Xiaomi to officially enter Australian Market

According to this article (pay walled, but easy enough to bypass by clicking Stop before the page loads to completion) Xiaomi is in talks to enter Australia. Retailing outright through Amazon and CotD and possibly on plans through Optus.
Not just phones, but their electronics range too.


EDIT: another article on Ausdroid

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  • Has anyone else had trouble with their dafang 1080 cameras being bricked in the last two weeks? Apparently xiaomi have decided if you don't have a mainland china IP you won't be able to use this cam anymore. mad

  • How exaxtly do you stop loading the page in chrome?

  • might start to see some phones with band 28

  • They've already got an official Amazon.com.au store.

  • Interested to know.. do ozbargain peeps think AU warranty is worth the 20-30% premium over importing?

    • Personally if I were to buy a laptop or laser projector then probably yes but not in the case for other items, for example the Amazfit Stratos is $399 on mi-store.com.au…I paid $235 for it (a year ago) imported.

      • Do you still have the Stratos? How do you find it? I'm looking at getting the new version just announced.

    • Price generally wins when buying it. But when you have issues and need to spend it OS you wish you paid the 20% more for local warranty. Always in hindsight tho

  • Protip: to get around a paywall try https://outline.com/

    Put in the URL and it'll generate the article for you to view.

    • Great tip - thank you!

      • Just found this as well. Add the following into a bookmark as the URL

        javascript:(function()%7Bwindow.location.href %3D 'https%3A%2F%2Foutline.com%2F' %2B window.location.href%7D)()

        When you find a paywall, click on the bookmark. It will automatically outline it for you.

    • Disabling JavaScript does the job too (easier on desktop with NoScript. Wish could blacklist sites on mobile rather than whitelist)

  • Awesome news!! Seen a report where they are considering adding the headphone jack to their flagship (more specifically, their gaming) phones.

    Those phones would sell like hotcakes, despite them thinking it will be challenging. As long as they keep a good price (below $800 possibly) and keep the unlocked bootloader stuff as well, they will dominate the Aussie market. There's a lot of people that buy Xiaomi phones here anyways, despite the phones not having Band 28.

  • They're opening an experience centre in Glen Waverley in Melbourne

  • Great phones, and local versions may stop the ever boring band 28 moans every time the brand is mentioned. A very welcome addition to the market. Our family has owned a few Xiaomi phones and they've all been great and excellent value.

  • Their prices might be more expensive but one thing that often people miss out when importing items like this is after sales service. Sure it's cheaper if you import but when something goes wrong, the hassle of contacting customer service overseas and sending the item back for warranty claims can be tough. Whereas if there's an official representative in the country, you'd be paying the premium, but that premium would be your peace of mind with the product (should anything be wrong with it, but let's not hope for that) Just my two cents

  • Hopefuly thier phones will now include AUSTRALIA in thier REGION selection.

    Its been quite a sore point in the past with imported Xiaomi phones


    I have a feeling this will only be FBA and resellers.

    This is required to minimise risks.

    By the way, I think the example is "Trader's Joe" is on Amazon but it doesn't officially sell on there.

  • This is official online store in Australia.

    This is official Xiaomi store on Amazon AU

    Amazon AU has Australian version of Xiaomi Phones.

    Price is higher in comparison with other markets like China & India

    • I think if you really need Band 28 (which i'm sure is the only difference between the chinese and global versions) then you get the official store versions from Xiaomi. And probably for the warranty that comes with it.

      But still, thanks for all the websites. I'm sure Mi 9T Pro is coming soon to these sites and i'm very excited that Xiaomi is bringing them officially to Australia.