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Viofo A129 DUO Dual Camera Dash Cam with GPS $195, Viofo A119 Pro Dash Cam with GPS $129 Delivered (AU Stock) @ Linelink Online


Afternoon Ozbargain Community,

We have a special going on the Viofo A129 Duo (Dual Cameras) Dash Cam and the A119 PRO (Single Camera) Dash Cams until the 30th of April. We are an authorised Australian Viofo Dealer and our stock is sourced in Australia. It is not grey market or non-genuine stock that many eBay sellers are selling. The A129 is $195 and the A119 PRO is $129. Freight is free via Express Post and as Dash Cam Specialists we are here to help 24 X 7 with any install questions or if you are interested in other brands we sell. Hope you like the deal and here are the links below:

A119 PRO - https://www.linelink.com.au/collections/viofo-dash-cams/prod...

A129 Duo - https://www.linelink.com.au/collections/viofo-dash-cams/prod...

If you've got any questions please visit our site and chat with one of our "DashCamOlogists" (Yes we made that up).

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  • Just watched an install video. Is it really as easy as prying up the trim and pushing the wires under? I had assumed I'd have to loosen off the trim. Is it always that easy, or are some cars harder than others?

    Do you have the trim pry bars?

    • From comments in another thread you also have to be careful not to run wires over curtain airbags.

      • Do you mean leave the wires dangling exposed in front of airbags? Or is it an issue when putting the wires behind the trim?


      Like some of the other comments, we say be careful when running them so as not to impact on curtain airbags. However it is generally as easy as sliding the cables under the trim with a pry tool. you certainly don't need to remove the trims.

  • Also wondering out loud where in the car I'd find a constant supply for the USB power cable

  • Use code STOREYA2016 for another $15 off :)

  • Purchased, thanks OP !

  • Hello Linelink

    Sending a private message :)


    Ozbargainers, thanks for supporting our sale. All special priced stock now totally sold. As always, feel free to visit our site and use the make an offer feature.

    • It's disappointing that there was no mention "while stocks last", just an end date…

    • It's a bit rough not mentioning that the sale is restricted to a certain number of sales while the product is still in stock.

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