expired SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD 1TB $223.76 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


High-speed transfers with up to 550MB/s read speeds let you move hi-res photos and videos fast
Rugged, water- and dust-resistant (IP55-rated)
Shock-resistant solid state core for greater durability
Compact and pocket-sized
For PC and Mac users
Built by SanDisk, a technology leader and pioneer of the modern day SSD, to deliver superior performance
3-Year Limited Warranty

Sold By Amazon US

its around $300 anywhere else
$379 @officeworks

dont forget to use 10% cashreward

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    got one, tho I dont really need it.


    Thanks OP. My current SSD on its last legs, so perfect timing


      Just curious, how did you wear out SSD, and how long did it take? Asking to understand what's the sort of mileage expected out of these. Spinning Disks are notoriously unreliable if you are carrying in your backpack.
      Im planning use a Samsung T5 SSD as an OS partition for external drive. Just wanted to know what can I expect in terms of life expectancy.,


        I've been carrying spinning HDD in my bags for many years, and they are all actually still working. Pretty infrequent use, but not particularly careful with them either. Solid state is great though =}

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        SSDs get choked up if they start to get full. by no means a technical explanation, but platter drives just overwrite deleted data like a steam roller, whereas SSDs utilise wear-leveling software in the controller which, rather than steam rolling over deleted data, will constantly try to fit fragments of data where it can to keep the NAND writes as even as possible.

        its advised to partition SSDs with approx 30% unused space for this reason.

        not saying this is the case with the other guys, just what I have found when researching them.

        more than anything I would expect the enclosure/usb port/cable to fail before the SSD itself, but thats based purely on my experiences with SSDs and cheap external enclosures :)



    Planning to buy one of these, and would like to use a secondary "main drive" and install some programs on this drive. i use high end modelling softwares.

    can always plug in always whilst using those programs that are installed on this. The reasons to do this way is:

    I can still buy a laptop with basic ssd which 256gb/500gb and I can use as external main drive.

    Any thoughts.


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      Get or make (buy an enclosure) a cheaper external ssd drive, you're mainly paying for the ruggedness at this price. Alternatively buy a 1 or 2 tb ssd and replace your laptops interior drive with it