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$20 Cashback on Telstra Prepaid Recharges over $100 (PayPal Reqd) + Save up to $48 on iPad Data


EZY Recharge (part of Telstra) are giving $20 cashback via PayPal for recharges over $100.

You need to sign up with EZY Recharge and have a PayPal account. Min recharge $100
Only applies for your first recharge, and not existing customers.

The EZY Pay promo terms are here http://www.ezyrecharge.com.au/PromoTerms.jsp

Cashback will apparently be with you on the 26th July.

You can use the direct EZY Recharge link


If you are feeling generous or kind then you can use my affiliate link (everyone gets a friend and family affiliate link when they sign up – I just found out in my welcome email)

Full disclosure: affiliate link : http://bit.ly/ezyrecharge
Disclosure, I get a $10 recharge credit on the affiliate link.

(MODS: I have read the OzBargain Wiki on affiliate links, there’s no affiliate links in the main URL, no cashback elsewhere and you can delete the above link if you really want)

Now for the iPad data tip! Or how to save up to $48 on 12 months of Telstra iPad data.

Go to a Telstra shop and buy a standard $2 SIM.
Go to the counter, pay $2, don’t activate and ask for a blank micro SIM so you can use transfer the SIM to use in your iPad (you could cut the standard SIM, but its free to get a blank micro SIM).

Ring up, activate the standard SIM as an iPad SIM, then get them to do a transfer of the standard SIM to the micro SIM.

You know have a working Telstra 3G signal for your iPad but no data available to use.

Now go to EZY Recharge: http://www.ezyrecharge.com.au

Sign up, etc. they will send you a PIN to your email.

You then go to this website on your PC:


Enter your Telstra prepaid number, security check details, etc.

Select the $150 12Gb 365 day plan and select to pay by pre-registered EZY PIN.

Now enter your EZY PIN

You will now you have 12Gb of data for 365 days for only $132 after the $20 cash back.
($150 recharge + $2SIM - $20 Cash Back)

If you had done this the standard Telstra way it would have cost you $180
($30 starter pack + $150 recharge)

Or $160 if you go via EZY Recharge
(30 starter pack + $150 recharge - $20 Cash Back)

Other stuff to think about
Yes, I know you get more data for the more money $160-$180, but 3Gb of that is only valid for 30 days and you would have to work hard to burn through that to make it worth the money – and if you do burn 3Gb a month then the 12gb 365 day plan really isn’t for you.

The EZY Recharge offer only started on the 19th May and ends 30th June unless they cancel sooner. You get the $20 back by the 26th July. Which is a bit of a wait but it’s a saving and it’s almost impossible to find discounts on Telstra prepaid stuff.

I could probably split this into two posts, but you get the best bargain if you mix both the EZY Recharge and $2 SIM tip together. And I just did all of this to get 3G for my iPad and it works. Now just waiting for my $20 back from EZY Recharge.

I generally dislike Telstra, but for 12 months worth of iPad data I would rather pay $150 to them than say Vodafail who have the same $30 starter, $150, 365day, 12Gb offer but no coverage, working reliable signal or network really to speak of.

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  • +2

    Thanks for taking the time to write all that up and for the full disclosure above. Cheers.

    • +1

      Thanks. I'm still new to OzBargain (my little P next to my name). Appreciate the thanks.

  • Great post… thanks. I've been waiting for some cashback/discount to come along for Telstra pre-paid data.

  • Great deal but seriously ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu timing ;-)

    ….I recharged ($150/10GB) via the Telstra website approximately 2hrs ago using Paypal. BAH!

    • Ouch! But with the world ending tomorrow we both won't get the most of the deal ;)

      • I'm definitely going to wait to see if the world ends before I spend my $ on 12 months prepaid iPad data.

        • I should have done the same come to think of it, cos' that means I also won't get the $20 back. But at least right now I get to enjoy 3G on my iPad. :)

        • It's the 21st! I am still here. iPad data still works. my Vodafail mobile service has no connection. I think it was raptured.

      • Wait why is the world ending tomorrow? Someone catch me up?

        • Today (May 21st) is Judgement Day where Jesus will come down to Earth and save some people and take them to heaven and saved and their lives end there. For those who are not saved the end of the world will come 5 months later.

        • Oh, the rapture? So what if today is no different to any other day?

    • I also recharged on Friday with the $150/10Gb.
      Bah, should have waited a couple of hours!

  • I don't think that's right.

    If you started with a $30 starter kit, that $30 would be drawn down at your $150/12 month rate.

    I'm fairly certain the whole $180 would be valid for the 12 months - because it seems like mine is.

    For completeness sake, you would have fared better if you purchased one of those $30 starter kits for $10 from Woolworths/Coles when they were on special, and then recharged $150 with the 20% discount from Harvey Norman about a month ago =)

    • @atlas
      My local Coles catalogue has the $30 sim for $10 this week (till wed 25th May 2011)
      in qld anyway.

    • The $180 is valid for 12 months, but total of 15Gb of data is valid for 3GB 30days + 12Gb for 365

      The $150 recharge for iPad data can't be done in stores. It's not in any of the systems. Well not where in the Harvey Norman or AusPost shops near me. I was going to do AusPost - not for the discount but cos' you can win an iPad on a recharge.

      $10 for a starter SIM is a good deal if you only need temporary connection. But is it an iPad SIM? You would need to call Telstra and convert to an iPad plan. Then trim the SIM.

      • The dude at Telstra shop when I bought my $30 starter SIM said you just buy $150 credit anywhere…..

      • That doesn't seem right. My initial $30 balance is still there after more than 30 days, and is being used at the same rate as my $150 recharge.

  • +1

    Best deal at the moment, but still only 13.333% off for a $150 recharge if you are using for iPad. Hopefully a true 20% promotion comes up soon.

  • Positive vote from me. Good timing. Sorry for the stupid question, but I have 3 mobile broadband at the moment but as you all know its crap. First of all, can i use my current usb modem if I unlock it, and second of all I guess i need a startup kit for Telstra before using this right? If so, any current deals on at the moment? Thanks all.

    • I don't know about unlocking but sounds like it should work. You may not need a startup kit. They try and con you on startup kits on the iPad, that's why I put the $2 SIM tip. You would just need to make sure when you activate it you could activate it as a mobile broadband service. Should be possible, given I was able to do that but as an iPad.

  • Done, lets see how it goes.

    • Did it work?

  • Ok been tossing up whether to spend the money on this plan for my Galaxy tab or not and I think it might be worthwhile with this offer.. Will just have to go get hold of a $2 sim.

    • I don't think you could use the iPad plan on the Galaxy. There is a big warning when you select the iPad plan that if you use the SIM in anything else you will be charged at normal rates.

      • Nah I wasn't planning on doing the Ipad one. I just got the normal $2 Sim and basically followed the same steps and activated it as a Prepaid Mobile broadband Sim, not an Ipad one.
        Similar details except 10 gig not 12, instead you get $20 worth of credits to use for Calls/SMS.


        Topping it up through Ezyrecharge etc using the same links should produce the same $20 cashback result.

        • Yep. Should work. Let us know. The $2 tip should always work, even without Ezy stuff.

      • +1

        When I registered my iPad micro SIM over the phone they also give you this big terms and conditions speil that you should not use the micro SIM in any other device other than the iPad you are advising.

  • The $10 refer offer is unfortunately expired:

    Apologies that this still appears in the welcome email, we will fix that.

    I can however confirm that the $20 cashback will run until scheduled completion, so happy recharging!

  • This worked well. Thanks. Not only did the $2 sim tip work, the guy I spoke to from Telstra when activating my micro-sim gave me a bonus 3 gigs upon activation.

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