expired Sleeping Bag Adult $8.75 (Was $35) / Kids $7 (Was $28), 80cm Plush Bunny $7.50 @ Woolworths


Sleeping bag for sale from Woolworths while stocks last.
Adult and kid style.

Easter 80cm Plush Bunny $7.50

Shopback's deal for $5 WWS gift card (Get $2.25 discount back)

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    Sadly can't find the adult sleeping bag you're talking about :(


    Impossible to find at my local Woolworths


    Deal Link & Description link are both to Plush Bunny.
    Searching "sleeping bag" returns tea & ear plugs!
    How about links to sleeping bags!

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    Forget to add it to the link when adding the bunny to the title.
    Fix it now.


    🐇Change store location if shows not available🐰

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    Would be handy to keep warm in winter, on the couch or wherever. Should pay for itself in reduced heating costs. Note: these SB look thin.

    But, in great OzBargain tradition, am searching for something I don't need - but the price is right.
    Have so many sleeping bags in storage - from basic but better ones like this to down ones I've slept in, in snow conditions while hiking mountains…

    Given a few more comfortable SB away to people sleeping rough. Were appreciated on cold nights.


    Easter Sleeping Bag Adult Teal or Grey
    $8.75 Was $35.00 SAVE $26.25

    Easter Sleeping Bag Kids Pink or Grey
    $7 Was $28.00 SAVE $21.00

    What's EASTER got to do with sleeping bags?
    They look thin & uncomfortable - are we doing penance?
    (Usually religious punishment inflicted on oneself as an outward expression of repentance for wrongdoing… - in some Christian communities at Easter!)

    Doing Penance for Easter - who needs a sleeping bag😱


      Have you bought it?


        No. Convinced myself I don't need another sleeping bag😉

        Realised I've got too many sleeping bags, despite giving some out to homeless.

        Only going by the photos for assumed comfort level. Would be good enough around the house, especially for kids. Add a foam or better mat underneath to make it more comfortable & warm.

        Assume the Easter link to sleeping bags is this is a popular camping time. As weather cools, these would be less suitable for camping. So being cleared out cheap.


    Man, that bunny looks plush…..


    Ordered two adults two kids’. See if I have any luck this time


    Whats going on with having no descripyion for the goods? No size, information on materials, nothing besides a photo and a title.

    Ok at least if you zoom in on the second thumbnail it says that it's all polyester


    Sleeping bags not showing up anymore in the search.


    absolute a bear with two rabbit ears add on

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