[PS4] Monster Hunter World $30.99 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Get ready for expansion coming this year. Monster Hunter World cheapest at Amazon.

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      Ok thanks, changed the title and link for ps4 only as its not a deal for xbox version since can get cheaper.


    Get ready for expansion coming this year.

    Yep… That's what Easter is for… then off to the gym again to burn it off…

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    Heads up: Spring Blossom Event is on from April 28th til May 16th.


      I only played the 1st hunt so no idea how game works (locking on the enemies isnt very good). What is this event about. What i need to do


        Just extra quests and they have special rewards.
        You will benefit with half price items at the shop and also harvesting will be half price.

        I advise you to stock up on potions while they're half price. Get 30 or so. You'll probably go through them quickly.


          Ok thx. Is it worth buying starter gear from shop? They give small stat buff on attack. Ima sword axe player…. still have time to change. Dont underatand mechanics


            @Bryanalves: No lol. You'll quickly advance. Save money for upgrading weapons + Armour.

            Have a read of this https://monsterhunterworld.wiki.fextralife.com/New+Player+He.... Should help you out a bit. Just remember that you're not going to kill something in a few minutes. These hunts can take some time. Just learn a monster's tells and what it is going to do. Dodge/attack accordingly.


              @SnowDragon: Thanks…. so i should upgrade my starter gear either then? Yea i went on an online event hunt and gt rekt…. lucky SOS flare someone came and destroyed the boss.

              Should i eat food for boost every single time or just if i need the edge to win?


                @Bryanalves: Always eat food. Just have the chef's special for now. Having 150 health means you have 50% more health. Or is it 33% idk. It makes a big difference.

                Only upgrade your weapon at this stage. Once you get to 3-4 star consider getting some better armour. Choose something easy to farm like the pukei-pukei or the Kula Ya ku. I went with the Legiana set personally.

                Upgrading armour is pointless at low rank as it's a waste of resources and you'll zoom through the ranks quickly. Once you get to high rank (which is guiding zorah magdaros), you'll want to get the best armour you can at the time. High rank is traditionally a big step up from low and you'll get your arse handed to you.

                Don't be afraid to send up SoS flares. Just remember that with 1 player the monster will have 1x it's normal HP. As soon as a second player joins it goes up to 2.4x, but it remains at 2.4x even if you have a 3rd of 4th player.

                So if you have 4 people you'll quickly kill a monster. If you only have 2 it could take 20% longer than if you were just doing it by yourself. But it means you do have more resources, and if the second person is much better or geared than you they could carry you through it.

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