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[PS4, XB1] Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - $59 Delivered @ Amazon AU / C&C or + Delivery @ BIG W


Amazon has price matched BiG W. 6% cashback from shopback if purchasing through Amazon or 5% with cash rewards









Metacritic Review :82


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    would JB or Ebgame price match?

    • They should. I've done it a few times.

      • +5

        On an unrelated note, I'd try to price match and/or buy from local retailer wherever possible.
        I've noticed that Amazon almost never ever drop price on their own unless price-matching a local retailer.
        If retailers stop stocking these games, then we'll be in a bit of trouble.

    • I have not seen any push backs from JB unless its on clearance

      • +2

        I forgot we live in the age that launching underdone games and fixing them 6 months later is acceptable.

        • +2

          We live in an age where it's so bad that EA, without a hint of irony, tweeted out a congratulations to itself for making a single player Star Wars game without micro transactions.

  • I got this for free with a graphics card but not installed it yet - is it basically a third person shooter? That wouldn't normally be my cup of tea but it's got good reviews and looks good.

    • -1

      Sell the code before it's worthless.

    • +2

      It’s a looter shooter.

  • I keep wanting to buy it, but it just doesn’t seem they much different to the division 1 in terms of mechanics. I’m sure it’s a lot more polished and the reviews are obviously really positive. For those who played the first, is it really worth it?

    Tossing whether to just play destiny 2 forsaken.

    • It's similar in style and mechanics but far more polished. It honestly leaves Destiny 2 for dead.

    • Played Div1 extensively, and really enjoying Div2. 86 hrs in so far and at endgame (pre raid). Great fun.

  • I want to buy this but my back catalog needs a churn and Ubisoft games have a habit of dropping like a stone. Played the first a lot but on PC though

    • +2

      It dropped like 4 days after release…

      Nothing seems to beat apex/fortnite/realm/paladins/pubg

      It seems like any game that costs money that's over M rated flops instantly.. even world war z.

      The era we now live in…

      • Yeah it’s a bit of a double edged sword with a game like this too. On the one hand a lot can be done solo like the first (I assume here) but late game really pushes co-op and if it’s near empty…

        That’s why anything online and shooter these days I sadly look toward console as the pc release will be baron a year down the line… (more likely a couple months these days) Like BFV was bustling right up until the end of Jan, stopped for a bit and then hopped back on late Feb and barely anyone on/few servers.

      • These games are aimed at kids who's parents won't buy them every game. The business model is insidious.

      • I don't think this game has flopped.

  • division 1 for me was, each enemy required several hundred bullets before they died

    if division 2 is the same, ill pass

    • https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/world-news/us-forced...

      250000 rounds per insurgent in the war on terra.

    • I feel ya. I was the same, wasn't enjoying for throwing bullets at the spongers. And also the requirements for obtaining high end gears exclusively in DZ puts me off.

      But in TD2, ain't no more. Been playing over 100 hrs as solo 100%. Enjoying the PVE grinds albeit its exhausts me that I'd loses my sleeps lately. Can't get away from this crack lol.

  • Why doesn't the PC version ever come on sale?

  • +2

    *** WARNING: ***

    Matchmaking for this game has been broken in Australia across all platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox) for weeks. All Aussie players who use matchmaking are 100% of the time sent to the Asia servers instead. This was introduced in a recent patch and there are multiple reports of this on the game's subreddit and on Ubisoft's forums which have all been ignored to date.

    It's ok if you plan to play entirely solo or if you have a fixed group of friends to play with because in these cases you can stay on the Australian servers.

    As soon as you want to group up for anything else, you'll have to use matchmaking which means playing on the Asia servers with 250ms ping and language barriers. The lag alone makes it almost unplayable.

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