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40% off Celestron Nexstar 6SE Telescope $1079.99 (Was $1799.99) @ Australian Geographic


Very cheap. Other telescopes also 40% off.

The Celestron NexStar 6SE is great for deep space viewing and astrophotography, and for beginners and experts alike.

150mm (6") Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope
1500mm focal length
Computerised alt-azimuth mount
f/10 focal ratio
25mm (60x) eyepiece
2 year warranty
Celestron Item # 11068

You can stack it with the eBay 10% cashback deal + 7% off (eBay PRESS coupon) + ShopBack Ozbargain exclusive ($2 off). I'm a new ShopBack member so also got the $11 sign up bonus. Brought the overall price down to $890, free shipping (pending all the cashbacks of course).
Thanks https://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/143709

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  • Beware!! This is an old model of the Nexstar, don’t expect to see anything more than a tiny Saturn.

    • What would be a better version?

    • Any recommendations for one in a similar price range that would be superior/more recent?

      • It doubtful that the new version would suddenly give you a large saturn with the same optics configuration. More likely its got integrated wifi connector so you can control it with your ipad. Eg secondary features. Worth being aware of but not neccessary a deal breaker.

        This is a very solid telescope I wuoldnt dismiss it.
        Small limitation is that it is using a AZ mount which means its fine for observation but not for deep sky photography. On the plus this mount has a goto controller which is quite neat so you can plug in a star your looking for and it will show it to you. (providing you manually calibrate to begin with of course).

        This telescope would be great for beginners interested in observing moon, planets larger nebula's. You could see the moons on jupiter and jupiter as a smallish dot (same with Saturn). You should be able to see saturns rings. but no detail on them.

    • Beware!! This is an old model of the Nexstar, don’t expect to see anything more than a tiny Saturn.

      Firstly it isn't an older model, it's still current. Also you get what you pay for and how much you want to invest. Yeah, if you want to see a BIG Saturn you pay BIG dollars. It's still a hobbyist telescope but is still good and you will get a clear picture of Saturn and many many other celestial objects

    • I have virtually no knowledge in astronomy, I went to an observatory at Dubbo NSW last year, viewing through one of their much larger telescopes in its own observatory, the Saturn appeared tiny. So you say you can still see a tiny Saturn with this Celestron telescope, hey that's not too bad at all I reckon.

      • This scope is better for deep space objects (DSOs), as is mentioned in the description.

        For cheaper (than this style or other style Scopes) planetary viewing you will want a Dobsonian scope.

        • Like the Blackhole?

          • @edfoo: The Black hole shown recently was part of m87. It's part of the Markarians chain.

            Here is a photo taken of Markarians chain with this telescope:


            So, in a way, yes.

            But also in another way, take a photo of the sky anywhere there's going to be a black hole in it… Your just won't see it, but it'll be there.

            • @teereb: You know I was just kidding of course.
              Anyway that picture in that your link is actually quite impressive from this telescope.

              • @edfoo: Haha, yeah. I figured you were, but thought why not give a some what relevant and informative answer.

                As far as beginner scopes go, it's good. Not too deep a dive into Astro viewing, before it becomes out of hand expensive.

                Have a mate who's tripod was about $30,000…

    • You will not see anything different in a newer model 6" sct scope.. Optical design in scopes has barely changed for a century.

  • just checked the historical cheapest was $499 usd at us amazon IN 2014!

    • so good deal or not

      • Good deal for Australia
        telescopes are hideously expensive here.
        I bought mine back from the US at 1/3 the price of Australia but it was a total pain (imagine trying to bring an 8 inch CST as hand luggage and having american airlines trying to put it in cargo at each step of the journey) then having your tripod lost and getting it backweeks later.

        • Yes, sadly its not equipment you want in checked baggage… and they're mostly too big for hand carry…

          It has never ever been close to $499USD here.

          I bought one second hand about 3 years ago for $900!

  • Still listed as current on the Celestron website and that price is a lot lower than other retailers I had been looking at.

    Seems okay as a good quality entry telescope, although by the reviews you would need to spend money on a power pack for an extended viewing session and other accessories if you wanted to take pics.

    Big question is would I really use it if I had to take it away from street lights to get a reasonable view? I suspect the interest would wane quickly, so even at this price I hesitate.

    • My dad has this, it folds up super easy. I could fit it into the boot of an mx-5

    • You can get a car adapter or ac adapter if using at home. You can also hook it up to a generic battery at a fraction of the cost. I did

    • I suspect the interest would wane quickly, so even at this price I hesitate.

      Absolutely. Go to club meets for a while to see if you really need to own one yourself.

  • I bought this shipped from the US 7 years ago. I think it cost me around $8-900 at the time, dollar was a lot better then.

    Used it heaps for a few months, now it comes out like once or twice a year. I'm still glad I've got it though. I always spend a couple of hours when I do use it.

    Saturn is incredible, I have seen the shadow of the rings on the planet. Jupiter you can see the moons plus the spot on the surface. The moon (earth's) detail is incredible.

    I've got nothing to compare it too, but you have to be realistic, it's not the Hubble.

  • Nice, almost in line with US price.

  • Can I see Uranus with this?

  • Good deal. Hope Australian Geographic will do 40% off on 8SE in the near future.

  • +13 votes

    For those interested difference between going to an 8 inch here are a couple of photos off my 8 Inch Celestron (little higher model with clarity around the edge than the 8SE)
    (With fixed SLR)

    Using a phone through an eye piece so probably closer to the 6 inch with a clarity hit.
    They look good. Single shot photos (you can do a lot better with photostacking).

    For example here is an image from the 6SE using photostacking
    These are not easy so this is probably an unrealistic image quality for a home user.

    Here is a single shot from a Celestron 6SE as a more realistic shot from this telescope.
    You can see the 8 Inch does make a clarity improvement

    Overall I think this is a good deal for the telescope in Australia.

  • how abt 8se

  • I know nothing about telescopes, but would like to have a look at the moon, mars, Venus, anything else that can be seen with not much effort.

    Plenty of telescopes of eBay for $100-$200. Complete waste of time or would do the job?

  • Some digital cameras can do the same things like telescopes you can also see planets wither the right zoom.
    I recommended Nikon p1000.

    • which one are you talking abt the only object I can see is moon by using my 60d with EF 300mm lens( about 480mm since 60d is APC-s)

    • Lol so you are suggesting to spend more than $1500(plus lenses) on a camera to do the job of a $1000 telescope?

    • Not really the same. A telescope has a much bigger light gathering ability so you can distinguish more detail. Unless you have a 1500mm focal length on your camera with the same light gather ability your not going to get close to even the 6se. So even if the aperature is the same (eg with a multiplyer) you willl need to change the fstop back several stops to get the light. Then to top it off the camera's ccd would be limited in the arc width it can get, i suspect if you do the math you will find you have to expose for longer with less angle visible to get a similar shot. (the longer times will fo course cause issues with star movement unless you have a EQ mount with a star tracker doing corrections).

  • Love to have but can't afford it :(

  • Anyone looking for a great bang for buck telescope you can't go past something like an 8-10" Sky-watcher or Bintel dobsonian which can be had for around $550 for 8" and $800 for 10". You'll get better views than with the telescope listed in the original post simply because of its larger diameter which catches more light. I've got two 10" with half a dozen quality eyepieces and it's been a blast the past 4 years I've been viewing.

    Contact Astro Pete and Bintel for deals and for advice.

    Astro Pete: http://www.astroanarchy.com.au
    Bintel: https://www.bintel.com.au

    • Does your wife prefer the 8" or 10"? Asking for a friend.

    • I have an 8" skywatcher dobsonian. It's way bigger than it sounds (that's what she said!). To put it into perspective, the tube won't fit in the boot of my car, and takes up the entire back seat (and that's the tube, not including the stand!). Plus it's pretty heavy and hard to move around. I probably should have gotten a collapsible dobsonian!

      • But it's only 112cm long, your car boot must be small. Are there any disadvantages to the collapsible version in terms of performance?

  • I just came here for comments…

  • What’s a good one if any that you can see good detail of Saturn without going stupid price.I’m guessing you won’t see much past Saturn?

    Also have the ability to use iPhone/ iPad. Auto find planets etc and take photos using iPad etc

  • Hi All, I know little to nothing about telescopes and wanting something to look at the moon/stars/planets from Rye (mornington peninsula in victoria). I read some comments about people taking these to very dark locations away from city lights. Is the peninsula a dark enough environment or would I need to take it inland?
    In order to take photos, do you need to purchase any additional mounts or anything with this model?
    Thanks all!

  • Apart from Saturn, can I see the Venus next door so I dont have to climb trees all the time?

  • FYI

    Same price but currently 10% cash back so drops the price under $1k

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