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KFC Zinger Burger and Fillet Meal $8.95, Twister Meal $6.95, 2 Pieces of Chicken Meal $6 (after Feedback Submission)


My personal favourite KFC deals
Please eat in moderation, watching your health.
Then enjoy! As it’s so yummy.

Mainly use kfc feedback for free chips and drink
(Spend over $5)
I do so many, sometimes I reuse codes.
There is a skip button instead of answering each question, but I do my best answering honestly to help give feed back. Codes can be used for a while. Main thing with feedback is improve stores and tell all your friends. Hence this post. Lol
If you don’t have a receipt, you can buy a $1 freeze drink to get one

Best stores I have been to in Brisbane
-Lots of flavour, crispy, fresh, large portions and taste amazing
Calamvale (Best ever tasting and environment)
Acacia ridge (Fantastic)
Brisbane city MYER centre (Fantastic, just busy)
Mc Arthur centre Brisbane city (Fantastic, just far)

Ok, Deals!
“Zinger burger, zinger fillet, chips and drink $8.95”
Order zinger stacker by itself and use feedback.
My fav, 1) ask them to take out one fillet and put in bag
2 take out super charge sauce and add extra tomato relish.
(Very filling)

“Two piece feed $6 with free chips and drink”
My fav: order one thigh and rib piece hot and spicy. Those are huge pieces with lots of crunch.

“Twister $6.95 (cheap and “healthier” with salad inside wrap) with free chips and drink”
My fav : Blt twister with extra aoli sauce

“24 nuggets plus free chips and drink”
$10 (check local store, this one comes and go in qld)

Qld Tuesday (check your local store)
9 pieces of chicken for $11 and $6 (two large sides) for large potato and gravy and large chips plus free small chips and drink

If order 2x9 (18 total) pieces and two large sides $28 you get feedback (from over $19.95) large chips and large 600ml drink
Can Total to 18 pieces of chicken, potato and gravy, coleslaw, large chips and 600ml drink

Original KFC Feedback deal

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  • Shouldn’t this be in the forums? It’s just an opinion on how to make use of this long running deal.

    Thanks for sharing, OP, but I don’t think it’s a deal on its own…

    • If people cared much for just free chips and drink much of the thousands of customer would do feedback. People I talk to don’t care. But when I tell them $6 two pieces of chicken and chips and drink. They care a lot.
      And it’s a bargain. I could take out my opinion but a deal is a deal.

      • +1 vote

        I gotta admit that is a good deal.

      • you need a receipt to get started and not everybody plans ahead with a docket vs “i’m hungry, ooh kfc” and do a walk in ….. also recipes have to be used within a certain period of previous purchase.

    • Long running deals can be reposted every 6 months.

      • Are we that dumb? Also I prefer if the "free chips n drink" are kept separate. As you could turn almost any meal into a good deal with that!

  • "Please eat in moderation"

    There's something wrong with society when food comes with the same kind of disclaimers as booze and book keepers

    • Mate, society was screwed when we had to start putting "warning contents are hot" on tea and coffee cups.

    • Food is a leading cause of death because of the food industry's greed.

      The reason food went from causing very few deaths to more deaths than smoking was due to a concerted marketing and product design effort that started in the 1950's and completely transformed entire countries diets from moderate consumption of whole foods to over consumption of processed foods that slowly poison people to death.

      Diets featuring mostly garbage are the most common diet.

      • Very wise comment. Hence please eat in moderation.
        People don’t know what is a true healthy diet these days.
        My doctor and some health friends say eat fried food only one meal per week.
        Unfortunately for me, I use to eat 3-5 meals of fried food a week for many years.
        3-5 out of 21 meals a week I thought was very healthy and healthier than normal.
        But in reality, it’s not truely healthy.

        • I read Japanese people eat a fair amount of fried/tempura foods and they are 1 of the healthiest and longest living people on earth.
          They also eat slower which is supposed to be good for us.

    • Kfc puts calories on their food by law. The problem is people don’t know what moderation is. Lol.
      Most people who go to kfc I think, don’t care about calorie numbers when buying or calculate it.
      Some don’t order it often for health reasons, which is good.
      But when they do, good deals are always good. Hence the post with added “eat in moderation” lol

  • A true ozbargainer grabs a receipt lying on a table, does the survey on their mobile and hopes that the staff don't care that it was from 30 minutes ago

    • You must have seen me doing that 😬

    • Would the staff actually care about that? I mean even if you got the manager and told him that you used a receipt that was left on their counter, do you think he would refuse your order?

    • I noticed that my local Doncaster store they never ever leave receipts lying around on the counter etc, maybe that's the reason why. Yet at the Box Hill store that closed two years ago,you could always find receipts to pick up.

  • Thanks OP. Great ideas…

  • Not only is this such an eh thing that belongs in the forums,

    But when you spend over 20 you get a large chips and a 1.25 litre bottle. If they don't have those on stock like many stores don't, it will go down to 2 of the 600 ml bottles.

    • I've been doing feedback for years now, i've always known it to be a large chips and 600ml over $20 spend, not a 1.25Ltr. hmmm

      • Me too. Lucky you for getting 1.25l drink.
        In the past Staff let me get free chips and drink for buying one $2.50 chicken piece.
        One big rib piece hot and and spicy free chips and drink for $2.50 was fantastic!
        Very nice of staff and some managers.

  • +17 votes

    So in between all the opinion pieces about your favourite store and food, is the only ‘bargain’ listed here the free drink and chips when you leave feedback online? Should that not be the title instead of listing item menu items at their RRP?

    eg, reading the title makes it seem one can go to KFC and get a Twister meal for $6.95. However it’s not a Twister meal for $6.95, it’s buying a Twister at its RRP and then getting the free drink and chips from a survey found on the back of a receipt, which you already need to be in possession of and have bought something previously to have.

    Deceiving title, you need to rename it to what the bargain is - the free chips and drink upon completion of feedback.

    • yeah …. deals shouldn’t require previous purchase and receipt and planning ahead …..

      still not sure what the out a fillet in the bag thing is ….either it’s a fillet burger or a stacker ?

      • Ok, I mention this before, saying free chips and drink with feedback is something not all people want. But saying two piece of chicken with free chips and drink with feed back for $6 is more appealing.
        I also stated if you do not have recipt you can get a $1 freeze drink first then write old code used previously or new code on it or just get a reciept from a table and write old code or new code on it.

        The zinger burger with fillet on side and free chips and drink is much better. Without my opinion on it you would have just gotten a zinger stacker. The zinger fillet by itself is yummy/ crispy and worth $4 by itself

        All in all we are here as a community to try and put out good deals. You can voice your different opinion that this is just a free chips and drink at the end of day. But by doing so how much more people have you helped? I spent a while doing this, so if you don’t like it, just let other people benefit. I get $0 for doing this. Thanks for reading.

    • Ok, someone fixed the title. Thanks for your feedback.

  • I get why you wanted to share this but if the substance of your Post is the “Description” and not the “Link/title/bargain” itself, doesn’t that sound like a forum topic?

  • Does KFC still do the old paper coupons? My local KFC does not accept orders via the app so we never get any good deals.

  • Feedback submission doesn't work at my KFC (Footscray - VIC) any more (or on and off) because the receipt they print out doesn't have store name and time any more.

  • Sorry. You can't post deals like these and expect me to eat in moderation. When I become morbidly obese I plan to sue OP and OZB.

    • I read in other deals people complained about unhealthy foods. So if I said that, I hoped for less negative comments.
      For me, as of tonight. I am on mostly on raw diet which means, raw vegetables, raw fruit, nuts, soy milk and maybe weet pix. Little to not meat. No proccesed foods. For those who don’t like unhealthy foods. Please try eating raw fruits and vegetables. Which is unfortunately more expensive. Do not eat kfc. Lol

  • Anyone have a code for the survey?

  • I always like to buy the burger combo delux. So cheap.
    1 zinger with x5 lettuce
    Swap pot n gravy to shaker salad
    +1 chips and drink via receipt
    For $7.45 then - 20c for bottle recycle , ha total 7.25! Can’t beat that really for a meal that fills ya up

    But yer, this belongs in forums not deals…. it’s normal price

  • I'm not sure that the Twister is a healthy option, especially with extra aioli.

    • Lol, that’s why I said healthier (than other ones I posted). Esp with free chips and drink
      I would only say considered healthy if twister was with grilled chicken and water for drink. Give away the chips.

  • Oh well, I tried. Without the opinion, probably won’t post deal in brisbane $14 potter house steak with mushroom sauce chips and salad. Becasue I can’t tell you how good it tastes, hence the better deal.. So you might as well buy a $10 rump steak, sauce and chips and salad. Or a crappy $30 potterhouse steak with chips and salad. I give up.

  • How is this listed under popular deals?! It's NORMAL price! Oh, & Acacia Ridge KFC is disgusting greasy yuk!

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