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[WA] Greyhound Adoptions $75 (Usually $350) @ Greyhounds as Pets WA on National Adoption Day


Do you know that we have a special adoption price of $75 for dogs adopted on our National Adoption Day? Since we do focus on matching dogs to certain households we would need anyone wishing to adopt a dog to fill in an application at https://www.greyhoundsaspets.com.au/application/ prior to attending. This way we can match your application to one of our four categories of dogs available on the day (most would have been in foster care in similar home situations). 🐶❤️🏠👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

We look forward to receiving your registrations. Unfortunately we will not have any cat tolerant dogs available on the day.

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Greyhound as Pets, Racing and Wagering WA
Greyhound as Pets, Racing and Wagering WA

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    I knew a guy who took in a greyhound. He got it from a greyhound racing trainer. Unfortunately, it developed a twisted stomach that required a large amount of money to fix and his family had to save up for it. This included things like his son getting a bad haircut from a pimply-faced barber, his daughter not getting a current edition of a book on Copernicus, his wife not buying her regular lottery ticket in which she would have won with her usual numbers. Worst of all, he had to go without drinking beer. So, while they had a healthy dog, this created resentment in the family and his son even called the greyhound a "dumb dog".

    It was a sad day when the dog ran away from their home and into the arms of the local billionaire who trained it as an attack dog (poke-ah-poke-ah). Even though the family were had been initially angry at the dog, they were now sad to have lost it, and put up fliers asking people if they had seen their lost dog. As an aside, it was difficult for the wife to find an appropriate picture of the dog.

    One fateful day, the son was out searching for the dog and chanced upon it on the billionaire's property. When he called out to it, the dog just snarled and ran at him. The son, now frightened, asked the dog if it recognised him. No luck. Just as the dog was pouncing for attack, the boy told it "I love you, boy". Miraculously, this snapped the dog out of it's Clockwork Orange-like training mindset and reminded the dog of better days. Not only did it lick the boy's face, but it warded off the other attack dogs.

    When the dog was finally reunited with the family, they couldn't stop petting it. In an odd moment, the wife suggested her husband pet the cat instead, to which he replied "Pet the cat? What's the point?"

    Good times.

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      Did you just re-tell that Simpsons episode?

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      Later on, that very same boy gets a credit card under the name “Santos L. Halper”, purchases a better dog called Laddie. Laddie is a Collie and is much better than his old dog (the greyhound) who ends up getting repossessed….

    • +23

      This is the kind of high quality shitposting that keeps me coming back

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        “High quality shitposting” sounds a bit oxymoronic don’t you think?

        • Seems like your understanding of "shitposting" is different to ours. 😅💁🏻‍♀️

    • I'd give ya gold but I'm poor (hence on OzBargain).

      Also, OzBargain does not have gold.

    • Wow, shitposting a la Reddit.

      Everything has come full circle.

      • You must be new here. Enelooposting and bikieposting are ozbargain staples

    • Epic.

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    Don’t forget pets aren’t a bargain, they’re a companion for life!

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      they are when you can pick them up for $75 and enter them in races!

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        Only slow or knackered greyhounds get sold.

        • +1

          downvoted for reality check!

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      A bargain for life?

    • +4

      Agreed! While these deals are great in order to get more of these dogs who desperately need homes out of the rescue groups, I do feel there needs to be an understanding of what it takes to own one of these dogs!

      1) Hidden costs - Yup, 75$ is not a lot to adopt these, but do be mindful of the additional costs it takes to own these large breed dogs. Everything is more expensive! I currently own one (and have owned multiple over the past many years) and spend over $200-300 easily each month feeding this dog the bare minimum (Dogfood, meats, treats). For example a large 15kg bag of dog food easily costs $100 and they burn through them every few weeks.
      Vet bills easily exceed 300$ a year just for annual checkups and vaccinations and prophylactic care.
      Please also be mindful these dogs are prone to dental and other diseases (joints,heart) which will cost money to maintain or treat. In the unfortunate chance your dog does get ill/injured, veterinary bills can be very costly for such a large dog. It is really a very uncomfortable and unsettling experience when cost becomes the limiting factor to whether your dog gets treated or managed appropriately.

      2) Enrichment - Greyhounds get passed on along as easy maintenance dogs and to some degree that is correct. They rarely bark, sleep a lot, don't shed too much, and generally have an amazingly calm temperament. However, they do require frequent exercise, and time to properly keep their lives enriched.

      3) Time - Animals take up a lot of your time! Feeding, walking, playing, and cleaning up after them with it easily takes up a few extra hours of your day.

      Don't get me wrong, they are the best (IMO) dogs you can ever own. They will enrich your life to no extent and bring you a ton of joy (also massive heartbreak when they pass away), but I say this as a veterinarian who has seen many animals either get surrendered, euthanized due to lack of finance, or suffer lifelong behavioural problems, all due to lack of awareness when adopting an animal especially when it is passed of as a "bargain" or "cheap" to adopt.

      TL;Dr; Please consider if you are capable to commit time and money for the next few years (These dogs live on average to be 10-12 years old) before adopting!

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    I have two pet qreyhounds. They are absolutely beautiful dogs, but are a bit special in their own way. You won't be walking them off lead and they sleep a LOT. The are affectionate, don't bark, don't smell and just like to know what's going on.

    Please be aware that the dog you could be adopting may need a bit of support to adapt to the home life. My dogs had never seen glass doors, tiled floors, stairs… But after a week or two they were all good.

  • -7

    I'm not against the greyhound industry per se, but I find it distasteful that they're spending quite a bit of taxpayer's money and also charging the second owners for doing them a pretty big favour.

    In some states they are even registered charities, although not WA that I could find.

  • https://www.instagram.com/ennisthegreyhound/
    If you want to see some of the things greyhounds do! Birdy_the_greyhound, wanderwithrhonda and lennytheladiesman are also some fun greys to look at!
    There is a large online community of greyhound lovers currently.
    And greyhounds also get very excited when they see other greyhounds, far more so than when they see other breeds!

    Mine also just passed his Delta Therapy Dog assessment, the temperament of these dogs is just so great!

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    Adopting an animal because it's cheap shouldn't be a motivator

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      Sometimes cost of adoption deters people from adopting the pets…

    • +1

      I prefer to have babies because they are free.

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