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RHA MA390 Earbuds $46.51 + Delivery (Free with Prime and $49 Spend) @ Amazon US via AU


After lots of research I bought some earbuds/earphones/headphones (wtf is the go with all the terms for the same things?!) anyway and these were constantly rated as the best under $100 headphones, and for less than half that.

Since using them I can’t believer how good they are. I’m not an audiophile (or any other type of *.phile) but these sound amazing. I took the advice of the guys at sound guys and got the memory foam tips too.

Apparently this RHA brand is big in the US and Europe. Glad I took the punt.

Oh and there’s a three year warranty. Impressive.

Hope it helps someone.


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    Never heard of these before, but for this price you can also buy a pair of Tin Audio T2s which I can really recommend. Many good reviews on it and cable is MMCX


    Unit Price: A$46.51
    FREE international delivery on Prime International orders over $49, otherwise postage payable

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    Bought a MA750 from these guys before, they have great service if there are any issues.


      Yeah reading the reviews (4.5 star with over 100 reviews) they’re very well liked.

      I hope warranty is handled through Amazon. I’m sure it will as per ACL.

      How much did u pay for your 750s?

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        bought it 4 years ago off amazon US for about 180 aud

        I had to claim warranty for part of the cable fraying at the connection to the remote, RHA handled my warranty claim and sent me a replacement pair after I sent them photos no questions asked, no return required.

        They even sent me a free case a while later when I enquired about where to purchase one ~ it was only sold in the UK off their website at the time. They were very pleasant to deal with.

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    Hey op, headphones usually means on ear or over ear cans, but is also a generic term including buds when used by non-enthusiasts. Earbuds usually means something that sits in the pina but not the ear canal, whereas those which sit deeper ie within the ear canal are called canalphones.

    At least, that's what I have gathered from my experience.

    Happy to be downvoted into oblivion if the masses disagree.


      Thanks man. Good info. Have a plus vote

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      Always thought ‘earbuds’ was a take on ‘cotton buds’ therefore meant earphones that sit inside the ear canal.
      After a quick search online it seems they are all technically ‘Headphones’ but those which sit inside the ‘pina’ as you said are referred to as ‘earphones’ and ‘earbuds’.
      And it seems those which sit inside the canal often include ‘in-ear’ within their product description.
      (i.e. ‘in-ear Headphones’ or ‘in-ear earphones’.

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    The negative points on soundguys review:

    • cable tangles easily
    • microphonics (which annoys the hell out of me and likely others while walking or accidentally brushing the cable, so keep that in mind).

      What are miceophonics? I don’t get that bit?!

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        Microphonics:transmittance of mechanical vibrations through an electrical component. Basically the annoying rustling sound you get when your earphone/IEM cable rubs along a surface eg. shirt.

        For IEM this is a big issue as the rustling noise is amplified like a stethoscope.


    I have rha t10i which I absolutely love. They have a 3 year warranty and I got them replaced almost at the end of it no questions asked.

    I havent tried these ones but I definitely recommend the company.


    Is there a wireless equivalent or version for the Tin Audio T2? They look the goods, but I want wireless.
    I have some Bose over the ear models for plane trips, but want some small ones as well.


    These are very good. Great price. Relatively unknown brand in Australia. I prefer Audio Technica ATHLS50IS under 100$ any day though. They sound so good.


      Will look them up. Seems like there are a heap of brands making good affordable earbuds who don’t bother with the Australian market


      Btw not a big fan of those big things sitting in my ears. Thanks though

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