Connecting Logitech Z623 to Samsung UA55KU6000W

Hi Guys,

If anyone know how to connect my speakers to tv.

Speakers has RCA,and 3.5mm

Tv has PB PR AND Y,L,R AND Hdmi and Digital Audio opt options.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thank you



    connect your RCA to L/R


      Trid that but it is not working. Thanks

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        You need a digital to analogue converter of course. Not just the cable, i probably should of said so, i thought it was obvious.

        make sure its an output and not an input too.

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    Is there a facility in the TV settings to select external speakers?

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    As far as I know I don't think it can be done with what you have. The only audio OUT option you have on the TV is the digital one which sends sound OUT to receivers etc.

    The L/R option is an audio IN, which allows old devices like DVD players, VCR, 'retro' gaming consoles to send an analogue sound signal IN to the TV.

    If the TV had a headphone jack you'd be able to connect via 3.5mm but unless you get some adapter to go from RCA to digital (optical) you're probably out of luck.

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    I read the manual for you, looks like your smart tv out of the box only accepts HDMI (ARC) and Digital Audio Out (Optical).
    Physical diagram
    But it can connect to a bluetooth speaker.
    What is/how old is your speaker? Is it a really good one? Seeing it only has RCA and 3.5mm, it's probably an old one, the TV most likely has better audio output than your speaker.
    Note that you can only have 1 audio output when connected, either TV alone or speaker alone.
    Your options:
    1) You can use this Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver to make your speaker wireless then connect via Bluetooth to your TV
    2) RCA analogue to digital stereo converter and TOSLINK cable

    EDIT: Oh there's this too! Sasuga OzB!


      Thank you very much for your efforts. I just bought that converter. Hope it will work. I have Logitech Z623. They are good speakers but I guess does not have much option to connect. I don't have much knowledge with this sort of things which is another issue. I really appreciate your help. Thank you.


    Suprised that tv doesn't have a 3.5 audio out.

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