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Ultrasone Signature Studio / Signature DXP Headphones $319.20 Delivered @ Addicted to Audio eBay


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S-Logic technology simulates passive front & movement imaging (A middle ground between listening to studio-monitor speakers & monitoring headphones)(details at bottom).


  • For some S-Logic makes them sound similar to open headphones (wide sound-stage with the benefits of being closed).
  • It takes awhile for your ears to adjust to them so give them time.
  • Sound signature on the brighter side (gets better with burn-in).
  • 5 Years Guarantee.

RRP for both is $799.
eBay listed price is the same price as their official website ($399).

High quality Studio / DJ Monitoring headphones.
Signature DXP model claims better noise isolation.
Both have excellent non-fatiguing sound and wearing-comfort for long listening sessions.
Comes with both 3m coiled to 6.3mm & 1.2m straight to 3.5mm cables.

Ultrasone Signature Studio Headphones

Principle: dynamic, closed
S-Logic® Plus technology
ULE technology
Impedance: 32 ohm
Driver/Driver size: Mylar/Titan, 40mm
Magnet: NdFeB
Frequency range: 8 - 40000 Hz
SPL: 98 dB
Weight (excl. cord): 290g
5-years guarantee
Handmade in Germany

Ultrasone Signature DXP Headphones

Principle: dynamic, closed
S-Logic® Plus technology
MU-Metal shielding – ULE technology
Impedance: 32 ohms
Driver/Size: Mylar, 50 mm
Magnet: NdFeB
Frequency range: 5 – 30.000 Hz
SPL: 115 dB
Weight (excl. cable): 290 g
5-years guarantee
Handmade in Germany

Note: Adam Audio’s recently released Studio Monitor Headphones were made together with Ultrasone.

I will let other users answer questions as I am winding down from ozbargain.
Please share your experiences with Ultrasone if you own a pair.


With S-Logic®, ULTRASONE created a patented technology over 25 years ago that at once made two essential qualities for professional users possible: it provides a wide sound stage and an excellent depth gradation, meaning that you the user gets the impression you’re wearing a pair of excellent studio monitors than a pair of headphones. S-Logic® also means your hearing is under less strain: a 3–4dB lower sound pressure provides the same perceived volume. This enables long, fatigue-free assessment of the sound reproduction.

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  • “Ultrasone's founder, Florian Koenig, wrote a PhD dissertation way back when (in the 70s? 80s?) that formed the basis of s-logic technology. In essence, s-logic simulates what Koenig calles "natural surround sound". Instead of focusing sound waves from the driver to your ears, s-logic bounces sound waves off the pinna of your ears and your head to produce a frontal hearing effect and enables head-related transfer effects (HRTF). This fools your brain (in theory) to create a 3D image of the sound, thus simulating surround sound.

    One way Ultrasone achieves this is by moving the position of the drivers — they call it the "de-centric driver" — which is why when you wear ultrasones for the first time you freak out because the drivers are placed so low in comparison to other headphones. De-centric drivers are also angled differently (30-40 degrees) to allow this "bouncing" of sound I mentioned. There are also specifications for the drivers with respect to the diaphragm and their burst response.

    There are other elements in s-logic too, not just the drivers — for example specific characteristics of ear pads (like their material, and where holes are positioned) and the material of the bufferboard.

    All of this leads to a very different perception of sound as compared to normal headphones. You have to experience it to truly "get it". Either you will love it or you will hate it, for sure.

    Personally, I don't like the effect. But I understand others do, and see where they are coming from.”

  • I want another pair of closed back for gaming and music. I’ve been eyeing off the Meze 99 Classics, but these seem like good candidates too. Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Ultrasone…what is it with Germans and headphones?

    Edit. Trawling through the Headfi DXP thread and I like what I’m reading.

  • Where are you going marge?

  • No don't leave us Marge we need you.

    Give in to the addiction.

  • On a more relevant note - I have a set of Sennheiser HD 25 II that I use for EDM, is the DXP a sidegrade or an upgrade?

    Any other hd 25 users in?

    • Deal is over. The Signature DXP’s are over-ear (good isolation) and use a unique design to achieve a certain goal (A middle ground between listening to studio-monitor speakers & monitoring headphones).
      They are quite different from your ordinary headphones. People either like how S-Logic sounds or they are disappointed.
      I would recommend either trying before buying, or reading online about how they sound.