Samsung Galaxy Fold

After watching some reviews on the Galaxy Fold. I just can't understand why anyone would want one. They look gross and clunky. I just don't see them appealing to that many people. I predict that folding phones will be abandoned by next year after poor sales. What do you think?

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    I think you're jumping on the neg train a little early, have you ever seen the earlier phones? Compared to now they were clunky as, compared to nothing we have today. One of the great things about the phone industry is it changes and evolves, because of this we get kool new features like ultrasonic finger print readers, face ID, heart rate embedded in camera and loads of stuff. But they all started from some dumb clunky design.

    I have no idea how the market will go, whether it will be successful or not, but if in the next 4 years it gets supported theres the real chance your phone will be the same size as they are now but with double the screen size.

    I also think this was more of an 'innovation' piece for samsung, I don't think they're looking for good sales here, but more for how was the reception, whats the market like, and I think its still a little out, so I agree it is 50-50 it could fold out the market, but I appreciate the fact its something new.

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    The Huawei one looks much nicer. If they can get it working properly then I see that booming.

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      I predict Samsung will copy Huawei, and include the S Pen, and sell it next year.
      ….and hopefully by that time, they will fix the hardware quality issues affecting the first models.

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      The thing I don't like about the Huawei one is, you can't put it down on a surface without risking scratching the main display which is made of plastic.

      Also, after seeing AMOLED burn-in on several phones, using half the main display in closed mode seems like it's just asking to be burnt-in after a while.


        Personally I couldn't care less about minor scratches. All my phones have scratches anyway, it's inevitable (gorilla glass is hopeless). I also avoid screen protectors. I know lots of people would care, but also many more that dgaf.


      Oh please don't quote the articles of journos being stupid. They peeled off the protective plastic which they weren't meant to do, which is causing the issues.

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        Not all of them removed the plastic, so it the only thing causing the issue.

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          Sure, but the fact Samsung forgot to highlight this most basic issue is in itself a problem. If it’s so fragile then this is only the beginning of problems.

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        If peeling off a screen protector damages a screen, it's edges should be hidden under a bezel. It is poor design.

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    I want a tiny folding phone the size of a business card that opens up to double that size
    making the size of todays massive phones, and unfolding to huge tablets, is just kinda ridiculous

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      So you basically want the Moto Razer of the future? That would actually be pretty cool if they can make it a real smart phone.


        Woah you made me google that. There's news in the last couple of days.
        A new Razr is coming…


      This would be perfect. Screw making phones 10% thinner every year. I'll take half the length for twice the thickness in my pocket.

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      I want a phone that defies all Odds by folding it more than 7 times


    I laughed when Iphone X was priced at $2k, fold will be $4k. Its basically two phones glued together with a single screen.

    nah rather a smaller phone with better battery, currently have a S9 and that is fine.

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    It's innovation. Let's be honest, we haven't seen much over the last 5yrs besides edge screens. Since Steve Jobs died/left Apple, there hasn't been a whole lot happening.

    These show what can happen in the future, which is only a good thing.

    For many people they'd love the flexibility of the device, and could make the whole experience better and means they don't need 2 devices.
    Price point will put people off except the die-hards, but that's the same with a lot of new tech, just look at 8K TV's

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      Since Steve Jobs died/left Apple

      What were you expecting him to stay at apple aftef he died

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        Lol I couldn't remember if he left Apple before dying 😂


          I think fair to say he left before dying
          But true what you said, apple has stagnated since he left.

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            @Numpty21: AAPL is worth $960bn today up from $300bn when Steve died.

            Wish I knew a few more companies that could stagnate like that.

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              @GordonR: I think you missed the point of the discussion
              Talking about innovation since SJ has left apple not profits 🤦‍♂️

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                Talking about innovation since SJ

                But there has been.

                I mean what were we all expecting?

                When we get good innovation on things like Google Glass it gets shutdown before it can explode.


          Yes, he left before (more like being kicked out). Then he came back.
          Since it's good friday… one could almost consider him the jesus for apple.


        What were you expecting him to stay at apple aftef he died

        Why not? All communications done via Ouija Board.

        We'll know this is what happened if a digital version hits Apple's shelves at any time in the future.


    It's the first generation of it.
    if they had a large front screen and removed the camera and notch in the larger screen then it would be awesome.

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      that’s pretty much what the huawei mate x is


        No it's not.

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          It’s literally exactly what you described, large front screen when folded and no notches on the large unfolded screen. So yes, it is.

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            @Your Friend: I think i know what i described and what the mate X is.

            But no you're right you not what i described better than the person who described it.

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              @Axelstrife: in what way is the huawei not what you described?


                @Your Friend: The biggest difference is that the Huawei Mate X folds outwards. i.e. the plastic screen is on the outside, so it will get scratched. There will likely be AMOLED burn-in too as you'll only be using half the screen whenever you're using the phone folded.

                Then there's software. Having gone from a Mate 20 Pro to an S10, I feel like the Samsung has a better Android build. There are fewer glitches and apps stay in memory a lot longer than on the Huawei. I wonder how well Huawei will handle app switching between closed and open modes.

                Axelstrife's original comment described exactly what I imagined the next generation would be like, and it wasn't the Mate X to me. Larger front screen, removed or smaller camera/notch on the main screen, on a device that folds inwards so the softer plastic screen is protected. The Mate X outwards-folding design seems too impractical for my use as you can't use screen protectors on it. It could work for some people though..


                  @eug: problem is folding inwards isnt flat… then you squish it and crack…


                    @ATangk: Haven't had a problem with my Surface Book which isn't flat either. My friend even sat on it by accident. Time will tell if the Fold's hinge is as tough.


    I havent used one or know what the benefits of having a fold phone except the obvious.
    But I'll wait until people have tried it and see if there is anything more than wow factor.
    And if it comes down to say $1200 In today's dollars, i might get one

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    Neither options

    U need another option, where technology and innovation improves and the cost (eventually) comes down (maybe third or fourth gen)

    The first generation was targeted at early adopters (as bad as the design is) .. You're obviously not their target market

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      Yep, I realise that, that's why I opened the discussion. My view is that majority of android users are also PC users, and a tablet really can't replace a PC or laptop yet in a professional sense. That's my opinion anyway.


        great for train rides or plane rides
        good for holidays
        good to keep kids quiet!saves u carrying a phone and a tablet, with multiple sim cards


          Who's carrying multiple sim cards around? lol

          Good for all those things but having 2 devices means the tablet can go flat and you still have a phone.


    I don't know if they'll be successful, but they've put so much time and money into developing these fold ones that I can't see them being abandoned within the first year.
    I think even if they don't sell well, they help brand image.

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    Unbox Therapy was pretty keen about it.

    As an 8" tablet user, I'd be on board once the cost drops.


      But as a tablet user, is one of the reasons you own both devices battery life? I can still see people needing 2 devices until there is a significant advancement in batteries.


    First gen.


    Ask me in 10 years.


    No way theyre going to simply abandon this revolutionary design

    Eventually they will get it right and every phone will be like this unless the size proves to be a detriment to the user

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    A $3k phone looks good until you drop it.

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    I predict that folding phones will be abandoned by next year after poor sales

    This is all about being pretty much first to market with what WILL become an enormously popular form factor. Yes Gen 1 looks clunky and has other issues but it only gets better, and cheaper, from here. Come back in 3 years.


      It's true, but people already have 2 devices for a reason, a phone now can do everything a tablet can do, and screen size on a plus model phone isn't exactly small. So why do people own 2 devices when 1 can already do everything? Probably because of battery life.

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        So why do people own 2 devices when 1 can already do everything? probably because of battery life.

        Not for me. I don't like large phones as they're hard to use single-handed, so I have a normal-sized phone. When I want to do anything that involves more reading, I switch to my 8" or 10" tablet. That is why I find the Fold interesting - it can be easily used single-handed, and can convert to a much larger screen when needed. Not at this price though, but that price is to be expected with a ground-breaking device like this.


    Apple will do a better iteration I guess? And it will be back in the popular zone.

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    Want one - yes, but it is too expensive for me to be willing to purchase it obviously. If someone gave me one for free, I would be very happy.
    It does make opening two apps / using two apps more viable. Gaming on it would be nice too.

    If any big retail store nearby put one on display for people to try out, I would definitely go and try it out.


    Everyone is entitled to thier opinion and manufacturers can choose to make whatever they feel is marketable and price it accordingly.

    So if you dont like something or its too expensive just dont buy it.

    Nobody is forcing you to buy anything so stop complaining dear OP!

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      I didn't complain, just opening a discussion with my opinion on the topic. Settle down champ.

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        I didn't complain, just opening a discussion with my opinion on the topic.

        It's comments like this that make it look like you're complaining, rather than just opening an unbiased discussion.

        They look gross and clunky.
        I just can't understand why anyone would want one.
        Makes your fold look even more gross so people go 'wtf is that'

        I think lots of people are judging the phone solely on price, rather than the concept. If the Fold was $1147 like an S10, I bet they would sell a ton of them. Of course, as with everything, it definitely won't appeal to everyone. That said, lots of people didn't think the huge OG Galaxy Note would be a success.

        I expect new technology like this to cost a lot at the start. Just look at how much OLED TVs cost when they first came out. Yields for the folding screen are probably still very low and the cost would still be quite high as they can't mass-produce them yet like they can with the S10. This phone is aimed squarely at early adopters who have absolutely no problem throwing $3k down for a phone, who are probably the same people who have no problem paying $10k for a 55" TV. The rest of us are meant to wait for v2 or v3 before really considering it.


          Depends how thin they get I guess, maybe in the next generations I'll be converted. But I don't see them selling enough products to continue making them.

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