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Free Regular KFC Chips & Drink (Minimum Spend $4.95) When Completing Feedback @ KFC


Receive a free small chips and drink when you leave feedback at kfcfeedback.com.au. Minimum spend to receive drink and chips is $4.95

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    Pretty old news but good reminder for people that don't know. Can swap out the chips and drinks for other products like mash and gravy. And using the app you can get two large mash and gravies for $5.95.

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      My KFC wouldn't let me do it :( good thing the chips were fresh

    • I always skip the feedback because it's Chips&Drink, good to know it's possible to choose mash/gravy, will try it next time.

      • I ve been told no swap out for freebies at KFC George Street.

        And Im always surprised by the staff having to ask what to do from a supervisor.

        Interesting to know very few people do the surve

        • George St KFC are a bunch of hardasses. Rejected a survey because it was too old. Never had an issue at another shop.

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          @phil1311: Yeah they're bunch of ****! They say receipt must be within 2 weeks.

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    I have been using it in the past year and never paid full price.

    At the moment the better deal is using their app.

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      Forgive the ignorance, how is it a better deal using the app. I love the app unlike the maccas app (constant crashing). But could never use the free chips and drink deal in the app. I just present the receipt at the counter when collecting my meal.

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        $6.95 combo deal with extra side. I reckon is better than buy a burger and get free drink and chips.

        • Yes true, especially when sharing with kids.

        • @tatnal:

          I just present the receipt at the counter when collecting my meal.

          I didn't know you can do that but unless I have two people that eat a lot …. XDD

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          Surely, you buy the 6.95 combo with the extra side, and add the free drinik and chips on top. No?

        • @garratt torlesse:

          and add the free drinik and chips on top. No?

          OK but too much for my lunch anyway.

        • @superforever:

          Get the salad and drink. Take them back to the office for later.

      • I've had the KFC App crash 2 times in the last 4 weeks, on a Tuesday night when they have the $9.95 deal.

      • $5.95 for burger by itself and free chips and drink.
        $6.95 for burger, 2 sides and a drink and convenience of using your phone.

        • +3

          So, $6.95 for burger, 3 sides and 2 drinks with the survey

        • @ZubatRingo: Porque no Los dos?

    • Have you tried paying at the counter then trying to claim the survey rewards for bonus food?

      • Did it many times. Worked just fine

    • I never had any issue to combine both. Ordered with app, pay cash over the counter and claim the feedback. Not sure if it's officially allowed

  • Already long long time.

  • Shame you cant do this when purchasing from the app

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      I do it all the time purchasing from the app. Present to the counter where they will add it on for you separately.

      • I mean, I've got previous purchases on the app, but it does not provide all the necessary information to fill in the feedback form.

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          You should still have printed receipt and you can use that to do the feedback.

          Because I selected pay at the counter.

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          @superforever: it defeats the purpose if you gotta line up to pay at the counter lol I do everything from the app

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          My nearest KFC no need to lineup lol ….. and I don't want to give them my C.C. that is why I don't use mcdonald's app

    • aint it just a rando 5-6 digit number ?

  • The only thing I don't like about this deal is the inconsistency when spending $19.95 and above. I've been told by a KFC manager that it should be a large chips and a large bottle of drink. I've had all sorts of combinations from can drink, 600ml drink to 1.25lt drink with large chips. Even the odd occasion to get a regular chips. So just ask the question if you're spending over $19.95.

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      It is definitely large chips and 1.25L drink, it mentions so on the first page of the survey. Some of the junior staff aren't aware of it though so just let them know.

      • No, its large chips and 600ml drink, first page of the survey specifies Large Chips and Large Drink

        • Oh ok my local always gives me a 1.25L drink, has done so for as long as I can remember, last week being the most recent.

        • @adr8:
          Have a look at the receipt they give you, see what size drink it speficies under Free Chips and drink.

          Edit: as in with other products, not on any advert on the top.

          .ZNG Brgr
          .LARGE CHIPS
          .600ml SOLO

        • @oscinator1988: I still have my receipt it says

          1 Lge Chips 4.75
          1 1.25lt M/Dew 4.25
          1 FR LG CHP/DK -9.00

        • see what I mean. The KFC manager told me large chips and 1.25lt drink but an employee says on 600ml drink. Inconsistent. If you think about it, if you can split your meal then each meal could get a reg chips and can drink at the min. No dispute there.

        • @adr8:
          ill send a picture of a receipt tomorrow, but on ours it says .600ml solo

        • @oscinator1988: Here is a picture of my receipt https://imgur.com/a/Dlidy

        • @adr8:

          I agree.. always get the 1.25l..

    • Are you saying if you spend over $19.95, fill out the survey using that receipt, that the next time you spend $4.95 you get a 1.25L drink & large chips!? Or do you mean you get a 1.25L drink & large chips with a survey code if you spend over $19.95 the second time (regardless of what you spent the first time)?

      • The latter. "..you get a 1.25L drink & large chips with a survey code if you spend $19.95 & over the second time (regardless of what you spent the first time)"

      • +1

        The latter. I do it weekly almost. Though my local gives large chips and 600ml drink.

    • Same. There are many staff who's not aware of the bigger bonus and not worth to dispute it for some freebies

  • +1

    It's a win win for them. Chips and drink are worth $4.95. But you have to make a purchase of $5 to get it. So if you buy a burger and get free upgrade to a meal, you're only saving $2, not the $4.95 it's nominally worth. Then you get a new receipt, which will tempt you to return again and again and again. All it costs them is $2 to turn you into a repeat customer.

    I think it's smart.

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      You don't actually buy a burger.

      You order the 6.95 combo from the app. It includes burger, two sides and a drink. You then swap the two sides to something fancy like the shaker salad and a potatoe and gravy. So all up, you get the burger, salad, p&g, chips and 2 drinks for 6.95.

      • That's pretty nifty.

        I don't have the app though and don't want to install it.

        • +1

          The good thing about their app is you can select pay at counter so you don't need to worry about your credit card.

      • +1

        You don't actually buy a burger.

        order the 6.95 combo from the app. It includes burger

        There's some crazy accounting going on here.

    • I think it's smart.

      You left out that the app is on the users device meaning they know where the user is at all times along with the matching the users identity to data that third parties have collected. This allows further marketing efforts that encourage customers to eat as much as possible which is the name of the game - as much consumption as possible - without the customers knowledge that these things are occurring.

      They can also market to the the user via notifications with the app meaning they control when the next contact happens rather than the customer.

      • I never used the app and don't like installing any app that isn't essential on my phone.

        But I know that the free chips and drink deal worked in getting me to go back there more times than I would have. That's why I think it's very smart to give them for free.

        They claim it has $4.95 in value but if I was buying a burger, it would have only cost me $2 extra, not $4.95. It's not that much a loss to them, but it has more perceived value to me than it really does. I saw that I had been lured into a never ending trap if I continue trying to claim the freebie though, so I eventually stopped going back.

        I think if you go for the app's $6.95 value meal and get free chips and drink and do it regularly, you're eventually going to need triple bypass surgery.

        Does KFC oil still contain trans fat?

      • Install the app, disable background location on it and disable notifications. Win?

  • I did the survey on the other day, but I didn't receive any Free voucher in the email. How does it work?

    • It's a code that you scribble down on the receipt for next time.

      • Oh ok, I would have thought they will email me.

        • code is generated on screen after survey..?

  • Can you pretend you did the survey and just write any 5 digit number on the receipt?

    • +1

      Yeah but ethical God won't be happy

    • +1

      I think you can try I don't think they will check.

    • My KFC has receipt printers that print blank digits where the minutes in the time should be. I've started the survey and started with ":00" (knowing it's probably around ":15" and been let into the survey anyway after a couple of tries.

      I've also tried filling out the survey well after the time has expired. It gives an error a few times, but if you keep trying it lets you in to do the survey.

    • I did this for years until this year one employee happened to check and say the code was invalid. Ever since I've been doing the survey.

  • Yeah very old news. I have been doing this for years. I usually swap out the drink for an extra gravy :)

  • Every time I go to my local KFC (Lismore) they disappear with the docket and never give it back.

    • +1

      What… and you don't get anything!? Free chicken from a KFC facebook-complaint time!

    • You can't expect anything less from Lismore KFC. They are hopeless there. I don't think I have ever been there without them forgetting something in my order.

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    Also doing the survey helps stores meet their monthly survey requirement, and staff are generally a lot nicer to those that do the survey.

    • +1

      I did not know that, but that's interesting.

      I do the survey once, and take a photo of the completed code. Every time I get a docket, I don't do the survey again. I just reuse the same code every time. I do the same for HJ's.

      The only time I would do the survey again is if I had a complaint about the service, which to be fair happens a lot anyway.

      • totes truee

        I do the same for HJ's.

        they never give me receipt.. time for complaint

    • That's not true unfortunately in my case. A few times, staff looked annoyed when I claimed feedback as it's slowing down thing

  • Used to work for KFC, little hidden secret if you spend either $29.95 or $39.95 (not sure which it is) the deal becomes free LARGE chips and 1.25L drink

  • Every time I do this survey I tell them they didn't include a spoon with the potato and gravy. 8 times out of 10 they still seem to forget, but if it gets me free chips and a drink each time, then I guess it's worth it, even if it means a second trip to the counter…

  • My local claims the freebie MUST be claimed with 3 days of the original purchase, even though all the marketing on the wall still says 2 weeks. They outright refused to accept a receipt that was only a week old.

    • Message KFC on Facebook asking them, then show them response?

      Or if you're in drive thru, drag Ur feet

    • My local one never check the date.

    • A lot of stores in WA, don't check. I have even handed them receipts that had the previous 9 for $9.95 promo.

    • +2

      They have it mixed up you have to fill in the survey within 3 days and then it is valid for 2 weeks.

      • They were 100% sure even going so far as "typing the code" into the register and saying it's rejecting it.

  • You can enter whatever date in the feedback if you have an old receipt.

  • Isnt it indefinitely valid? I use mine from like a year or year and a half ago…. I couldnt find any expiry dates.

  • In all the stores in Victoria I have been to every staff member I have ever dealt with as been awesome, and accepted the receipt with no problems. No issue redeeming the voucher, even when quite old. It's a great deal. Sometimes they even give the receipt back to me,

    • Sometimes they even give the receipt back to me,

      same! (select stores) 🤗🤗

  • I’ve noticed the receipt when ordering via the app doesn’t include a store number. Is there anywhere you can find a list of store numbers?

    • ask them for receipt at the pay window

      • my local tells me they can't provide one if i prepay on the app with card/paypal, from memory ordering on the app but then paying with cash or card at pay window i can get one shrug

        • +1

          Must vary from store to store.
          I've definitely ordered on app, paid, and then went to the counter with my voucher

  • how does one find the store number from an app order?

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