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ShopBack $2 Bonus Cashback on Woolworths Gift Cards


Finally an extra bonus when buying Woolworths Gift cards, on top of the usual 5% discount. Applies to Woolworths WISH gift cards of any value. Today only.

* To qualify for the $2 Cashback Bonus, you must purchase a WISH gift card of any face value from Woolworths Gift Cards between 20 Apr 2019 12:00 AM - 20 Apr 2019 11:59 PM AEST through ShopBack.
* The $2 cashback bonus will be credited separately into your ShopBack account by 30 April.
Limited to one bonus per qualifying customer.
* Accounts that engage in fraudulent activities will be banned and ineligible for the bonus offer.
* Customers must redeem at least $10 confirmed Cashback from general purchases in his/her Cashback account to withdraw the $2 Cashback Bonus.

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$5 for referrer and $5 for referee with $20 referee purchase.

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  • Thanks OP! purchased a minimum face value - $5, got $2.25 discount in total lol

    • I thought about doing the same, but thought I use 100 a week anyway so went for the $100. Smaller % discount but just makes more sense

      • There was 10% off ewish GC on ebay Spain a few days ago
        stocked a few already :)

        • I haven’t gotten into the whole international eBay discount scheme. I feel like it seems too complicated for my little brain, with the new account and translating of language and fake address etc…

          • @cloudy: True, but there is a 10% or 15% off offer every 3 months
            including ebay GC, JB hifi, uber etc
            say if I save $150 each time, 4 times a year, that's $600, mate ;)

            • @Taneda1988: Hi there. My puny brain would like to know how you keep track of these deals and also, are these your standard wish e gift card or those ebay ones that are only good if you spend the whole amount on an online shop (not in store). Thanks.

              • @maruko: just visit ozbargain every day, or every hour? lol
                they are the same as any other e wish GC, they email it to you
                can be used instore, track it in your Woolies Money app etc

            • @Taneda1988: Yea that’s cool, I would only spend around 500 each year in those things I think, plus I can also get them discounted other ways, not by 15% but by 5-10%, so effective saving for me is about 25-50 bucks extra, so not really much compared to you.

              If you save 600, using this instead of normal discount gc you would probably be spending close to $6000. Goes to show the more you spend the more you can save :)

        • It was not announced on OzBargain?

        • So if you see an e-gift card on EBay, how do you know it isn’t fake? And why is EBay Spain selling woolies gift cards?

  • Says payments can't be authorised.with both my credit and debit card. I use both cards no problem at all with other websites.

  • Grabbed another egift card, they don't expire

  • Link in the shopback app not working just looping

  • so if i buy $100x5 cards i get $10 free and no other fees or anything?

  • Is the min value confirmed $5 or $50?

  • Mobile site is TERRIBLE

    Plus link to giftcards doesn't work

  • I've clicked through and received my eGift card, but still no tracking from shopback. I only bought $5 face value which is the minimum according gift card website.

    • same here - hope it works

    • I think the tracking takes up to 48 hours

    • +2 votes

      This is a manual bonus which will be done by 30 April as quoted in the terms and conditions of the offer.

      • I don't have the click for woolworths giftcard in my 'Cashback Overview' but it is in my click history. My previous order had $0.00 as I've already received the discount when I bought it but I don't have one from today.

  • Purchased a $5 dollar gift card for maximum value haha
    Thanks OP!

  • Does it stack with $2 Bonus Cashback with Any Purchase* for All Users?

  • Seriously I wouldn't # around for $2 for a $5 gift card . What checkout , email , store number and using .
    What do you value your time at ?

    For me it ok normal purchase and gain the extra .5% to 1% .

    • It took me as long to purchase my gift card as it probably took for you write your post. Difference I get $2 for my time.

      • What gamemaster said. It took me just under 60 seconds from link click through to getting an order number.

        $120/hour is not an unreasonable return on time..

    • Some people value their time differently.

      Also.for some like me, getting a $2 cashback And finding a huge % bargain has become a bit of hobby.

      Most hobbys earn you ZERO

    • ah you are not in NSW. in NSW we can use ww giftcard to top up opal card (like myki). so, 5% off your everyday transportation, not bad

      • How do you top up opal card with gift card?

        • You literally just pay with egiftcard instead of cash for the opal top up

          You can also use Flybuys dollars to pay for opal top ups at selected Coles supermarkets. You need the physical card though for the magnetic strip.

    • We buy discounted eGC regularly on that website, we don't need to fill our details in each time
      So to us, it's a $2 bonus for less than 30 sec on top of our regular savings, Cheers

  • Times must be tough :)
    152 + (at the time of commenting) for savings of $2

    • In the time it took to compose that piece of Witty Repertoire
      Someone made $2.00

      • You obviously havent seen some of the maccas hacks

        $2 could feed a family for weeks

        Youd probably die of maccas bun poisoning!

  • Got one for the $5 guys to save genuinely 40% on fuel , you guys want it ?

  • It doesn't specifically state e-gift card… Just gift card.. are e-gift cards eligible?

  • cool. first time using SB to buy this, usually just go with CR.

  • For the $5 guys : Go to any petrol station put in 7 c of fuel rounded down to 5 c to pay . Might hep youse LOL . Might be concerning for most though if you have any value on your time .

    • If I purchase a $5 item from Woolies with a gift card, how is that any different if it's a $5 or $100 e-gift card? It takes the same time at the checkout regardless of amount on the e-gift card.

  • Also last note don't forget to use your Wish Card at suitable outlets to make it 4.75 cents :)

  • is this the same as this one or different one??

    Are they stackable if different promotion??

    • Different promotions. Previous deal's T&Cs stated woolies gift card purchase not valid for bonus..so stackable.

  • Is the woolworth egiftcard valid?

    • eGift is valid. If it's a particular gift card we will call out "eGift Card" or "Physical Card" and mention whichever one is excluded.

  • Anyone received the gift card yet. I ordered at 7 am still haven't received it not even the invoice. Normally I buy from CR, they deliver 3,4 hours.

    • This sounds like the first time you've transacted at Woolworths Gift Cards through ShopBack.

      Because of that you're treated as a new customer by them and you'll go through some security checks before they release your gift card to you.

    • I ordered it this evening and received my invoice straightaway. Still waiting for the gift card.

  • Am still waiting as well. Ordered around 12pm, they usually come through within 2 hours. Guess no shopping for me today!

  • I ordered at 6pm last night, I am still waiting for my invoice and gift card. Even this is my first time transacted at Woolworths Gift Cards through ShopBack, I personally think it should not take so long.

    • It seems the security checks are manual and as a result of the long weekend it's going to take a bit longer than usual.

  • Has anyone received an email from Shopback to let them know that they will receiving the cashback? I have received my gift card and Shopback click history shows Woolworths Gift Cards.

  • How long will it take for the $2 to appear in Cashback Activity of my ShopBack account and for me to receive the confirmation e-mail? 30/4/2019? An eBay purchase on 21/4/2019 has tracked with Pending status but there is no sign of the Bonus $2 from the Woolworths gift card purchase on 20/4/2019. Click Activity only shows Clicked status.

  • I am still waiting for my e-gift card. The gift card was purchased on the 20 April at 6pm. It has been taking far too long. That never happened to me which I used Cash Rewards to purchase it.

  • I am still waiting for my e-gift card.I have sent an email to Woolworths gift card section.
    I will not transact Woolworths's e-gift card via shop back again. Cash rewards is safer.

  • Finally I have received the e-gift card after contacting woolworths via a few emails. Woolworths asked me to answer many questions. Then I have to follow up with woolworths again before they sent me the egift card.

    In the future, I will use NRMA or Cash Rewards to purchase the e-gift card.

  • no woolies egift received yet. how long more to wait? Almost every cashback or purchases via shopback may have some issue along and need follow ups.

    • Sent an email to [email protected]
      That was what I did to get my e-gift card. They will replied to you and asked you to provide many informations. Then again you have to follow up to ask Woolworths to manually send you the e-gift card.
      Never again purchase e-gift card via shop back.

  • My $2 has tracked

  • +2 votes

    Just an update here - the $2 bonuses have now been credited to all eligible accounts.

    • Hi Rep, my bonus is still shown as Pending even though I've earned more than $10 confirmed cashback on my account. Do I still need to wait longer?

      Below from my shopback activity:
      Pending: Redeem your bonus
      Congrats! You've qualified for your bonus and it has been added to your Pending Earnings. It will move to your Available Balance 5 days after you:
      Earn $10 confirmed cashback from purchases

  • Hi Rep,I went through a lot of hussel to purchase the Woolworths e-gift via shop back. You can see all my comments posted above.
    My $2 has tracked, but still "pending" in my account.
    My understanding is $2 cashback bonus will be credited separately into your ShopBack account by 30 April.

  • Damn i missed this… and I need some woolworth discount now…

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