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Jabra Elite Active 65t Wireless Earbuds $233.11 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


The best wireless earbuds of 2019 is currently on sale at Amazon. Enjoy your music wirelessly without looking silly.

As an owner myself, this is easily the best earbuds to wear for workouts (or even casually). Highly recommend you also download the Jabra app with your purchase to customise your 65t.

Seems like only the Copper Blue colour is discounted at the moment.

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  • Can vouch for these. They are amazing. Good fit. Excellent sound. Great battery life. Sweat proof.

    • I bought a pair for my partner and she says it's great for listening to music as the noise isolation's great, but we've tried doing phone calls hands-free and the mic is absolute rubbish - sounds like the caller's in a blender caught in a tornado.

      • ahhhh. YES!
        Perfect description.

        Yeah, i guess that is their shortcoming. I dont use them for calls… i think in a quiet environment they may go ok.
        You're right though, they are garbage in the phone call department.

  • Yep, good product, good price.

  • do these work when watching videos? I've heard of issues with many truly wireless earphones having delays when watching youtube or netflix

  • Anyone know the difference between this and the Sport? I'm confused.

    • Features of the Jabra Elite Active 65t from JB Hifi website:

      Secure-fitting design for enhanced in-ear stability
      IP56 rated with 2-year warranty against sweat and dust*
      Up to 5 hours battery, 15 hours with charging case
      True wireless stability to reduce call and music dropouts
      Personalize your music with customizable equalizer
      One-touch access to Amazon Alexa**, Siri®, and Google Now™
      Track performance with an integrated motion sensor

      Features of the Jabra Elite Sports Earbuds from JB Hifi website:

      Superior sound quality for music and calls
      Four microphone call technology
      Up to 4.5 hours battery time with an additional 2 charges
      In-ear heart rate monitor and analyzer
      Advanced personalized fitness (integrated Jabra Sport LifeTM app)
      Single-button Jabra Sport Life app activation
      Customized music sound with Personalized EQ (via Jabra Sport Life app)

  • I've got these and get this annoying white noise on the left earbud. Got a new replacement pair and got the same thing. You can drown it out at medium volume but kind of annoying at lower volumes. Also the hear through function is garbage.

    • It looks like this is a common problem as I have the same problem. It is better after updating the language.

    • Have the exact same issue. Such a shame really, they are otherwise great earbuds!

      Also has some connectivity issues when walking with my phone in my pocket. Google says these buds struggle with other WIFI interference?

  • Had backed this project from kickstarter -

    but for whatever reasons - Kickstarted suspended the project.

    From this i came to know about the new bluetooth 5.0 technology and the best of the all was the feature each MEZONE to pair to your device individually, so you can use either one separately and switch between the two without any delay or interruption.

    A comparison pic is this -

    • Now just read up how most phones and most earbuds don't support all the nice features of BT 5.0 ;-)

      Also does that mean that those earbuds only work with Qualcom supported devices?

      I always love reading these pages and seeing all the marketing BS they put haha

  • How much of a discount? It doesnt seem to be much of a sale considering a goolge search pull up close enough prices.

    this is 225ish with the Catch of the day 10% off.

  • I had the Bose Soundsport Free's which I sold after I got these as these fit much better and look 100x better too.

    Only difference is you get a little more bass on the Bose, otherwise similar in sound really.

  • Would these pair with a PC and a mobile phone together?

    I am looking for a pair for work (To be used for Skype/Skype-For-Business calls from a Windows 10 or Mac). I also want them to pair my mobile (Android) when I am not using them on the SurfaceBook 2.
    Can someone shed some light on that, please?

    • Like some other posters have said the microphone isn't the best in a busy area but in a quiet home or office environment It works fine.

      At work I have mine paired to my PC and iPhone at the same time. They will both stay connected the whole time, but which ever is sending audio has precedence. If my phone is streaming audio and I get a Skype call on the PC the headphones won't receive audio until I stop the music on the phone (plus a 2 odd second delay).

      • Thank you. I have the Samsung Buds but what I found is that it does not pair to both at the same time and also the Surfacebook was not picking the mic from the buds.
        I am glad to hear this one works on 2 devices and it's smart enough to switch between the 2. (I don't mind having to stop music as such or the delay as long as it actually works.
        Do you think these are worth buying?

        • They spend about 5-7 hours a day in my ears during travel and work and couldn't recommend them highly enough… About a 10 sec delay from taking them out of the box to being paired and functional. Can be affected by EM fields (walking out of shops with detectors) but they recover straight away. Worst thing is the mic in busy areas but I don't use it for phone calls too often so willing to live with it.
          I got them during the Mastercard 40% deal for $180 delivered, but after using would pay more to replace them if needed.

          • @Tangofourty4: Thanks for replying Tangofourty4.

            That's interesting. I did a bit of research.. According to their site and also to the Jabra tech person I spoke to, I was told the Jabra Evolve 65t is the Skype certified one.
            They said the Elite version wouldn't pair with windows/macs or pair/unpair seamlessly.
            However you're telling me that yours does pair and it does what I want it to do.
            I'm tempted to pull the trigger on this one because thd Evolve version is like $550!!

  • I have been holding off buying this because of one thing… it does not have magnet to hold the earbud in the case. However, all the other alternative just not as good as this one. I want to ask all the people who are using it daily.. is the lack of magnet holding the earbud a "real" issues? Have you ever drop the earbud when you open the case by accident?

    • I use mine every day, putting them in my ears while walking outside. I have not found this an issue and have not dropped one yet. I find myself holding the case upright when opening it, then pressing my finger on one while putting the other in my ear. I do this without looking and as I mentioned have not dropped them. So, for me at least, the lack of a magnet to hold them in the case has never been an issue.

  • I have the Elite Sport find them Great use for Running and cycling and General Music,
    Always connect to Iphone
    Never Fallout
    Sport App quiet Useful
    Sound Good
    Carry Case good
    Just able to use one at a time (useful For Cycling)

  • Hi,

    To those who have these wireless earbuds, do you experience any wireless dropouts?
    I have the samsung iconx 2018 earbuds and they often drop signal, not sure if bluetooth technology is reliable yet.


    • I've had these Jabra Elites for about nine months and use them most days, often while out walking with my phone in my pocket. The only time I get dropouts is while walking through scanners at the front of shops or very occasionally when passing certain buildings in the city. The dropouts last for about two seconds at most and what I am listening to pauses during that time.

    • I had the Samsung’s which had great reviews but mine cut out often, I think due to a problem with proximity sensor and I had to return them. I now have the these and they are great, very few dropouts, often weeks without any problem then 2 or 3 times in a day, but mostly great, with impressive sound. I use with iPhone XR.

  • How is the mic quality?

  • Has anyone got any luck with price match?