[Steam] Free: EVE Online: Starter Pack (Was $6.49) & Free to Play EVE Online @ Steam Store


Enjoy :)

Note: This content requires the base game EVE Online on Steam in order to play (Thanks to Wally)

GET FREE TO PLAY Base Game here


The Starter Pack ensures that as a new pilot, you make a flying start to life in New Eden!

Enjoy 7 days of Omega with its double skill training speed to use in combination with a stack of Skill Points to help you develop quickly in areas you desire. You will also get a time limited Cerebral Accelerator that boosts your training even further and gives you a damage bonus!

All of this, plus ship SKINs and character apparel, guarantee you a strong, stylish entrance in EVE.
Remember to login after purchasing this DLC in order to claim its content!

Full Starter Pack contents:
7 days of Omega, ensuring Double Training and many more benefits
250,000 Skill Points, giving you a head start in skill training
Skill and Damage Booster (Cerebral Accelerator)
A stunning bundle of starter ship SKINs
Blood Raider apparel

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    Note: This content requires the base game EVE Online on Steam in order to play.


    maybe one day again, Eve…

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    I tried this game once 7 years ago or so. I could not get past its very steep learning curve.

    Perhaps it is worth a second try?

    Thanks OP

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      This is the only thing holding me back.

      I really like the open world nature of it, and the fact that there is space where everyone can attack each other and player politics etc come into play.


    CLicked on the link and tried to add it to my account but it just says "An error was encountered while processing your request:

    There was a problem adding this product to your Steam account"


      Do you have the base game noted above linked to your account?

      Steam generally prevents you from buying content for games you don't already own. Yes, this one is F2P, which means you'll need to link the game to your account first.


      You have to first link the base game (free to play) to your account first, then you can link the starter pack to your account. To link the base game, just start downloading it through steam and then stop the download and uninstall the game (the game will remain linked to your account).

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    I'd think you are better off getting someone to refer you. Currently rewards are 750,000 sp instantly which is more sp than you'd earn being omega even with implants.

    I mean you don't get the skins or apparel but they are pretty worthless.

    PM if you'd like a refer code if you don't have a friend who plays.


    It's basically a screen saver with no motor skills involved.

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