[NSW] 30% off Evening and Weekend Parking @ Secure Parking (Sydney)


Its back on. I am not a member but it worked.

For 30% off* evening and weekend parking use promotional code: NRMA19

For 10% off* pre-booked casual parking use promotional code: NRMAHOURLY

Fine print:

Offer: Pre-book for 30% off weekends and evenings and 10% off casual parking.

Terms and conditions

Offer only available to current NRMA Members. Customers must book online using the Secure-a-Spot service and enter the promotional codes available on the Member Benefits website. Offer only available at selected Secure Parking Car Parks that offer Secure-a-Spot. Operating hours in each car park may differ, please check secureparking.com.au. Offer subject to availability. Credit Card only payments are accepted for the Secure-a-Spot service. Please allow 30 mins from time of booking transaction for pin to be activated.

A $1 fee will be charged for all cancellations with more than 24 hours notice

All cancellations and amendments can be via the secure a spot online account provided it is more than 24 hours otherwise parking fee will not be refunded

Additional charges apply if entering or exiting outside evening/weekend times

Parking promotion code expires on 31 December 2019.

Source: https://www.mynrma.com.au/membership/benefits/secure-parking

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    I've been using this code everytime and just have to update the 2 numbers at the end every year.

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    lol, I thought it's always available


    Nice! Thanks for this!


    Umm why was the original deal expired??? It never did expire 🤔


    Not all secure car parks. Busy car parks like Harbaourside is not included when I was trying over the weekend.
    "Offer only available at selected Secure Parking Car Parks that offer Secure-a-Spot"


    For those with experience, I was wondering what happens if the carpark you book at charges one flat rate for the whole weekend e.g. $16 and you make a booking to arrive at 12pm and leave at 9pm but end up leaving at 11pm, what do you get charged (i.e. is it just the original $16 since the weekend flat rate is $16 or do you get charged once for your book of 12-9pm and then another charge for 9-11pm of $16 i.e. $32)? How do you avoid this as it seems like the grace period is only 15mins either side so you would only be able to leave between 8:45pm and 9:15pm to be within your booking times?

    Also, how do you deal with the fact that you might book for a 12pm arrival but end up being early/late due to traffic? Interested to hear how exactly this works as I've avoided using these online bookings because I don't always know the exact time of my arrival and when exactly I'd be leaving and wanted to leave it open for flexibility.


      Try booking first. It generally will say when the earliest entry and latest leaving times are.

      I'm doing a booking now and it says "Enter after 05:00pm | Exit before 06:00am next day"