5th Gen 32GB 9.7" iPad & 20GB Data $29 Per Month for 24 Months @ Telstra


Similar to the Optus deal but with more data, no option of 128Gb however. $1 more expensive than the previous deal. Superior network IMO.

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    Nice. Very nice. If it wasn't the data pool, I would go with this deal instead of Optus deal.

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      Data pool? ( = Quota? )

      This iPad seems to be a generation back from current, yes?

      An Optus deal offers a 6th Gen iPad [ Air? ]…

      I trust all Apple iOS devices an Unlocked.., so,
      after the nearly $700 for this deal is paid off,
      Buyer can pivot to a cheap data plan, eg, Optus,
      or Voda [ via Kogan? ]

      Still no Affordable Unlimited mobile data in AU?


    Does anyone know if cashback applies to this?

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    Note: 5th gen doesnt have apple pencil support.


    Isn’t the $29 companion deal still around? $29 for 6th gen iPad (2018) with 10GB and shaping to 1.5/1.5Mbps.

    Might be better for those with an existing Telstra service.

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      Yes, I received an sms today from Telstra for the 6th gen offer and it can also be upgraded 128gb for $39 p/m (10gb data)

      Enjoy the amazing iPad (6th gen) 32GB on Australia's best mobile network, for just $29/mth with 10GB data. Min cost $696 over 24mths. Data for use in Aus. Order now: http://tel.st/29ipad

      Having a horrible time loading Telstra websites for the last half hour or so, I'm on Telstra nbn, maybe that's it 😂

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    This one is old 5th gen, not the latest that Optus offers. So not similar at all.
    Also Optus 6th gen 128 gb is only $5 extra.

    Agree on better network in Telstra, but do you need better network on tablet?

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      Buying anything apple that is not the absolute latest is very risky. The only 2 Apple products I bought were near useless before 2 years was up. If you get something that is already 1+ year old you're not going to get much use out of it. And it has a 24 month contract!!


    I got a iPad mini 5 for $24 on small plan off Telstra today, $20 discount delivers from 23/4. My wife has this iPad 5th gen, works great bought it off gumtree for $250 and use a old Telstra data share sim at 0$.


    Don't use iPad much. Hope much would the 5th and 6th gen worth on the open market?


    I just got an iPad 6th Gen 128GB for $34/ Month with Telstra. I was supposed to get 20gb data but was accidentally bumped up to 25GB so I'm not complaining. I don't have any existing services with Telstra but just got lucky with the sales team.


    What happens after 24 months? Are you still charged $29/month for 20GB of data out of contract? Or does the data plan just stop? Or something else?

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      Based on the plan details, the data plan costs $29 and the device repayments are $10. But you receive a $10 credit for the 24 months bringing it back to just the cost for the plan. I'd assume once the 24 months are up you'd roll on to a month by month $29 data plan. You'd just need to schedule to cancel the plan at that stage if you're looking for something cheaper.


      I recently contracted a Telstra iPad offer and the welcome letter states.

      10 Monthly Credit - Until Recontract - You will receive a Bonus $10 monthly mobile credit
      Mobile Data Bonus 10GB - Until Recontract

      So it looks like after 24months it will be a $19 plan.


    20gb data on this plan which includes 15gb bonus data , does anyone know if the bonus data is for the 24 month contract period or ongoing?


      Likelihood is that they’ll have better sim only data plans at different price points in 24 months


    You can get a 6th gen with 10 gig for the same price through Telstra.


    I managed to get an extra $10 loyalty discount through disconnections chat but it took several hours and had to argue that I already had a $20 ipad deal from 2 years ago and wanted to match that.

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