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Microsoft Office 365 Home $76.80 (Digital Delivery) @ Bing Lee eBay


Good price. One year subscription. Up to 6 users.

Original 20% off Everything @ Bing Lee eBay

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    For those wondering what is included:
    * Word
    * Excel
    * Powerpoint
    * Outlook
    * OneNote
    * 1TB of OneDrive storage per person
    * 6 Users (Windows, Mac, iOS, Andriod)
    * Phone/chat tech support
    * 60 minutes per month of Skype calling to mobile phones and landlines

  • Any idea if these expire after x number of months after purchase?

    • These are a one year subscription - presumably, hence the 365 in 'Office 365'.

      • Sorry I meant similar to the below question. Thanks guys!

    • 1 year

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      You can top up to 5 years I believe. I bought two of these to top up 2 years on my account.

      • Great, thanks!

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          Each user can install on to 5 devices.. I did this for an office to install onto 8 machines

  • If I've already got 7 months left, can I add another year?

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    I've got access to office via work, but have been using these as a cheap way of getting online storage space for cloud backups.
    My wife and I use one account each, plus a shared account for photo backups and another for videos etc.
    4TB is way more than we need, but cheaper than 1TB of Dropbox, Google drive etc, especially since we could have 6TB if I could be bothered configuring the accounts.

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      Having the Documents and Desktop folders redirected to OneDrive has saved me many times when I needed to recover a file.

  • $23.64 USD here

    • That's 1 device

    • Probably a MSDN or dodgy account at this price.

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    Free for students & teachers refer here

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    Not sure why people aren't exploiting the following loophole more:

    1. Buy Office 365 1 device license on sale, buy up to 5 years
    2. Activate them all against your account
    3. Convert your current subscription into the 'home' 6 device/user version by setting it to pay by the month and upgrading
    4. Pay the 1 month at full price for the 6 user license
    5. Voila - your ~5 years purchased at 1 device pricing is now fully upgraded to 6 devices.

    Guarantee this still works and is not a policy/license breach, it's just the way Microsoft handles upgrades. I've been doing this for the past few years.

    • Hmm, sounds like a good idea but currently I have all 6 users active on my subscription; how would I be able to "activate the 1 device license"?

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        Wait until you're at the last few days of your 6 device subscription then add the 1 device subscriptions. The extra devices or users will temporarily lose access to office but they won't lose files in OneDrive.

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          Ahhhh that's cool! I was afraid that I'd have to delete all of them to be on the 1 device subscription.


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      So you're saying if you buy 5 years of personal, then add 1 month of recurring home, the full 5 years get converted to home?!

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        Yes absolutely. You can google this and find out further details. I haven't done 5 years myself but definitely done over a year

    • Sorry does it have to be multiple yrs to do the above.
      What if i get only 1 or 2 yrs sunscription..

      • Yeah that's fine too. I normally do a year. But the cost of adding an extra month is almost as much as buying the 6 device licence up front so works better if you buy more years

        • How many years should i top up? Also, my subscription has already expired. Would it make any difference? Thanks

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    Great deal. Just topped up my subscription with this. Many thanks!

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    Ahh booo looks like it’s sold out? Says out of stock for me.

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          They're not offering a code, they're providing a username and password. It would be nice if the morons who keep negging me offered an explanation to help everyone understand if something isn't right.

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    Back in stock, at least for now. I just bought one for $76.80.

  • how do you get 5 years? buy this 5 times ?

    • yes - activate the first one by following the instructions then redeem the other 4 codes in the subscriptions page

      • nice thanks 😊

      • nice thanks 😊

  • Bought 2 last night. Got sent the codes this afternoon. Time to say bye bye Dropbox.

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