This was posted 2 years 9 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired

[QLD] Extra 95 Fuel 99.9c Per Litre @ 7-Eleven, Robina


Not sure of the reason, but a great price

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  • Locked & loaded!

    Btw, it's QLD not NSW.

    • Thanks, fixed

  • Beauty! Thanks

  • Thanks OP!

  • Nice! Thanks OP!

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    This store doesn't even sell 95 lol. Smells of a honey pot. But good deal for anyone who lives on the coast.

    • Should've read this before i locked it in…

      Then again, i work near Robina and could've been looking for fuel on the way to/from work…?

      • +1

        You could have passed by, locked it in and used the voucher somewhere else. That's the whole point of their price lock offer.

      • If you live near it and locked it in, then they can't really do anything IMO.

    • Crap…locked in also…does a ban include the number of the mobile phone?

      • If you don't use them shouldn't get ban

    • Which stores do? Around the GC

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        The one in Helensvale opposite the school, and one in Pacific Pines sell 95… though it’s not the one right next to the M1 it’s the one further in.

        • +1

          Yeah the Pack Pines one is probably my closest one (about 20mins away) so when I'm passing by I'll fill up.

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    I actually haven't been able to find a single 7 eleven in Canberra that even sells 95.

    • I think it's somewhere… North…?

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        The North rememberes… ;)

    • -1

      There aren't any.

    • Got to head out to Queanbeyan, they have 95.

    • What do they sell? 91 + 98 only?

    • There is one. It’s on their website.

    • +1

      7-Eleven Karabar

    • +3

      Casey does

      • Thank you! Filled up at Casey and omg was he surprised

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    No need to worry about the honey pot. I lived in robina and when i open the 7-11 app and search, the price pop up so that should be fine.

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    No longer Available

  • +3

    Looks like it's available again.

  • +1

    Yep still available! Locked in 110L :)

  • +1

    Just locked in, still working

  • -2

    This isn't expired at all. Locked in on 2 phones just then.

    Screenshot proof:

    • Check again it's not as of 7:17.

      • Seems the price gets updated every hour. I locked it in for 99.9 on two accounts. Not sure why people were having trouble before. It's gone now but we're they selecting the wrong Robina?

        • Doesn't get updated every hour, only when price changes. I locked in too.

  • Thanks locked in two phones too.

  • Try to locked just then, as I entered the card for 60l lock ,app restarted and the price change to 154c/l

  • Anyone know which stores on the GC stock Extra 95? It seems Robina doesn't from the comments above?

    • Not sure if they stock, just the price had changed

  • It's gone guys…

  • Its expired now cheapest is carara 154.9

  • gone again…

  • Got it before it expired cheers

  • -1

    Can’t believe I missed out! Anyone wanna share the lock ?

    • +4

      Yeah nah. Jerry cans to good use.

  • If you check the app and tap on the Robina suburb they have all the petrol prices except for 95 extra, I wouldn’t say it’s expired maybe in person it’s still for 99c but on the app it’s been disabled.. or a glitch in the system.. can someone confirm ? Thanks

    • There are 3 Robina 7/11 stores. Definitely have 2 stores with U95. Either way it's definitely expired.

      • Like I said if you look at the app, in store ‘locater’ unleaded 95 @99c in Robina located at 45-56 commerce drive is disabled to the other stations including the other Robina petrol station at scottsdale, etc.
        I don’t think it’s expired due to other people saying it comes back every hour, good luck everyone x

        • Like I told you already:
          1) it is expired
          2) You are talking about the wrong 7/11 that had the 99 cent price
          3) See the screenshot. U95 is there. It was the Robina Town Centre 7/11 with 99cents

          Screenshot proving U95 option.

          Prices on app update in realtime once a price change occurs (This I am 100% certain). Not every hour just was a fluke that price changed 6:17 and again 7:17. If you check again there is no price change update at 8:17 in app.

          • -2

            @cute as ducks: Oh okay I got lucky at 7:17, my friend said petrol prices are going to drop soon anyways due to trump

  • Damn, missed it! Great price!

  • +2

    Mmmmm…. sweet sweet honeypot… yum!

  • With the new update on 7 11 app it wont let me lock in, kept saying mock location,
    Any tips?

    • +1

      Do you have a modified APK? Might need to modify it yourself or wait for somebody else if the update just got rolled out.

    • I can not even open the app now, keep telling me thats its need to be updated

      • When did you last update?

        • Never, i had the app for about 3 months now, using one of the modified by master in the other long thread. My concern now is there is no option for me to even update it. There is only an uninstall option. I don't want to lose my 80$ credit

          • @bargainfinder: Uninstall the app, go to the 7/11 thread and download the new hacked app, install the new hacked app, and log back into your 7/11 account.

            Your credit will still be there.

          • @bargainfinder: I believe you can always uninstall from the Android Setting?

          • +1

            @bargainfinder: You can uninstal the old version & instal the new one from Google Play without loosing your funds.

            The funds are locked in to your account & not the App. Just log in to the new App & it will show your account balance.

          • @bargainfinder: Thanks guys. I will give it a go. Will have to guess my account password as it has been a while

      • You are a legend

  • Has anyone actually got banned from using mock location app? I have <$70 on my account and I hate to get my account banned

    • +1

      Yeah, for those who used the web-locker.
      NOX is indistinguishable from an actual phone on software side (100% virtualized solution)
      modified APK IS the official app, but with the pesky code rendered null

      • So as long as we use modified APK, not NOX, we should be safe?

        • +1

          Yep :)

          We were just passing by the area.. :D

          • @cwongtech: Oh, ok. Thanks! Time to travel around the states :)

      • -1

        Wait… Using Nox might get banned?

        • NOX is indistinguishable from an actual phone on software side (100% virtualized solution)

          NOX will ALWAYS be our last resort.
          Using NOX is 100% safe.
          Just a little less convenient because you need access to a computer.

          • @cwongtech: Cheers that’s what I thought. Just that the way @tyvod asked the previous question and the answer confused me as it contradicts what you were saying initially

      • Did people get banned for using the web-locker? :S

        • The ones who were using the web-based ones…

          Account cancelled in clear breach of T&Cs, and refunded to a 7/11 gift card mailed back to the registered address.

          …only to be used by their "brothers" and "sisters" :D

  • Damn too bad my cars only run on 98

    • Should be fine. Mine only runs on premium and some times I use E10 - and I drive a 370z. As long as you don't make a habit of it it's fine. Just noticeable mileage difference especially city driving and performance.

    • Mine too but I figured a once-off wouldn't hurt. Saved over $40 this morning

    • +4

      Mine runs on diesel but should be fine. Will find out

      • +1

        The main thing is you saved money 👍

  • +2

    DAMN! Why did I work night shift last night…

    • +4

      I saw this because I was working night shift last night. You need to spend less time at work working and more time on OzBargain.

      • +2

        Bit hard when you are driving 2 tonnes of steel :( And work for yourself…

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