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20% off Store-Wide - Easter Sale @ Amino Z


Hi everyone

Some shameless self promotion time! :) We're doing a huge Easter promotion for OzBargain this weekend!

20% off store-wide - no minimum order


If you're a Club Z member you'll get 20% off Club Z pricing which is generally 5-10% lower.

Free shipping for orders $120+ (or no minimum if you're Club Z).

Here are some direct links:

Amino Z WPI - FINALLY back in stock!
Bargain Products - Discount will stack
Top Sellers
EVL BCAA Energy Shortdated - already discounted, this is a further discount

Happy Easter!

  • Jay
    Amino Z

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Referees get $10 off their first order. Referrers get $10 worth of Z Points.

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  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% whey protein powder 4.5kg $128 Delivered with coupon code.


  • Cheapest WPI?

    • Per kilo that would be ours: https://www.aminoz.com.au/amino-z-whey-protein-isolate.html

      All sold out but able to be backordered - stock is on the road to our warehouse and arriving any day now, there will only be a very short wait.

      Unflavoured is straight WPI (with sunflower lecithin). Otherwise we have four other flavours available if you prefer flavoured.

      Oh and it's soy free unlike most other WPI's (which use soy lecithin).

      • Lol it took me ages to find and compare but I was just about to post that protein in my comment.

        Is your brand also the cheapest Casein per kilo?

        EDIT- Out of stock :(

        • +1 vote

          Yeah sorry Mavis - we've had to put the casein on hold for now and it can't be backordered due to very lengthy delays.

          • Jay
    • +1 vote

      Just an FYI Mavis, our WPI just came back in stock yesterday afternoon after a lengthy wait. (And apologies to anyone who has been waiting, we had a few supply delays).

      • Jay
  • What's the lowest carb high quality protein you have?

    Asking from a diabetes type 1 perspective not weight management. I find after training weights my blood sugar levels spike from adrenaline and don't need carbs at after a work out. Not immediately anyway.

  • I bought protein from these guys ONCE. Got spammed dozens of times. once these guys get you on their mailing list, good luck getting away from their spam.. relentless.. i’ve had to unsubscribe at least 5-7 times plus a complaint to the ACMA and i still doubt i’m off their database..
    u have been warned.

    • We did have an issue with our database at one point however this did get fixed up. My sincere apologies for this experience.

      Can I ask, have you received any emails lately? Just want to make sure we have fixed this issue for good.

      Also, would you mind PM'ing me your email address so I can double check everything personally in the backend? Thanks so much.

      • Jay
      • Thanks for the PM. I appreciate your willingness to assist, thank you Jay. Like I said in the PM, I would be more than happy to buy again from you when I have the need.

  • I keep getting this error when trying to join club z or even save card in my account. "We experienced an error in saving your card, please try again."
    I've tried 3 different cards.

    • I wonder if this was an issue with eway (our payment processor) when you attempted this, as it seems to be working fine at present. If you have an account already try this:

      1. Click on the "Account" link up the top to get to your account dashboard.
      2. Select "My Credit Cards" in the left menu.
      3. If none of the cards are saved, select "ADD NEW CREDIT CARD" - on the right side of the screen.
      4. Attempt to save the card details here (Must be VISA/MC/AMEX).
      5. Once done, revert to the account dashboard (Follow the "Account" link up the top)
      6. Under the heading "Your Club Z Membership" click on the "Modify" link and follow the prompts.

      Let me know if you still have the issue.

      • Jay
      • This was the process i used the other day and was getting the above error. I just tried it again and it's now working so what ever the issue was it's now resolved.

  • Hey rep, what's the expiry on the Amino Z WPI?

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