expired Capsulier Nespresso-Compatible Capsule Maker $112 (Was $160) + Free Shipping @ Crema Joe


Use the promo code MUMSDAY30 to get 30% off the Capsulier LITE Capsule Maker.

Crema Joe's range of reusable coffee pods are ideal for capsule machine owners that would like to continue brewing with their machine, but want to reduce their contribution to daily landfill.
Simply fill (and refill) with your favourite coffee to enjoy convenience, sustainability and savings with every brew.

Capsulier is the world's first Nespresso®* compatible mess-free coffee capsule maker - a perfect companion for your coffee machine. Using reusable capsules is also more cost-effective than disposable capsules, saving an average household around $450 yearly. You can check out the Capsulier in action here > https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=rqBxiwt3o_k

Included with your Capsulier LITE Capsule Maker machine:
1 Capsi Reusable Capsule
1 Brush
1 Scoop

The fine print: Capsulier is compatible with Nespresso machines only. Shipping from Melbourne via Aus Post or Sendle for large packages. Free shipping is an ongoing promotion that will automatically be applied to orders over $80 (regular post, Australian addresses only).

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  • +3 votes

    This seems to negate the only benefit of a capsule machine, convenience.


      We hear you! Our customers tend to be capsule machine owners looking to switch to an environmentally friendly option, in lieu of throwing their appliance in the trash for a different, sustainable brew method. A lot of our customers are also people who choose to brew with capsules, but not be restricted to a single brand of coffee.

  • +1 vote

    Interesting. I thought this is another capsule coffee machine, but this is actually the capsule maker.

    Thing is replaceable capsule can be purchased with $20 and take no bench space.


      Absolutely. There is, and probably always will be people who choose to use single-use disposable capsules, or disposable coffee cups or plastic bags for that matter.


        Ah sarcasm. Meaning I hit the point.

        You didn't though. I pointed your exact same competitors, multi use reusable capsule.


          Ah! Understood. We also sell $20 reusable capsules that don't take up bench space - something for everyone ;)

          My tone was not intended to be sarcastic - I honestly appreciate your constructive conversation though Bimo. Out of all our products, the Capsulier is certainly the one that gets people talking. Kayla

  • +2 votes

    what about those people who buy these, then realise its too much hassle and them dumping these in the trash and adding to landfill?


      I'm not sure that "they" are our customer ;) We'd certainly hope that "those people" would at least try to sell the machine on Gumtree before opting for landfill.

  • +1 vote

    It does look pretty cool. Although Nespresso recycles it's pods if you post them using the recycle bags. Choice investigated and looks legit.

  • +1 vote

    Does this thing even tamp? Watching a few videos on youtube, it basically looks like an $80 funnel and back of a knife. The stainless steel pod looks good though.


      Great question! Yes - it tamps. The pods are excellent - we sell them separately with a scoop for people who aren't into the capsule maker.

  • +1 vote

    Nice to know about that I tried the generic plastics ones from chine didn't have a great result.


      Yep we hear that a lot! There are quite a few plastic capsules floating around eBay etc

  • +1 vote

    This looks great. I'm looking for a reusable system that I can take travelling with a nanopresso +Nespresso adapter, so I can prefill a bunch of capsules between trips. Could you recommend something? Can any of the capsules be used for double shots?

    • +1 vote

      We have a couple of customers who use our SealPod capsules with the Wacaco Nanopresso and Nespresso adapter.

      According to Wacaco, apparently there is a removal blade inside. One customer removed it himself (although I don't know if this effects warranty) and the other bought a Wacaco NS adapter that their "technician had modified" (had the blade removed to make it compatible with reusable pods).

      And for a double-shot we do recommend using 2 capsules - due to the gram size, a short shot with capsules actually gives you a much better, less bitter coffee. Definitely go a nice dark roast for intensity! It's worth having a play to see what suits you best :) Kayla

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