expired 20% off Selected Laptops, 2 in 1s, Desktops and All in Ones @ Harvey Norman Online


Great deals for Anzac Day! Online only I believe. Excludes Microsoft Surface, Apple, Tablets, Razer and Spectre Folio.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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    Not seeing any bargains tbh


      What do you think of the i5 x360? Good price? I think it's the new model.


        which x360? The Envy for ~$1200 is pretty good (same as their post xmas sale, but is was $1100 at the end of Jan).

        If you're not in a hurry they'll be some EOFY sales in June. plug an alert into Price Hipster.


      It's old Gerry no surprise here 😂


    Any bargains?


    The Acer sift 5s were at least $200 less about a week ago with the Easter sales. Now on 10%off. JB still cheaper, but only just. With EOFY coming if you can wait real bargains to be had then.


    I cannot for the life of me figure out why these two laptops have a $40 difference


    The only thing I see is a different model number and slightly different colour?? Need a new laptop by next week :( is this a good price?

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      Its cheaper than JB doing a quick search. I would hold back abit and have a good research. Theres a lot of lap tops. The HP Spectre X360 13-AP0000TU 13.3" had a good review by someone on jb for office work. On HN the reviewer questioned the hinge. Check weight of unit and battery lift. Also worth seeing in person for the screen. THe jb guy told me all FHD screens look the same. Not. It makes a difference if it is a gloss or matt screen. Suspect as these are touch screens the screens will be gloss. Which I think generally look clearer, but are also more reflective. That could be an issue in outdoor use. What do you need the laptop for? Anything for gaming you would need an i7 and separate graphics card in general. From what most ppl say.


        I think the x360 listed is the newer model but I'm not sure. My parents just got the older outgoing x360 model (the one with the overheating and battery issues) for $1400 and I could have got the same but I was unsure. It doesn't appear to have very good battery life from our testing, but the new one claims 22hrs.

        I'm actually looking for deals on the surface book 2 but I can't find anything apart from the education store discounts, and I'm not pleased that you have to buy the pen separately.

        I've had a macbook air for 6 years and the screen finally died last week. I'd love another apple but they've gotten expensive and they don't come with a touch screen.

        Btw for whoever reported me as a sockpuppet- I'm clearly not. This is the first Harvey Norman thing I've ever posted and it looked like a good deal when I was browsing for laptops overnight.

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          Even if you get half that claimed battery life its great. Surface and Macs are the top end of these types of laptops for sure. Can you borrow your parents one for the time being and wait for the EOFY sales. You might be able to get a Surface or Mac then and save for the sale.

          If you can wait.

          Also are you doing any gaming? Then an i7 chip and better graphic card should be considered.


            @Dedbny: Yeah I looked at the surface book 2 and I liked how it was detachable. The HP isn't detachable and I've found the one my parents have isn't that heavy but the book 2 was super light.

            I forgot to add, I was looking at these because uni is quite diagram heavy and it's a pain printing e everything and then losing copies of things and I've seen other students with convertible laptops so thought it would be useful for me.

            I forgot to add before, I just need an i5. I do gaming via Ps4 and I only ever used my air for browsing, documents etc.

            Thanks for ur help :)

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              @Levathian: When I was looking you need to make a list of required spec and then compare the laptops between the brands as I'm sure there would be a cheaper version that meets you specs. 2 in 1 folding screen 13inch. min i5 chip 8g ram, 256g SSD FHD. Pen? Use the search fine tune functions on the websites to narrow search. Budget. My son brought a Dell. Sub 1k, but that was an ordinary laptop, not what your after, but they would have similar ones I think.

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              @Levathian: only of my rellies got the envy x360 for uni and loves it (especially the pen).
              if youre not gaming & crunching numbers, then I suspect the envy will do over the spectre.

              but as mentioned pop into a shop HN/GG/JB and have a squiz. The spectre is rewaly nice, but I'm not so sure it's $500+ nicer. My theory is that the extra $500 can either be used to increase the specs, or banked and get a new laptop in 3yrs instead of 4.

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      They're just different colours. Dark Ash Silver | Poseidon Blue. Personally I think they're way over priced in Australia as they go for US$1K. If you have a friend working at JB, their cost price is $1400 which is approximately the same as purchasing in the US with currency conversion.


    C930 variants are priced really well.

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    I want to buy an Apple 11-inch iPad Pro , any good deal?


    Anyone have an opinion on this?


    I actually prefer a 1366x758 glossy screen. I am specifically after a laptop without PWM, which is proving tricky as that seems to severely limit options.

    My laptop of 13 months has died following hinge/bezel cracking; it kept shorting out when I moved the cracked casing and now won't power on. So I'd prefer to avoid Acer and hoping for something with better build quality.

    Curious how heating is with these HP's as it looks like there's only one narrow vent on the bottom, whereas all others I've owned have had better.

    Anyone have one of these? Good quality? Long lasting? Any opinions are appreciated!

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