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$2 Bonus Cashback with Any Purchase* for All Users (Activation Required) + $11 Bonus for New Sign Ups at ShopBack


Hi guys,

Besides Season 8 of Game of Thrones that's starting next week, we're also celebrating our first anniversary in Australia! It's been an incredible year and we're amazed to see where we are at now, and we'd like to thank everyone for their support. Starting from Monday, we'll have a lot of deals for you all to enjoy!

We're also offering all OzBargainers an exclusive $2 cashback bonus (strictly limited to one bonus per customer) when you make a purchase at any store (*except Woolworths Gift Cards) from now until 21st April. You'll need to activate this offer first, by clicking on a special link on our OzBargain special page. If you're not a ShopBack member yet, we're also offering an $11 welcome bonus when you sign up through this page.

The $2 cashback bonus will be credited into your ShopBack account by 29th April.

Stay tuned for our first deal next week :)

$2 Bonus Offer Terms and Conditions:

  • Limited to one bonus per customer.
  • You must activate the offer prior to purchase. Following activation, you must make a purchase at any store (excluding Woolworths Gift Cards) between Saturday 13th 12.00AM and 21st April 11.59PM (AEST). To check if you've activated your offer, you will see a click through to "OzBargain Exclusives" in your Click History.
  • The $2 bonus will be credited into your ShopBack account by 29th April 2019 11.59PM AEST.
  • Excludes purchases from Woolworths Gift Cards.
  • Returns/exchanges/cancellations of orders will void your eligibility for the bonus.
  • ShopBack reserves the right to dishonour bonuses for members who have participated in this offer in a fraudulent manner (ie. using multiple accounts). Such members may be banned and any cashback on their accounts forfeited.

Any questions or issues? Reach out through a private message or send an email to [email protected] and we'll help sort it out.

We're also offering 30% cashback on these limited edition Game of Thrones scotch whisky editions via BWS (valid today only, 13th April). Please note that stores have very limited stock on these products.

Product Item Number Price
Cardhu Gold Reserve House of Targaryen Single Malt Whisky 700mL 858522 $99
Dalwhinnie Winter's Frost House of Stark Single Malt Whisky 700mL 858548 $99
Lagavulin 9 Year Old House of Lannister Single Malt Whisky 700mL 858412 $129
Oban Bay Reserve The Night's Watch Single Malt Whisky 700mL 858549 $129

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$5 for referrer and $5 for referee with $20 referee purchase.

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  • I am sure someone would have this Q too, can the $11 sign up bonus be stacked with a referral code?

  • Can’t find the link to the OzBargain special page…

  • First anniversary in Australia

    I'm just curious, which country are you based in and in how many countries do you operate? If we shop in multiple countries, is there any reason we might want to consider Shopback accounts in different countries?

    • +5 votes

      Hi newdad,

      Thanks for asking. ShopBack originally started in Singapore, but we're also in Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand (7 countries in total including Australia).

      If you do stay in another country like Singapore for some time, then yes you may want to consider an account there too. We're aware of a few OzBargainers who actually use ShopBack in Singapore for the usuals - marketplaces (Lazada/Shopee), food (Deliveroo, Fave) and travel (Grab).

      If you do consider creating an account for our other countries, do note that bank withdrawals are limited to bank accounts in the account's respective country (ie. Singapore bank accounts only for shopback.sg), but you can still use PayPal.

      • Can we refer new members in another country & get referral bonus for it?

        • Hi tajid,

          No you can't, you can only refer members to the region that your account is tied to (SG accounts can only refer users to SG, AU to AU and so on).

  • Congrats ShopBack on one year.

    I haven’t always used cash back services, but looking at my history looks like I’m on track to getting around $50 back. Pretty good.

    Though I do question the society value in these middlemen services, I can’t say no to free money. I’ll look forward to the $2 too.

    • As far as societal value, it's just affiliate marketing. You promote my online store and if someone clicks through your link I'll give you a cut of the purchase.

      Shopback, cashrewards, etc then just give you a cut of their cut.

      Now whether affiliate marketing itself has societal value is another question, but I don't see it going away any time soon, so might as well use it to your advantage.

      • More and more middlemen that (generally) provides nothing more than extra clicking thru.

        I mean, wouldn't it be better if amazon or iconic, whatever it may be just lowered their price instead of paying X% to an "affliliate marketing partner" and have them provide you with X-y%?

        Now the Affiliate marketing partner needs to market themselves so they are known, and so the cycle of constant marketing and re-marketing continues. Creating an ever long list of what I term middlemen.

        I understand its not going away, so I use it coz I want the cash. But it's not easy to make the case the extra cycles of middlemen provide a genuine service.

  • I'm still waiting on 5 dollar signup bonus from 6 months ago

    • +2 votes

      Hi hippyhippy,

      Happy to look into this for you, could you send over your ShopBack email address via PM for us to check?

      We get reports of people not receiving bonuses but it turns out to be one of the following reasons:

      • Not having $10 or more of confirmed cashback from purchases
      • Not having withdrawal details added to your account
  • Thanks Shopback!

  • does this work for ebay even though it's 0%?

  • I saw an TV advertisement for shopback this morning. Seems like the business is doing well

  • Any chance of giving a heads up on what they deals will be. I want to buy some stuff but don't want to if the cash back quadruples later :-)

  • daymn I just bought something this morning >,<

  • Activate today….buy something tomorrow is ok?

    • +3 votes

      You must activate the offer prior to purchase. Following activation, you must make a purchase at any store (excluding Woolworths Gift Cards) between Saturday 13th 12.00AM and 21st April 11.59PM (AEST). To check if you've activated your offer, you will see a click through to "OzBargain Exclusives" in your Click History


  • +4 votes

    Now to find a $1 item to buy 🤔

    • Or "1000 Flybuys Points for Using Click & Collect (No Minimum Spend) @ Liquorland/First Choice Liquor" pops up.

      Free $5 wine with bonus $2.

  • Any hint if Sony will have a higher cashback? :) gotta ask!

  • Shopback crushing it lately. I signed up with them for the NordVPN deal and every transaction since then has been perfect. Had neverending issues and denials from CashRewards, even with emails, invoices and evidence.

    • Did your NordVPN cashback get tracked? Mine isn't showing at all. I hadn't a NordVPN subscription in a year or two so I figured I would be a new customer but maybe I had to use a brand new email address.

  • Hi Rep,

    Can the $11 new registrant also get the $2 cashback? = $13

    • Nope, first answer

      • +1 vote

        Hi spillmill,

        The first answer referred to stacking the bonus you get signing up under a referral + the $11 sign up bonus. In short, $11 sign up bonus and referral bonuses do not stack.

        The $11 bonus upon sign up and $2 bonus for making a purchase after activation stack.

    • Hi txb,

      The $2 bonus is for everyone, while the $11 is another bonus for those not members of ShopBack yet. In short, yes.

  • Groupon with my favourite $10 for $50 BoozeBud offer should do the trick.

  • Can someone explain to me how all these cashback sites work?

    Say a 5% cashback is offered
    Does the cashback company say to the merchant "oi we tracked 5% from this customer, confirm it and you owe us 7%"

    • +1 vote

      Hi hellohello123,

      It's more on the merchant - they will pay us on an agreed certain percentage or fixed amount (let's say 7%), then we decide how much cashback to pay out (maybe 5%).

      Tracking wise - when someone clicks through us and makes a purchase, the merchant will then report back to us that a transaction has come through, and then cashback will be credited as pending on your account.

      But the merchant will come back to us later down the track (once return/exchange/cancellation periods have passed) to approve/reject transactions (confirming there haven't been returns/exchanges/cancellations or anything that might be against the T&Cs for cashback, like buying gift cards). This is where cashback on your account will either turn to a Confirmed/Approved or Rejected status.

      • Do you guys make a profit on wish gift cards?

        Some of the high %cashbacks offered surprise me on how high the margins must be from the merchant!
        Is there a chance that some merchants make even a loss after cashback plus your margin? And they put it down to marketing costs?

        • +1 vote

          Unfortunately we can't say, but some high cashback offers are a joint effort and co-funded by us as well.

          There's a possibility some merchants may make a loss after cashback yes, but we typically don't know that. The ones we really question are instances where you stack an AmEx card offer + coupon code + cashback + loyalty points. And yes merchants typically put cashback (or in general affiliate programs) as a marketing cost (or even partnership).

          • @gotyourback: I always wonder how/why for groupon, there is 10% off code for example plus 15% cashback as well at the same time
            25% is quite high!

            I've been involved in a business that participated in groupon and their fees were very high.
            The sales rep for groupon always complained how they made a loss on the groupon and always pushed for us to lower our prices further so from 50% to even higher

            • @hellohello123: We've thought the same too!

              But perhaps they do have particular goals, rather than hitting particular margins, they could be trying to hit certain revenue, sales, customer targets etc

  • Does cashback at BWS work with WISH gift cards used as payment method?

    • +1 vote

      Hi fishball,

      Yes it does.

      • Same for Woolworths? If I make an online order and pay the full amount with gift cards would I still receive the $2?

        • Hi JHoliday,

          As your order would be rejected due to paying with a gift card at Woolworths, you wouldn't get the $2 bonus.


            @gotyourback: Hi Shopback,
            Does cashback at ebay USA work with ebay gift cards used as payment method?
            would I still receive the $2 bonus?

  • I still haven't received cashbacks from over 2 months ago e.g ova, catch connect,

  • @gotyourback, does a free ebook from Kindle qualify?

  • Hi rep,

    Are you able to look into my NordVPN transaction and tell me why it isn't tracking? A person above stated that their cashback tracked hours after they bought a subscription and the ShopBack website states a general time frame of 2 days however mine has been almost a week but it is not showing.

  • It would be great if Shopback rep can check into Ozbargain daily as some members may required assistance with their Shopback purchases tracking etc.

    • +2 votes

      Hi slowFTL, yes we do check daily but keep in mind it's the weekend/out of office hours and so we can't be checking non-stop.

      We would suggest such queries be directed via PM as we get email notifications for them.

  • I wonder; If I click through that referral near the top there, but choose to use the ozbargain voucher, will that still give the referraler the $5?

    Or even, could I make a purchase for the $2 now, and use the $5 cashback later…?

  • Have the birthday deals already started?

    I see Chemist Warehouse is 6% and Agoda 10%? Is it safe to order from now for the increased cashback or shall we wait till midnight?

  • Hi, I just signed up but didn't click through the $11 bonus offer link. Is it possible to still have this credited to my account? Thanks!

  • Hi, I signed up just the night before on my mobile & not through the $11 bonus link page. Would it still be possible to get the bonus credited to my account?
    Thanks in advance.

  • I joined shopback for this and the $11 deal, usually a cashrewards guy.
    Gosh you guys have a lot of pop ups on your website tho! It's like surfing the web in the 90s ;)

  • Hi rep. I bought from BWS but my purchase doesn't seem to have tracked. Didn't get the 30% cash back. Can you look into it for me?

  • hello rep, my $2 has not shown yet, is this normal?

    13-04 - 11:52 - OzBargain Exclusives - clicked
    13-04 - 11:53 - ebay USA - pending

    • Yes it is normal

      As mentioned in the T&Cs

      The $2 cashback bonus will be credited into your ShopBack account by 29th April.

      • Do they have to be clicked right before? I activated 1 day before my purchase, is that ok? The wording just said ‘before’. Thanks

        • +1 vote

          As long as you have activated, any purchase between date and time of activation and 21st April 11.59PM AEST qualify.

          Much like Woolworths Rewards and Flybuys offers, as long as you activate and make a purchase by a certain date/time quoted, you qualify for the offer.

  • @gotyourback Hi, I signed up on the 18th April through the shopback website but not through the link provided to get $11 cash back. Can I still somehow get this benefit? I am new to this website and I now understand what all the fuss is about. You guys are looking out for everyone, thanks.

  • Hey rep I just signed up followed the banner link for the extra $2, will purchase something from Groupon to get that to work. but wondering the bonus $11 how long till that shows in my history? Cheers.

    Edit: something seems to be not working with your site, I keep having the logo Shopback animation and the next page doesn’t seem to load?

    • That's been happening alot lately

    • For the $11 bonus, if you click on the arrow next to "Pending" it will show you what actions you need to complete (if you've completed the action, a tick will appear next to it).

      As for getting stuck on the animation, what store were you trying to click on?

      • Thanks for the quick response, it doesn’t seem to show anything for any other offers for the $11 and $2 bonus, besides the 5c cashback I purchased from Groupon?

        In my click history it mentions (OzBargain Exclusives) does this mean it is for the bonus $11+$2.

        This is what shows.
        Groupon19 Apr 2019 17:34ac427182-6275-11e9-82cf-525478eb1a98 $0.05Available by 4 Jul 2019Pending
        Groupon19 Apr 2019 17:32Clicked
        Groupon19 Apr 2019 17:32Clicked
        OzBargain Exclusives19 Apr 2019 16:50Clicked

        • +2 votes

          The $2 bonus will be credited by 29th April.

          The $11 bonus should already be in your account upon sign up.

          Based on the order ID you've quoted there, I've checked your account and you didn't sign up through this page, but clicked on the Activate link and signed up there, which is why the bonus has not shown up. I've now manually added in the $11 to your account.

          • @gotyourback: Thanks for the help mate, appreciate the help. The link you provided seems to be also doing that animation ShopBack it starts off with one letter from left gradually with a large font fading,it’s an animation but nothing loads, is that meant to happen? that’s why I couldn’t use the link.

  • +2 votes

    Just an update here, we've credited all eligible accounts with the $2 bonus now :)

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