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Complimentary Movie Tickets to 'Red Joan' @ ShowFilmFirst


In a picturesque village in England, Joan Stanley (Academy Award® winner Dame Judi Dench), lives in contented retirement. Then suddenly her tranquil existence is shattered as she’s shockingly arrested by MI5. For Joan has been hiding an incredible past; she is one of the most influential spies in living history.

Cambridge University in the 1930s, and the young Joan (Sophie Cookson), a demure physics student, falls intensely in love with a seductively attractive Russian saboteur, Leo. Through him, she begins to see that the world is on a knife-edge and perhaps must be saved from itself in the race to military supremacy.

Post-war and now working at a top secret nuclear research facility, Joan is confronted with the impossible: Would you betray your country and your loved ones, if it meant saving them? What price would you pay for peace? Inspired by an extraordinary true story, Red Joan is the taut and emotional discovery of one woman’s sacrifice in the face of incredible circumstances.

Date Time Location Availability
Mon 13/05/19 18:30 (QLD) Chermside, Event Gone
Mon 13/05/19 18:30 (WA) Innaloo, Event Gone
Wed 15/05/19 18:30 (SA) Nova Eastend, Palace Gone
Wed 15/05/19 18:30 (VIC) Belgrave , Cameo Gone
Wed 15/05/19 18:30 (VIC) Cinemas Elsternwick, Classic Gone
Wed 15/05/19 18:30 (VIC) The Astor Theatre Gone
Sun 19/05/19 10:30 (NSW) George Street, Event Gone
Mon 20/05/19 18:30 (QLD) Barracks Cinema, Palace Gone
Mon 20/05/19 18:30 (QLD) Indooroopilly, Event Available
Mon 20/05/19 18:30 (QLD) Pacific Fair, Event Gone
Mon 20/05/19 18:30 (SA) Theatre Adelaide, Regal Available
Tue 21/05/19 18:30 (NSW) Randwick, The Ritz Cinema Gone
Tue 21/05/19 18:30 (WA) Cinema Paradiso, Palace Gone
Tue 21/05/19 18:30 (WA) Innaloo, Event Gone
Thu 23/05/19 18:45 (VIC) Carlton, Cinema Nova Gone
Thu 30/05/19 18:15 (TAS) Hobart, State Cinema Gone

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  • george st sydney all gone

  • Got 2 tickets. Thank you :)

  • Thanks for your post!

  • Got 2 tickets for Randwick. Thanks

  • Wed 15/05/19 18:30 (VIC) Cinemas Elsternwick, Classic All gone …

  • Got one. Thanks

  • George St is all gone.

    Anyone has another pin for this?

  • Canberra gone 3mins after posting

  • Got one. She really does like playing MI5 related roles in movies.

  • Got two in WA. Thanks OP! :)

  • Got 2 to The Astor (Vic). Thanks.

  • Nsw always first to gone

  • +1

    32% on RT, 6.2 on IMDb

  • What price would you pay for peace?

    Ruminating on abstract fictional scenarios with heroes after this country has conducted eight illegal invasions since 2001 killing over one million civilian people according to the Pentagon, ten million according to other estimates.

    How wonderful, girl power.

  • +1

    Even for free I don’t think I’ll see it: https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/red_joan

  • +4

    VIC gone… :(

    • Wow.

      That's quick!

      • Please let me know if someone has 2 for vic and cannot go

        • Got tix for the Astor, just one if you'd like it. From memory we've managed to get just 1 ticket a few times, but if you bring 1 friend it's ok, as someone else said not everyone rocks up.

      • VIC back again

  • +4

    Nothing for Sydney anyone got spares for George Street? Maybe could use tickets from else where and sneak in.. what I hate everytime I go half the seats are empty people waste booking extra or greedy and book heaps.

    • I would love George Street too! They’ve taken me off their mailing list :(

  • Thanks OP :) can't wait

  • TAS gone. I swear this is the first time in at least 6 months SFF has had something down here

  • WA all gone :(

  • Got two for Adelaide. Have never heard of ShowFilmFirst. Will be interesting to see how it goes.

    • +1

      They are pretty reputable. Usually rent out a whole cinema

  • NSW gone :(

  • Sydney all gone :-(

  • Very good deal

  • Every region gone

  • 90% certain that guy who plays Albert in BBC Victoria is in it.

  • anyone got 1 spare ticket for WA please? how do you get on this mailing list as I am a member but never get notified when tickest are released.

  • +3

    Found a few more for NSW…alas I am not in NSW


  • Golive, there are 2 spare in WA now…

  • +1

    Thanks! Seems that there are now more tickets available for some sessions then the ones posted above.

  • Thanks! Checked again and got tix to my local! :)

  • Yay just got some in WA

  • Tickets available for VIC.

    At the time of posting:

    Wed 15/05/19 18:30 (VIC) The Astor Theatre Available

    Mon 20/05/19 18:30 (QLD) Indooroopilly, Event Available

    Tue 21/05/19 18:30 (NSW) Randwick, The Ritz Cinema Available

    Thu 23/05/19 18:45 (VIC) Carlton, Cinema Nova Available

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