expired Macpac Easter Sale 20%-50% off (eg Uber Hooded down Jacket Mens $100 Delivered) @ Macpac


Happy Easter all - Macpac have an Easter sale on 20-50% off storewide

Easter sale link here

$15 (RRP $39.99) Thermals here

Personally I like this jacket more than the Halo which I find too hot

All sizes and colours - Mens/Womens available although Womens are $95 so you have to also pay for shipping if cart total is under $100


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    Halo is weird indeed. The arm length makes it seem that it was made for guerrillas.

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      "…a guerrilla is someone who belongs to a group of independent fighters."

      Nothing worse than getting cold wrists in the middle of battle.

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    Great find OP. These are far more appropriate for our climate!


    Can someone explain the difference in "filled duck down standard" please? The halo is 600 down and this one is 650 down. Also, seeing a jacket on Giordano which is 90% down. Thanks.

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      Down is what you get when ducklings and cygnets are all fluffy.

      When looking at a down item, there are two main points to consider: down loft and weight.

      The loft of down is how compressible it is, and is basically a warmth to weight ratio. 800 loft down, assuming all other factors are equal, will be warmer than 600 loft. It is measured by seeing how many inches an ounce of down will fill. One oz of 600 fill down can fill 600 cubic inches, where one oz of 800 will fill 800 cubic inches.

      The fill weight of down is how much down they actually use in the garment. This is important to know because a high fill down jacket of low loft will be warmer than a low fill jacket of high loft. A rough translation is that loft is the quality of down, and fill weight is how much they actually put in. Some companies are quite hesitant to put on their fill weight and will only put on the quality, which can be misleading if you can't see or try them on.

      An 800 loft down jacket will not necessarily be warmer than 600 loft if it has less filling. If, however, they both had the same fill weight in - than the 800 loft would be warmer.

      Does that make sense?

      I believe the 90% one means it will be at least 90% down, and the remaining 10% is likely to be feathers.


        Thanks mate. Appreciate it.

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          And just to use an example:

          Uber Hooded Down Jacket - 79g of 650 loft RDS duck down
          Halo Down Jacket - 205 g (size M) of 600 loft Responsible Down Standard (RDS) duck down

          In other words: even though the quality of the Uber is slightly better than the Halo, the Halo has 2.5 times the amount of down inside it. This means the Halo is likelier to be puffier but also warmer!

          Usually companies use high loft down for those "light down jackets" that are packable and tends to be used as a insulation layering layer for hiking/outdoors. Those with high fill tends to be those "puffy down jackets" that are big, chunky, but super warm.


            @Hamlet: Perfect, thanks.


            @Hamlet: does anyone know how to get the "weight down" for kathmandu's? I can't seems to find it, hence unable to do a comparison….

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            @Hamlet: The Halo is also packable.


            @Hamlet: I think 205g is the whole jacket weight, not the fill on its own. Outdoor/adventure clothing usually listed with weight for the hiking and camping people.

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              @reactor-au: I know where you are coming from but what Hamlet said is right. It is confusing though, they should make it clear what the 205g refers to, and separately list the total weight, because as you say, that is also very important for hiking. RE the Halo I've weighed mine and it is around 600g in total weight.

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                @Dan83: Found all the specs for the Uber jacket…

                Fill Power (cuin) 650
                Fill Weight (g) 79.6
                Weight (g) 290

                So roughly half the weight of the Halo for anyone that is interested.


    I read comments on the Halo Down Jacket, buying a size down was recommended. is that the case with this one too?


    Halo is good for warmth but light is perfect for not too cold or as inner jacket.

    We have both types

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    Do MACs have perpetual sales and do ppl think that the ACC should review these guys prices. The RRPs are highly inflated and then when they have sales it makes them sound more reasonable, but they still make a good margin on it I suspect. For the OP jacket, it seems ok but at $199 RRP seems way over the top and there are some pricey jackets at that shop.

    EG, Renault quote me $160 over the phone for OEM pair of front wipers. Then quickly mention I can have non-genuine ones for $80 installed. Sure you can always get cheaper, but I went to Repco and found non-genuine ones for $40. Ok, I had to install them. It's like the old day of the lighting shops. The RRP are just made up and nowhere near a realistic price for them till sales come along.

    What I am trying to say is buy Macs now while on sale.

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      What I am trying to say is buy Macs now while on sale

      Most ozbargainers know this already.

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      What’s wrong with their pricing? Even at full price I’d rather pay $400 for a down jacket than $500 for a Balenciaga t-shirt!

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      The RRPs are highly inflated and then when they have sales it makes them sound more reasonable, but they still make a good margin on it I suspect.

      It’s called high Low pricing and yes they are still making good margin. Clothing has huge margin in retail, especially those that still use a high low pricing model.
      Every day low pricing (EDLP) strategies are starting to be used a lot more as consumers are smarter shoppers.
      Guy Russo implemented EDLP in Kmart as part of his strategy to save them and it worked perfectly for them.
      Believe it or not, Retailers that run a High Low pricing strategy still get sales at full price.

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    Shipping appears to be for $100 and below, so another item needed for the men’s jacket to get free shipping.

    This is a 79c hook:



    I already own a Superdry down jacket. But have an upvote from me as this is one of a few brand that carry XS size


    How do these run size wise? The wife is keen on one, just not sure if they're considered a tight / loose fit.. Any help would be appreciated for those that have purchased one previously. Thanks!!


    How do these compare against Patagonia or North Face?

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      They sell Patagonia also! Take a look!


      More options for down jackets. They have a lot of different types of down jackets, fit, design, long etc

      I think the quality is on par. It depends on which brand has the style you r looking for? I like TNF

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    Australia doesnt get cold enough to wear these -_- Looks ridiculous when people wear these when its 15 C outside

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      You must live up North and think that you speak for everyone. Down South near the bay it may be 15 C but the wind makes it feel like 8 C. Same goes for when it's 8 C.

      Love these, mainly for breaking the wind.


      -1 where I am this morning :)


      The Uber down is fine for Oz. It’s thin, warm n packable. The Uber packs smaller than a small umbrella, small enough to fit into a handbag.

      The Halo packs a bit bigger, maybe 1/3 sz of a sleeping bag n fits inti a back pack.

      It’s essential for travelling light! I wear on its own or as a mid layer under ski jackets for snow.

      You can get the cheaper at Uniqlo. Really worth it, we’ve had Halos for around 4yrs.

      Also recommend the vest.


        How would you compare the Uber Down with Uniqlo's Light Down Jacket/Hoodie in terms of warmth, durability, and packability? I've got a Uniqlo one and it's pretty good although it's not that durable.

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          Macpac quality is better. It’s in the details such as elasticated hood, elasticated waist which is quite important when it’s windy n the hood is actually useful instead of blowing away. Zipped pockets as well as 2 inner deep pockets.

          I got the uber light body warmer a few weeks ago n for I think $40 sale + 20% it’s a bargain. I wear it a lot. It packs very small.m. My only complaint is that the pockets are not fleece lined.

          Halo pockets is fleece lined. Very important when -20deg in Canada.

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    …is that Gore-Tex?


    Is the hood removable? I like to take it off when not needed.


    How would you guys compare Macpac to Kathmandu - in terms of their quality and durability? Kathmandu's Heli down jackets are also similar price atm.


    What's the sizing like for the thermals? I know you should size down on the halo jacket, but does the same go for the thermals?

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    Dammit, Rundle St store in Adelaide closed for Easter Sunday unlike the rest of the mall and Rundle St, but they're open again tomorrow for anyone buying in store!


    Still puffy and unflattering


    Would any of the uber jackets be ok for snow activities? Taking the kids for a bit of a play this year early in the snow season.


      Lightweight nylon shell with water repellent treatment to repel light rain

      As long as you're not rolling around in the snow continually they should be fine. I have a Macpac halo jacket I've taken to the snow a few times and it's been great. If you're running around in the snow, dodging snowballs etc you'll find yourself warming up very quickly while wearing one of these.


      Get the jackets that are water resistant . I believe most of the down jackets have light water resistance.

      It’s fine for wear in the snow. But if it is snowing then best to get 10000 rpm rated. My kids have both and if it’s warm they don’t even wear a jacket. It gets really hot skiing on the slopes. But if it’s snowing heavily, you will need good water proof clothing.

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    Would these be on par with the mountain designs 600 down jackets?


    Does this sale also apply In store? or is it online only? I was about to checkout when i noticed they use DHL. Would rather buy in store to save the hassle with dealing with DHL.


    Bought a Halo vest and backpack. Nice


    Is it just me or these jackets seem to be a bit shorter in overall length? I have a Kathmandu jacket and these seem like they wear shorter looking at the pictures? Can someone who owns both please advise on this?

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    Halo jacket with hood for $125 would be a good bargain. I missed it last time on sale:(


    delivered today


    Has anyone else not received shipping information or email regarding tracking?



    Has anyone tried out or have any comments on the macpac Mercury down jacket? It's for $125"….,any comments?

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