expired List & Sell 10 Items Free (No Insertion/Final Value Fees, for New / Lapsed Sellers) @ eBay


Was looking at an old account and found this at the bottom of the "Selling/Sold page" ( https://my.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MyEbay&gbh=1&Current... ). Worth taking a look for yourself.

Pay no Insertion Fees or Final Value Fees for any 10 items you list and make available for purchase in a single category during the Promotion Period.

Store subscribers are not eligible to participate in this offer.

The promotion only applies to listings in one category. If you add an additional category to your listings, Insertion Fees (and other applicable fees) will apply for the additional category.

This promotion only applies to single quantity listings.

T&Cs https://sellercentre.ebay.com.au/promo/103813

This offer is likely targeted towards accounts that haven't been selling in a while (12 months) or have never sold an item.

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    If feeBay decided not to offer you this, still login to your eBay account and check for other offers. My lesser used account was offered list and sell 3 items free.

    The weekend $1 FVF per item should be available to most people.

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    Worth noting that according to the T&C's:

    "This offer is only available to users who have never sold an item on eBay before or have not sold on eBay in over 12 months. Users who have previously sold on eBay within the last 12 months and eBay store subscribers are not eligible to participate."


      that is eBay's criteria for selecting you. If it appears in your "Promotional Offers" section, then you are eligible.


        Yes I know, but for those wondering if they're likely to have been targeted, or why their account wasn't targeted, this is useful to be aware of.


          Agreed. It is the same for me. I have a really old account that I haven't touched for years - feeBay also offered it. The offer was titled: Your eBay Free Selling Trial - Sell 10 items for free!

          Unfortunately, that account has a feedback of 1 and all my templates are on my main account. Anyway, I am happy with just 3 free ones this month (eBay seems to offer me 3 each month). Plus, the $1 weekend. Honestly, unless PayPal also waive the transaction fee, it is still not really free.

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      Which basically means no one will wanna buy anything of value of you as you'll come up with 0% selling feedback :)


        I buy valuable things from 0% selling feedback eBay members quite regularly - with eBay's MBG you're covered if there's an issue.


          I have too. And promptly got screwed and waited weeks for my money back. Its not worth it in many buyers eyes.

          There are instances I've read when you wouldn't be protected. Such as counterfeit items. I got corrected on Whirlpool about it.

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            Its not worth it in many buyers eyes.

            That's great - less competition means lower prices for me.

            If you receive something that's counterfeit, break it and open a return case because it's broken, not because its counterfeit.

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              @dm01: Read the whirlpool thread and you'll see. That won't work.

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                @scuderiarmani: It really doesn't interest me. I've been using eBay for over 15 years, both buying and selling, and have yet to be "screwed". Not saying I'm immune, but I know how to trade safely and what risks I'm comfortable in taking.

                eBay is a very safe platform to purchase on if you exercise common sense and understand how to use it properly.


    What is the rsvp link?


    If i sell something as a fixed item, am I eligible for the special. And I assume it has to be sold before may 19th to be eligible?

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