the BOSE Noice cancellation.

    I also use it for occasional jogging as it's also quite light.


      Hey guezz007,
      I am really thinking of getting this headphone. Just would like to know what you think of them compared to the Dr.Dres? I find the review for this headphones mixed. On some website they said it is an excellent product while on others they are bad. So I am really confused.

      Would appreciate on your feedback after using them.



    how this one compare with Aurvana Live? I am tossing between these two.


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    Hmmm, technically a dupe, but prolly doesn't hurt to bring up again

    Reviews on Amazon indicate there may be a prob with the headband.
    guezz007: How long have you had yours for and have you had any quality issues?

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    It's a good deal on the surface buyer beware:
    Sounds like they're really not built to last (at all) and customer service is sh**house.

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    Used mine for about 2 months. No issues really, If I can use it for jogging, I believe most people should have no problems for normal usage.

    Headband is good, I really don't see any problems. One thing for sure during my jogging, it does not have "moving parts" noise like my HD 202. The earpads is very good at CUPPING my ears (note: I have big ears) and everything is solid while running.

    I am not sure about others, but I firmly believe if you treat the earphones well, it will last really long. I had my HD 202 for 3 plus yrs and still looking like new.


      I also got one and its box show made @ April 2011.

      I think no problem for headband on product which munufactered in 2011


        Are you sure about this?

        A few reviews on Amazons said the plastic bit on the side is too thin and will certainly break after a while. Could you check yours please?


          yeah,no problem on this.

          I also see some reviews from Newegg or Amazon, I think may be they bought a old product. This headphone's quality may increased when they made in 2011.


    Are these better compared to the Sennheiser HD218?

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    Not really a complain but one thing about Creative Aurvana X-Fi is, it's not completely closed cans (not sure if they are, in the 1st place). There is some Audio leakage when you crank it up. They are from the "noise cancellation" receivers on the side of the cans.

    Not a problem for me as the noise db on board of plane is loud enough; Jogging also shouldn't affect anyone around me as well. :)

    I love the BASS and how it pounds and vibrates my skin and ears… ya it's much stronger than my HD25. Overall I think this is a MUST-BUY for this price. I never intended to buy it in the 1st place if not for it's low price. But I am impressed.

    For those who are interested, do more research on reviews and you'll understand. But remember this, many others bought at much more premium prices than this, probably >$250. For $99, it's a steal! I got it for S$77 in Singapore Creative and it's a once off sales event and it's still S$199 in Singapore.


    Not in stock now.


    Hope these go ok. IM happy with the reviews.
    Estimated delivery 31st may- 6 jun. Must be gettin stock from OS.


    out of stock :( that was quick… saw these a few days ago was planning to buy….


    Sorry off topic, is this Miao from Shuffle?


    FWIW they're drop shipping from Singapore that's what the tracking advice i got suggests.


    what do you guys think of this as DJ headphones? any good?


    Seems to be available again..


    Brought em, got em today not bad… although I feel my sennheiser hd280 are better.


    just wondering is this head phone are wirless ? or wired ?


    super fast deilver think it was 3 working days.
    Headphones are quite nice. The work with or without batteries so dont chew through them. I onlu use the noise cancel if im on the buss or plane and it works quite well doesnt do a QC3 stellar job but reasonable.
    Only bad point is they arent that basey at all compared to dre beats :( but mids and highs are decent

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