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[VIC] Bananas $0.58/kg @ Coles (Broadmeadows)


Cheap bananas at Coles Broadmeadows, get them while they last.

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    They look bent

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    get them while they last

    Looks like insufficient quantity at time photo was taken😉

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      There's still some on the other side.

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        Just saw that on right of photo - but still little stock given that low price. Will sell fast. Of course, they may restock.

        Best to put what time photo was taken📷
        So those making a special trip aren't disappointed. Sometimes a photo may be taken a long before posting deal.


      What's the ruling on stuff like this? 10kg, 10 banana, or 10 transactions? If you put half a banana in a bag you could still go through checkout, just like people who snap off bits of broccoli heads.


        Well I purchased about 10kg no problem.


        Unknown with items like fruit.
        Things like TVs - 10.

        Purchases vary. Expect would be enough (more to right of photo) to make at least 10 normal purchases of about 1kg. But at this price - why stop at 1kg! OP didn't.

        If you have a lot of kids & this price is very cheap - someone might want to grab the lot & freeze them for smoothies etc.
        I have chopped banana in the freezer from the bananas growing in the garden🍌

        So knowing if they're restocking shelves & when photo was taken is handy before rushing out to buy. There have been deals posted hours after photo was taken with no stock at time of posting.

        Don't think they'd be at all happy if you chopped a banana in half, as you've damaged the stock which has to be thrown out. But breaking a bunch to smaller number of bananas would be ok, as it's still saleable. (I sometimes break off the woody stem of broccoli.)


      More than 10 :-p

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    The price is bananas!

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    At least these look healthy.
    Lately Adelaide grocers have been dishing out the dregs of the freezer.
    Sickly pale Renault 12 coloured bananas.
    Not green, not yellow, not ripe, not tastey.

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    $2 for a box of 13-15 kg at Henrys Mercato in Stud Park Rowville today. Last Wednesday it was $1 for a box.


    If it's this cheap at Coles, then I'd look around for the local fruit/veg grocer, as they'd probably selling for even cheaper. Case in point: just today, my Coles had bananas for $2/kg, whereas the grocer had them for 79c/kg.


    lalor 49cents every day - fruit shop


    Usually anything the fruit shops have for cents on the dollar have hours on the days for time before spoilt.

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    Support australian farmers, buy from coles.

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    This price will likely be due to an over-ordering mistake at 1 store. So remaining stock needs to be cleared asap.
    Selling at low price usually works to help cover costs & better than paying for dumping, or making the decision & arranging for pickup by services like Ozharvest.

    There is no sign this is a store specific promotion (new store opening, undercutting local completion, etc) which would warrant the low price. The price indicates they must have a major problem.

    Having run food recovery (agreement to remove good but oversupply perishables from supermarkets), time is of the essence in this type of deal. It's always trying to beat the next delivery that needs that space out the back.
    (Ran free food service from those supplies, feeding many who needed a bit of help.)

    Usually the supermarket is expecting deliveries & needs to shed cheap perishable product to make room (possibly in limited coldroom).
    In retail - floor space "real estate" is expensive, & cheap bananas takes up a lot of space. If the bananas need to be removed from cold storage to free space there, they need to be sold fast!

    So the price is temporally dropped to clear some stock. Once the overstock is dealt with, the normal price is restored. So, not all remaining stock needs to be cleared at this price.

    So surprised this deal is still up. Despite a large number of upvotes, no one has reported back about their experience. OP unfortunately did not check with staff if supplies would be restocked or when price reduction would end. Only suggestion was "get them while they last". In my experience, that may only last minutes.

    (In the past, was going to post a great clearance deal with good level of stock at local Woolies, sat outside & wrote the deal, went back to get an up to date photo - all stock gone within 10 minutes! Confirmed no more with staff😢 Learnt from that experience.)

    Visiting Ozharvest one afternoon to discuss logistics, they had over 1 tonne of frozen deserts to collect by that evening from an unnamed supermarket distribution centre. The centre had run out of freezer space & the cheap deserts were the most cost effective product to shed! I offered to help eat some…

    That is a major operation! In the past the product would have been dumped. This way it is a handy "donation" & tax write off. But the nutritional value of that product is not ideal for the end recipients!

    I also grew fruit on my farm. As a small producer, the price available at the markets what terrible. So I sold fruit into factories with my own team of unemployed. It has many benefits to all involved.

    They also harvested end of season fruit free on farms (uneconomic for farmers to pay pickers given the low fruit prices), lowering the need & cost of sprays for farmers, provided good cheap fresh fruit to our customers, and generating an income for all of us.

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      In retail - floor space "real estate" is expensive, & cheap bananas takes up a lot of space. If the bananas need to be removed from cold storage to free space there, they need to be sold fast!

      A good read and mostly on point, but bananas aren't stored in cold storage, they're an ambient pallet line and the best thing about produce is depending on store location is that farmers will collect produce waste for free (pig farmers of example).

      But yes they'd want to get something for them as throwing them out looks bad, not so much on store image but department managers who have to answer for they're stockloss and part of yearly bonus' are tied to stockloss figures.

      My guess is they were oversupplied on thursday delivery, they sat there friday with no sales (store closed) possibly didn't air stack them thursday night to avoid them sweating in the boxes and now unless they move them they'll start spotting.

      Its extremely likely this deal was done within the day it was posted.

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        Thanks for that correction.
        (Of course ripening bananas don't go in refrigeration.)
        Ah, yes - forgot about stock sitting over public holidays 📆
        It's been a while since I've been allowed out the back of supermarkets

        You certainly know the handling processes👍 Interesting that stock losses & manager's bonuses are tied! Good idea.

        I never sold bananas, or accepted them in food recovery due to the messy wastage & smells with over-ripe supplies. But grew, & still grow bananas, in small plots. Have a bunch of Lady Fingers ready for harvest outside my window. I mainly grew KP Mangoes & Guavas.

        Most fruit I sold from other farms arrived in bins, about 450kg at a time. I only sold 2 or 3 types at a time. That lack of choice ensured fast sales in factory areas.

        As I didn't have cold storage, all fruit (up to 6T/d) was sold the day it arrived. So different logistics & storage to supermarkets.

        Loved the smell of tonnes of ripe organic apricots in the morning. I didn't want to part with them.

        Visiting NZ years ago, I was surprised everyone seemed to have their favourite banana bread recipe. Found that bananas were loaded almost ripe on boats from islands to the North & arrived almost black. So wastage was avoided & I enjoyed sampling banana bread🍌

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      " But the nutritional value of that product i"

      The center I volunteer at gets deliveries. OzHarvest have moved to a "healthy" model. Guests are bemoaning the loss of chocolate donuts, but the Parish Creek delights are most welcome

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        Happy to read that. I did question them about the usefullness of providing that type of food.

        I trained with a nutritional Dr who considered removal of all sweet treats was a necessary first step to get people well. It was a very hard task - which failed.

        I set up my fruit business to provide work & divert fresh fruit to those who really could do with nutritious food, but didn't consider it a priority. All profits went to community projects. But, the metho drinkers in the park seemed more interested in adding the oranges to their drinks😢


      Thanks for you input, and I went to the same store the next day. The price was 2$ / kg so I guess you could be right.

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