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Cadbury Creme Egg Personalised Gift Tin $9.99 (Was $19.99) @ Myer


Personalised tin with a name up to 11 characters, includes 1x Cadbury Creme Egg 39g and 2x Cadbury Creme Egg 130g mini egg share packs.

I know these personalised gifts are well received (people loved the Toblerones at Xmas) and it's a good deal to get in on pre-Easter. Order online for click and collect.

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    I noticed from the reviews that the name is printed on a sticker rather than etched on the tin itself.

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      These things are always stickers. It's the only way to do it on-demand.

      • Exactly, just took a look at the reviews all very positive.

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        I get that but they should really make that clear as it's not specified in the description and the images are misleading too.

        • It's been stickers for the past few years leading all the way back to those custom labelled coke cans… I think it'd general knowledge tbh… I don't think you should read too much into it. Even those chocolate boxes made of cardboard have stickers stuck on…

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        Tell that to my personalized 90th anniversary Weet-Bix bowl! :D

        • Lol fair call… That wasn't a wall-in purchase though…which this is marketed to

  • Wouldn't let me check out. Annoying. Given up.

  • Click and collect isn’t available on these?

    • I managed to get Click and Collect. From Melb.

  • Delivery not possible.

  • Who puts the sticker on the tin?

    • Myer team member does it I believe.

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      Three children with small hands who live on Nauru.

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    I wanted to get one for my nephew, Richard. But it wouldn't accept the diminutive.

    • Even Dick likes eggs

  • Thanks OP, literally bought 10.

    • Labelled for bitesized, bitesized, bitesized, bitesized, bitesized, bitesized, bitesized, bitesized, bitesized, and bitesized?

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    Can you personalise it with Obesity?

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      No. But I think “Grinch” is available

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      They wouldn't allow Semen as a name either :(

      • +1

        Just picked one up that had Vadge on it. Lady went to back to pick it up then a tense looking conversation on the way back with another staff member, but I got thru 😁

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    Also Cashrewards 5.6%

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    Shopback is currently up to 10%.

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    Thanks for this. Just picked up.
    The 'name' Fat Pig works lol

  • Just to say I didnt use it -was just messing around with names !