out of stock Yamaha Cinemapack NS555 5.1 Speaker Package $888 (Normally $1,399) Delivered @ Addicted to Audio


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    I wonder if these would be an upgrade to my Jamo 606 5.1 set of speakers that I have.


      Pretty sure many places have these sort of speakers lying around, may be worth having a listen.

      Having said that, I doubt it'd be much of an upgrade personally. Obviously everyone's audio tastes are different though and it just may be a different sound that you prefer.


      I still have the Jamo S606's as well. Had to replace the amp on the sub a year or so ago, but I find they are still a very good package. :) #justmy2cents


    Hmm, I wonder what the differences are between the included sub, YSTRSW300, and the NS-SW300. Both have "SW300" in the model name. They look different but I imagine same power, same size, same port.

    Looking at the Yamaha website the YST is now discontinued - hence the discount. However, it looks to be very good value. The port is different from the SW300.


      The NS has a lighter box and a newer amplifier. Like most subs this size, they both seem to use the port to fortify higher bass frequencies which muddles more audible sounds. They both are rated for the same power (80W), but as the NS has a new amplifier circuit (lower standby power draw) so I assume it is a more efficient (and cheaper) design, meaning the NS should be louder. This also explains why the NS's port is bigger (generally: louder = more air displaced = bigger port needed).


      The YST model likely has the YST (Yamaha Active Servo Technology) which is a processing amplifier which applies negative impedance to the driver throughout the frequency range (in an attempt to keep the impedance constant throughout the range), which they say allows for a smaller enclosure and more fidelity (never heard a subwoofer with YST so I am clueless to what it actually does to the sound). @alvian can you chime in here and help explain what is going on?

      Page 19 of the manual for the YST-RSW300 kind of explains what YST is.

      In the instance of smaller enclosure (due to YST technology) and more consistent fidelity I would expect port velocity to be higher, therefore I think they used a different port for the YST-RSW300 (maybe one of those twisted shaped ones which reduces velocity to mitigate port noise).

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        In the User Manuals, both the YST-SW300 and the NS-SW300 use "Advanced YST II".

        Both have "250W dynamic output power, at 100Hz, 5 Ohm, 10% THD".

        Both have Freq Response 20Hz to 160Hz.

        Both have Power Consumption 80W.

        The NS-SW300 has a "twisted flare port".

        The YST-SW300 has a "linear port".

        YST-SW300 is slightly larger, 372x400x428mm, compared to 350x366x420mm (WxHxD).

        YST-SW300 is 20 kg, compared to 18kg.

        YST-SW300 standby power is 0.5W compared to 0.3W.


          I see, so in a way they made minor changes to the enclosure.
          Still wondering though the difference in sound of a similar priced decent subwoofer from another brand, and the comparable model with YST technology.
          Also the difference between the two Yamaha’s (YST-RSW300, NS-SW300), although I think the differences would be barely noticeable in this comparison.
          (They seem to be just trying to push the limits of power output [50watts], driver size and enclosure. If it works it works I guess.)

          Edit: The NS is the more recent model. That’s the one to get just for the after-sale support etc.


    No Amp, so how would I play music or sound from tv? Do i have to purchase separately?

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    Already showing as sold out

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    Get a pair of bookshelf speakers for surrounds then use the 2 ceiling speakers for atmos in a 5.1.2 setup.

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    I have these and they are amazing.

    To those looking note that these are home theater rather than music speakers. Reponse is very clear, sharp and linear, some people say flat (to me natural sound). I bought them for gaming and perfect for that. My old speakers were more for music with OTT bass and loud.

    These sound natural, i play games in stages with rain and people think its raining outside.

    I paid that price for fronts only!

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    Sounds like buying this will bring me prosperity


    Ceiling speakers instead of rears, would make it a 7.1 without the rear’s.
    5.1 while technically correct in this case, is typically fronts / rears / centre / sub.

    For those who purchased who are looking for matching series rear bookshelf’s,
    check out this deal on a pair of NS-333’s.


      Or it'd be a 3.1.2 if you fed your receiver an atmos signal and it had nothing plugged into rear surrounds. But don't know anyone that'd do that :P


        Oops. Yes ‘ceiling speakers’ your numbers are correct 5.1.2, without the rear’s.
        Anyhow it’s an incomplete system (or ideal for those with just a pair of NS-333’s).


          for sure, I do find it an odd package to offer. I have the NSIC600's and they work great in my Atmos setup.


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