expired Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500GB $166.47 Delivered (+ Bonus $22 Cashback from Samsung Redemption) @ Wireless1 eBay


Hi everyone, this deal is from what I can find a good price for this.
Unsure if it's the best ever,but it'd be close.

Samsung Cashback makes this $144.47

It's also eligible for the Cashback (Shopback), but silly me forgot. So it'd be even cheaper.

Samsung SSD Cashback

Original PRESS 7% off Eligible Items on eBay Deal Post

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    thanks op, bought one, really a good deal!
    around $127 after shopback cash back.

    compared with the 250gb version, it's only 27 bucks more.

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      So annoyed that I missed out on the Shopback, I also can't be bothered. I waited far too long for the CB on my 8700k.

      It'd be kind of silly to get the 250GB version at this price.

      With the non-plus Evo the 500GB is a far better drive too, unsure if that's the case here.

      My next stop is finding a good deal on a EK Heatsink for this.

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    Any chance these will drop in price more, or is this the cheapest it gets?


      Hard to say, I feel that with the 10% Shopback this is the cheapest they've been for the Plus model but I'm not certain on that.

      If you're looking at buying one, for even $144 it's a resonable price in my opinion. If you don't need it, just wait.

      I'd think that they will be under $144 sooner rather then later though. I got my 970 Evo 500GB (non plus) for $135 with a Cashback for Black Friday.


    What’s the difference from Evo 860 vs 870 vs 870 plus???

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      860 EVO is SATA 3 based - caps out around theoretical 600MB/s.

      970EVO/EVO Plus/970PRO is NVME/PCI-E based - Around 3500MBs read / 2300 MBs write

      970Evo plus is a refresh of the 970 EVO. Slightly faster but same write endurance. 970 EVO is phased out

      970Pro is again marginally better than 970 EVO/EVO plus but has double the write endurance.


    The 970 Evo Plus is actually a fair margin better.

    Yes we're talking just under 2 seconds load time on a game, but it's also ten percent of the load time.

    You should be buying the 970 Evo Plus, unless the original 970 Evo is a lot cheaper.

    The write speed is also greater.

    I wouldn't upgrade from a 970 Evo to the plus, I only got this as I want to dual boot and I will be moving my main windows install to this.

    Keen to see how fast the clone goes lol.


      who would install games on these anyway?
      most would be using it as a boot drive

      what other os are you dual booting?


        I have CSGO and GTA V on mine, I don't have any other stuff on local storage as I have a NAS. I Put my less played games on my 850 Evo 500GB. I guess there's no point in having over 300gb free for me.

        Going to run Hackintosh for something different. :) if it doesn't work out I may go with Linux or just RAID this and the current 970 Evo in RAID 0


    Should these be used as external drives? Or stick with 860 Evo for that?


      Depends if you're willing to spend more.

      These will be faster and a smaller form factor in a M2 case. It's closer to a big flash drive as opposed to an external hard drive.

      But as you can see these cost more then say an 860 Evo. The enclosure also costs more too typically.

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