expired Ryzen 3 2300X GTX 1660 6GB 120GB SSD 8GB DDR4 $719.20, Intel i5 9400F GTX 1660 6GB 120GB SSD 8GB DDR4 $879.20 @ Techfast eBay


Some great offer from techfast and seems like they have cleared the backlogs by looking at previous popular deal from Rep
Enjoy :)

Also,Both systems have links to upgrade to the GTX 1660 Ti card for $79.20 with discount in the listing. - Thanks to Divitini

Original PCLICK 20% off Selected Seller on eBay Deal Post

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    Upgrade to 1060Ti is only $79.20 if you use the code

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    Great deal :) brand name boxed PC's with intel celerons using integrated graphics cost this much.

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    Still have to purchase windows 10 and at least a HDD.
    Still a good deal though if you keep this in mind.

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      Still have to purchase windows 10

      Not if you use Linux

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      Tbf though having to get Windows is almost a non-issue nowadays. Can buy activation keys for very cheap, or you can literally run a non-activated copy of Windows 10 which is a full copy that just happens to have a "not activated" watermark in the bottom-right corner.

      Can also get windows for free from school/uni. Depending on your employer you could also have free/discounted access to it without even knowing. Not to mention the dubious methods to get fully activated windows for free (not that I condone nor will explain how to do so).

      • -2 votes

        Shekster, I know this is going to appear like I'm a moral policeman, but OzBargain is for sharing legitimate bargains. Illegal cheap copies of Windows, running non-activated copies or "dubious methods" does not give Microsoft their due and just recompense for the billions of dollars they have invested in developing the Intellectual Property of the Operating System. How would you feel if you owned your own one-person business developing and selling your own software, and other people used illegal licenses without paying you?

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          How is it immoral to run Windows unactivated?


          I get it.

          But Windows 10 isn't worth the price of the watermark imho.

          They butchered the OS.

          My 73 year old father prefers Ubuntu Linux to Windows 10 - He finds it more user-friendly.

          I never thought I'd live long enough to say or write those words.

          Windows 10 is a mess - they even get the spelling wrong in some of their OS tooltips and other information.

          Looks more like a Beta than a fully functioning, fully-featured, OS.

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      Office toolkit should do it.


      Could always run it unactivated. Otherwise, clear the drive then install linux or buy one of the real cheap keys you can find around the place (ebay for example).


      only if you want a pretty desktop!


      Or you can try using the windows key off an old machine if you have an unused one lying around.

      With pretty low expectations, I thought I would try that with a W7 Pro sticker on an old unused dell laptop and lo and behold it accepted it and then also upgraded the OS to W10 Pro - WIN!


    which one is better for video editing? sorry a PC noob


      i5 has more cores (6) than Ryzen 2300 (4), i'd be trying to get a Ryzen 2700 if you can afford it. Or Ryzen 2600 is likely your sweet spot.


    Good deal, prefer the https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Ryzen-7-2700-RTX-2080-8GB-240GB-... which brings it down to $1799 with the code


    These guys take a month to build the PC?


    What else would be ideal bargain PC for a non-PC gamer?

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