expired AliExpress 15% Cashback (Was 5%, Cap $50) @ ShopBack


Part of Shopback's 1st birthday deals.

To ensure your Cashback is successful:

  • Click through ShopBack again if there's any error
  • Empty cart before clicking through ShopBack
  • Use only promo codes from ShopBack
  • Add items to your cart after clicking through ShopBack
  • Confirm delivery/goods received to get Cashback within 90 days.

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  • +2 votes

    Was waiting for this XD


    How long for? It’s not showing up on the ShopBack app or website yet.

  • -1 vote

    Any standout bargains?


    Any special sign-up promotions to maximise earning on joining Shopback?
    This might be the deal to make me join!

  • +1 vote

    Looking for a cheap replacement phone like the Sharp Aquos s2/3, but all I find is EU version which lacks band 28. Anyone kindly to supply a link for model with band 28?

  • -3 votes

    Order went through half an hour ago, no tracking email received. Last time it was nearly instant.

    Store rep, are you able to check for me? Order no. 101110077757519 if that helps

  • -3 votes

    I had bad experience buying from aliexpress, suggest read productreview.com.au before purchasing from them

    • +7 votes

      AliExpress is a middleman between buyer and actual seller.

      Your buying experience is highly dependent on the actual seller supplying the goods….so better to name and shame them rather than AliExpress itself.


        Over on Whirlpool there are people there that have ordered phones (RN7s) from Aliexpress and on receipt they claim that the item is not as described (no B28).
        The seller A N D AliExpress have refused to assist.

        • +4 votes

          if you mean this thread:

          first he was offered full refund upon return and he refused, then aliexpress responded:

          "Please kindly provide photos of the goods you have received, make a detailed comparison between the received products and the ones in the description and mark the different/defective area in the pictures as evidence."

          so he was given an opportunity to prove there is no B28, but he wanted to keep it unopened so he could resell as that is easier.

          all i can say is, if you NEED something that is rare, like B28, choose carefully.


            @abctoz: Nice for them to offer but his reaction was ….
            "No way, Jose! If I mail it back at my expense I'll be out

            return shipping
            purchase price

            … all of which I will never see again, based on what's happened to other people at productreview.com.au…."


              @xywolap: Yes but that was before aliexpress is asking for evidence.

              Irrespective of what he wants, there are procedures for disputing products that are not as described, I've disputed products on eBay and had to provide specific photographic evidence and have to have eBay staff verify everything in a phone call, its not easy at all and takes time. Aliexpress is offering similar and the guy doesn't even want to open the package.

              Regarding complaints every online retailer has them, thats why there are buyer protection programs, which is actually working as intended in the case you provided


        Is customer service part of aliexpress, if yes, look at those how many complain about customer service etc.
        eBay or amazon are also middle man, they are awesome


    I can't stop buying things from aliexpress lately….filling my closet with cycling jerseys and accessories….my wallet is getting light so this deal is just tempting me more.


    Whats everyone buying?

  • +1 vote

    Does anyone else notice that AliExpress gives you different results when entering via Shopback or not?

    Before entering Ali using Shopback, I found the listing of the Pocophone I wanted to buy….with 6000 successful orders.

    After entering Ali with Shopback, I couldn't find that same listing. Instead, I seemed to get sellers only selling a couple of hundred Pocophones. The prices were slightly higher too, but not hugely.

    Is this a thing or did I somehow do something wrong?


      Maybe… But just share the product via QR code, send it to your messenger (or another device), load up AliExpress through ShopBack, and then search via QR.


      Not for any of the items I'm looking at.

    • +1 vote

      Probably first page of best.aliexpress.com just change to www.aliexpress.com

    • +4 votes

      You're correct as the AliExpress affiliate network cookie redirects aliexpress.com to best.aliexpress.com which shows less.

      My trick has been to browse in incognito and add my products to the wish list. It's never failed me.

    • +1 vote

      As Clear write, use a wishlist.


    Does this stack with "buy from any shop get $2 back" deal?
    Or does activation of this deal invalidate existing activated (but not yet used) deals?


      Yes it stacks, it's activate and make any purchase from any store except Woolworths Gift Cards.

      There's only one 'activation' deal going on and it's this $2 bonus offer exclusive to OzBargainers.

      Any exclusions are stated in the terms and conditions of the offer.


    Placed an order, but my payment was put on hold pending verification.

    Am I screwed once it goes through?


    Is there a page that shows when the current cash back promotion expires? For example, Amazon is 12% and David Jones is 9%. Does that expire at midnight or tomorrow or some other day?


    Thanks! Signed up to shopback with the OzB offer (prev only a cashrewards user) and grabbed myself a new mech keyboard just in time. Hope to see the cash back appear in a couple days.

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