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Samsung 49" 32:9 3840x1080 Super Ultra Wide Curved Business 144hz LED Monitor (LC49J890DKEXXY) $1259 + Delivery @ Kogan


Hey all, found this decent deal on Kogan. Don't know if its been posted or not, did a search and couldn't find anything similar. Enjoy! <3

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    umart more cheapper
    I think $1,259 is normal price….

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    and $1099 @ computer alliance.

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  • Would you really want to be looking at a 49” screen at 1080p?

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      A 49" ultra wide has the same pixel density as a 27" screen @ 1080p. It's really just 2x27" in 1 + it's curved.

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        Kind of reinforces Blottski's point as most people don't want 1080 at 27" either, but 1440. It's the same height but pretty poor pixel density, even compared to your run of the mill 1080 24". For reference:

        24" 1920x1080: 92 PPI
        27" 2560x1440: 109 PPI
        This Samsung: 81 PPI

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    $1004.10 shipped @ Computer Alliance eBay using code PEARL

    $989.10 with eBay Plus

  • How do you make a super wide screen? Take a 4K panel and slice it in half.

  • Who needs 144Hz for a business use?

    • Lets look into my get more money out of consumers keyword bag shall we?

      • Gaming
      • Business
      • Pro
      • RGB
      • Elite
      • Stealth
      • Modern
    • I was going to say something similar, what about super amazing wide screens for business use wherein I look at portrait documents all day? I don't know why they don't make square monitors for businesses. Best you can do is 16:10. Or rotate the thing and put up with weird RGB antialiasing fuzziness.

  • It's a brilliant monitor for someone who knows what they're doing. 10/10 would recommend again

    'scuse me

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      AJew, Here?
      How’s your father, Asneeze?

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        +1 for the quote

  • Wouldn't mind one of these for my massive spreadsheets at work.

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    Making space for the new one i guess. https://displaysolutions.samsung.com/monitor/detail/1421/C49... When this one is available for under 1K i will bite

  • Kogan often has this for $999, not a special by no means

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