In 6 days Bauhn Powerboard $24.99 @ ALDI


Bauhn Power board $24.99

  • Model Number: ASPP-014
  • Voltage/Wattage: 240V/2400W
  • Maximum Energy: 1050J
  • Provides Protection up to: 36,000A
  • USB Ports: 5V 2.1A
  • Power Cable: 1.1m
  • Manual

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  • -1 vote

    Wow, these things sill have a phone port after all these years.

    • +1 vote

      This one actually doesn’t. Plus a phone port is a good idea to protect a surge on your adsl line


      Our 1st world high tech forefront advanced future-proofed $50 billion NBN still using back the ancient copper network bought off Telstra hand.

      NBN FTTC still using the old phone port as outlet.

  • +6 votes

    I find it hilarious that in the manual you linked they couldn't even get the diagram labeling the active led from the surge protection led correct. Not sure if I trust their ability to design a power board now :p.

    • -2 votes

      It will be some generic chinese catalogue product with a logo slapped on it and in turn their design is probably stolen from a contract manufacture job they did in the 90s for a brand name product (and thus the phone jack).

  • +9 votes

    I got one of these from 2 years back. Watts so special about it?

  • +3 votes

    I keep mistaken this brand for Braun.


    Anything else in the dogalogue?


    I glanced through it in store - I remember seeing large built-in kitchen appliances such as ovens, cook tops, dish washer, …, Women's fitness clothing and some big TVs.
    Unfortunately I didn't take a copy with me because I usually get a copy delivered with the rest of the junk mail that comes on the weekend.


      go to their web-site. They publish an on-line version of the catalogue. You can even sign-up with email reminders of their one-off specials from the catalogue (their catalogues come out a week and a half in advance making it easy to forget the specials imho).

      Ciao for now.

      PS the Aldi app also has the catalogue too with a push notification setup available for the specials..


      some big TVs

      it was 50" 4k don't think it was smart $399


    these work ok but for the 2 i bought at half price $12.50 they seeem to buzz ~_~"


    I've bought one of these almost exactly a year ago. They work really well with one specific issue I've noticed.

    The built in USB ports have a tendency to 'hum' electrically after a period of time - when someone is plugged in and drawing power.

    If you're the person who can hear high pitched electrical noise this may be an issue - if you don't.. then no issues.

    Because this board isn't where I sleep it doesn't bother me at all.. but it does when I'm in the same room!.

    The 'buzz' that Calmerancer mentioned was specific to the USB ports - it didn't buzz at all for me otherwise.