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Shiraz at $60/Dozen (Valued $216/Dozen) + Free 1 Year Membership (Valued $50/Year) (Delivered) @ Skye Cellars


Update: The Shiraz sold out again but the Cabernet is still available here : http://bit.ly/2XKJnum

**Update: We Spoke to the Winnery and they do have a small amount of stock.

So both wines are available Again.

South Australian Shiraz at $60/dozen. Available only through OZBARGAIN

We have their Cabernet Sauvignon as well, vailable only through this link: http://bit.ly/2XKJnum.

If you are not happy with the wine, no problems, FREE Returns.

Once you purchase any of these two wines you will automatically become a Skye Club Member and you will be able to access the members page.

More info about the Skye Club Membership:

What is Skye Club?

Skye Club is a Yearly Membership that gives access to the most amazing wine deals in Australia:

  • Access to the Members only page ( Where some of our best wine deals are)
  • Up to 75% OFF RRP on selected specials!
  • Further Discounts on Selected Products!
  • 10% OFF All our Cleanskins Range!
  • Regular email updates and offers on new products!
  • Free Shipping Mainland Australia on all products on the members page.

Hi everyone
We have sold heaps of wines through OZBARGAIN and would really appreciate your feedback.
Thank you.


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