Toyota RAV4 (2019) Discussion Thread

Just wondering if anyone else is looking forward to the new 2019 - RAV4?

Looks to be a very solid release and easily the best iteration of the RAV4 to date - especially the hybrid options.

With the impending release / availability later this month? thought there may be others in the same boat or at the very least interested.

I am aware that there is not much information of the Australian variants (model names / badges, pricing etc.) as of yet - but I really do hope we get an equivalent of the XSE (North America).

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      I think you mean electric blue.

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        Eclectic blue is right but it’s commonly misread/spelt as electric blue.

    • where did you receive the login details from?

      • Ask the salesperson or stock controller in the dealership for the details.

  • Did anyone have an idea of what's the best price you can get in Sydney for AWD Hybrids Cruiser Premium Paint? I don't mind the wait time which is around 12 months now I believe.

    • Been nearly 2 months you've been on the lookout. You could've shaved 2 months off your wait for 1 ;)

      • I thought the supply could be improved back then and was considering the Hybrids Kluger as well which sadly won't land in Australia in 2020 now. Now I do realise if I don't put my money in now than I will need to wait even longer.

        • I paid extra 300.00 as they don't want to copy my friend's early RAV4 order . and wait time is even longer .

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    Plug in hybrid announces but a wait for Australia

    • Sounds very promising, consider the hybrid is such a long wait… maybe by the time they get it cleared up they will be ready to release this one.. I prefer a PHEV anyway!!!

      • plug in RAV is not confirmed for AU yet . By the time , we may see more pure EV coming in the near future .

      • Seems promising indeed. Read around and it seems they have addressed the common complaints on the Hybrid. Shame that the article implies it to be an indefinite wait.

  • mod delete I posted in wrong place

  • @spackbase. How long does it take for the shipping from the dock in japan to Melbourne/Australia?

  • I have recently brought the Rav 4 black cruiser and looking for advise on following in Sydney :

    1. Comprehensive Insurance - Provider name, excess and premium

    2. Ceramic Coating - Provider name and costs

    3. Dashcam : Installers in Sydney. I am inclined to go for Viofo A129 Pro Dual Dashcam - 4K Front + 1080 Rear

    thanks so much

  • I ordered a RAV 4 Hybrid Cruiser in June from Canberra and still no build date. I was advised last month that they are currently receiving 8 vehicles a month and that I am number 13 in the queue. Last week I was told that they do not have a production month for me but they are hoping I will get one in January as they are expecting to receive about 25 vehicles.

  • What does everyone think about resale for the Rav4 Cruiser Hybrid? I would guess in 5 years time less and less people will want a petrol only car. So maybe the resale on these will be good, especially if they're in high demand now. I'm just bummed the interior doesn't feel that premium for the price and the infotainment seems a bit old feeling.

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    Received my cruiser hybrid yesterday. really worth to wait. Love the technology and build quality. Driving is very smooth. Lan assisted cruising take care of steering adjustment. Consumed 4.5 L for 100km trip yesterday.

    • Hi, When did you order it and what sate and model exactly?

      • RAV 4 2WD Cruiser. Ordered on 3rd June. Delivered on 30th Nov.

    • I've had my GXL AWD Hybrid over a month now and average 5.5l/100km. Done just over 2200km.
      Best I've had on a trip was 4.8l/100km (Eastern suburbs of Melbourne VIC).

      Would like to know what other people are averaging…

  • Just wanted to post an update -

    Found out my Cruiser Hybrid will be built 3rd December and I will receive it around 8th of Jan. Ordered 8th June 2019 in Sydney. Will be a 7 month wait time.

    • I emailed my dealer about order tracking , no respond at all . Not happy with them .

      • My dealer keeps telling me you can’t track until your car has been built but I know for a fact that it’s a lie because I know someone who has access to the portal and they don’t even have a projected build date.

      • I just got my tracking details today after 1.5 months on order lol. Some people got it a few weeks after - just depends on how much you want to hassle your dealer for them.

        • I've been waiting four and a half months. I've had access to the order tracking portal since week 1. It still shows zero information about build month or ETA. I mean, that site has one job.
          You know, this is the first new car I've bought in 15 years. All the awful stereotypes about shit customer service from Car dealerships and manufacturers are being proven true before my eyes.
          Someone, somewhere, has a spreadsheet with a simple formula on it: the rate they are producing these cars, and the length of the queue.
          It should be easy to give each customer an accurate ETA. The only other company I've ever seen hold their customers in such contempt is Telstra.
          I think this is a PR train wreck for Toyota, and the thing that makes me most angry is they probably don't care at all.

          • @nathan zamprogno: Yes it’s very bad for the Toyota name. Apparently a whole heap of cars are coming in January and February so maybe they’re finally clearing some of the back log!

  • just find below News about Hybrid RAV4 (dated 3 Dec 2019 )

    “It was at a peak of around eight months, and by the end of the year that’ll drop down to six months.

    “Hopefully in the foreseeable six months we’ll get it down to around three months – which would be acceptable. This has been driven only by incredible demand for this car.”

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    That why at the time you order a RAV4 you are given a delivery date. That doesn’t explain why5 months later they still can’t say when it’s going to be built. Also with all these RAV4s being sold you would expect to see them on the road and in car parks everywhere. I asked Toyota about this and the excuse this time was trouble with Aus compliance. A bit of honesty and openness would go a long way.

    • Very true.

    • Also with all these RAV4s being sold you would expect to see them on the road and in car parks everywhere.

      These cars are everywhere what do u mean by you would expect to see them. I see at least 2 a day.

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    Picked my crystal pearl hybrid AWD today. Ordered 31 May 2019. First impressions are that it’s a fantastic car. Let’s see how many kms the first tank gives me.

  • Is anyone can help to connect Toyota App Suite to the head unit? Download was success but unable to install an update.

    • If you have Carplay/Android Auto, it removed the functionality of Toyota Link (not that it had much functionality tbh)

      • Will there be wireless CarPlay in the future?

      • thank you!

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    Seen a comment that only about 10% of the RAV4s ordered have been delivered.

  • If my car is built in Dec 2019 , and receive the car next year 2020 and 1st registeration in 2020 . is the car of 2019 or 2020 ? eg. for insurance ???

  • Morning guys,
    I was offered 34.5k for petrol rav4 gx in graphite, and it is a ready stock, is it a good price? I am in WA, which every thing is more expensive.

    What is the average drive away price for hybrid rav4 gx? Apology if this has been asked before.

    I really like the hybrid one, but the wife doest want too much on a car.

    • Down the bottom of page 7 is a Google doc where some people have listed drive away prices. The Whirlpool thread will probably also have some prices listed.

      • Thanks.. i checked the spread sheet.. but it has not got much information on rav4 gl driveaway price, more on delivery date. I will try to google whirpool one

    • That's about a $3,300 discount. Does it have the GPS/DAB or not, because that's a $1,000 difference.

      You won't get better than that at the moment, that would be around cost price on 1 with GPS

      I wonder which dealer lol

      • I forget to mention, it is actually inclusive of $1000 trade in, so the discount is probabaly only $2300.

        Yes it is inclusive of satnav

        • which dealer in WA? I plan to buy a RAV4 or Kluger soon

    • Would you be nice enough to post a copy of sale document at that price? Please? I want one too.

      • What state are you in?

      • Hi mate,

        are you referring to my post?

        yeah, I ended up paying 34,390 for GX in Petrol in silver sky with Satnav, and car mat, with $1000 trade in credit.

        but the plate is 2019 now, so there is probably why it's cheaper. yeah if you want I can refer you to the sales rep, send me a PM.

        if I can turn back time, I probably wont get satnav, IMO it is pretty useless and I prefer google map via android auto. Probably pay a bit extra for hybrid, but i kinda need the car urgently.

  • Anyone of you have to pay extra from contract price because there was an increase in Rav4's RRP? Contract says they can increase the price if RRP changes.

    Dealership gave an indication around $500 stating they are yet to calculate it. The increase in RRP is just $300. Is that fair?

    I got it cheaper than previous RRP. Should it be proportional to contract price or they can charge you whatever they want?

    Ordered Rav4 GXL 2wd hybrid end of June, I was notified by dealer delivery due Jan 2020.

    • Ordered the Cruiser AWD in early October. Have not been advised of a fee increase.

    • Has your wait time been extended from what was originally quoted? If so I would argue against any price increase.

      • ETA 1-sept-2019. That was my thoughts, If they've delivered on time, my order wouldn't be subject to price increase

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      We as a dealer absorbed the RAV4 price rises wherever possible. This was a $300-$500 hit. Also Camry had a price rise of around the same. The Prado/LC200 price rises were too high to absorb and got passed on.

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    Article posted today.

    “Toyota Australia says reports of 12-month delays on certain hybrid models are greatly exaggerated, and most cars on the waiting list will be delivered in less than half that time”

    • the claim of 12 months waiting time is from my local toyota dealer and toyota head office denied? what a feeling!!!

      • That's just a shit salesperson. Worst I've seen so far is a 6-7 month wait for someone to get their new car

        • I ordered in August and have been told delivery is in March next year Though that’s still not confirmed. That must make you a bullshit salesman.

          • @Red Rocket: What makes me a bullshit salesman? You've been told 7 months, and? I didn't sell you the car. 7 months isn't 12 months, is it?

            • +1

              @spackbace: Yeah some people just don't know basic math - 12 months from August this year is August next year.


  • Has anyone experienced Apple CarPlay intermittent disconnect and reconnect? Thanks

    • Might be your charging cable if it is not mfi certified or it is very old.

      • Thanks mate. It is old cable, may try with new cable. Cheers

  • What's the usual amount for a deposit on a Cruiser Hybrid?

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      Dealer will push for at least $1k. Some people may have negoatiated a lower amount say $500~

      I paid $1k

      • Yeah I paid $1k deposit for my Cruiser AWD Hybrid.

        God knows when i get the vehicle though, ordered 1st week of Sept, and dealer told me late Oct that there was further delays on delivey.

        • I only paid 500.00 deposit and previously I paid 2000.00 deposit for Honda …….

          • @Giga: I paid $200 deposit hhahhahaha!

            • @carnage2121: ……. must be a big discount that they don't care if you go for another dealer for better price . LOL

  • So what extras did people manage to get thrown in?

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      Just plastic mats :(

    • +2

      I got the rubber boot mat, and 4 carpet mats.

      Haven't got build date yet of course (I want headlight and bonnet protectors fitted before delivery and maybe tint as well.)

  • Finally got my GXL 2wd hybrid last week after 6months wait. I did not notice until I got home, the front grill, lower and front bumper are silver (like the ones in Cruiser), also has a small light under side mirrors (not sure if the older batch has one). Its nice surprise!! Did not have sunroof unfortunately hehe. Great car so far, I have done 100kms already, the fuel tank is still full!!

    • What colour because all the cruiser and gxl hybrid I’ve seen have black grills but in the brochure both have silver grill

      • Silver sky

        • Do you do "run in " for the 1st 1000km ? :)

          • @Giga: Nope, modern engines are 'run in' from factory

            Only think is heavy towing isn't recommended until it's over 1,000km, and cars like the Supra aren't recommended to use launch control until it's over 2,000km

  • At this point we are all looking forward to the 2020 Models or maybe it is the 2021 seeing how long it is taking them to manufacture and ship them to OZ!!!

    • +1

      Did you go back and claim the one you ordered?

      • Doing due diligence we determined that in the next 12-24 months there will be more hybrid or PHEV's available to choose from so we are holding out, especially since our XV is only 1.5 years old still. So no I have not even checked to see if it came in, maybe I should? LAUGHING OUT LOUD! :-)

  • @Spackbace
    Do you know anything about the webtracker being offline all week ?
    Has it been taken down ?

    • We don't use it in WA

      • ohh okay so you dont advise customers to track via it ?

        • Nope

          As it is, our tracking is pointless until it's "Production Confirmed", which happens in the last week of the month before it's due to go into production. Until then, it's not an accurate representation

  • Hi guys, I’m looking at upgrading my 2018 RAV4 to the current model RAV4. The resell value on my 2018 RAV4 GXL is pretty good, in fact its pretty much the price I bought it brand new (cause I negotiated a pretty big discount)….approx 32-33k.
    Can anyone tell me if discounts are being given for the new RAV4, or thats not a reality due to the high demand and limited supply?

    • Suspect you'll find the hybrids have little negotiating power given the undersupply, might have more luck with the petrol. We only managed to get some floor mats and a cargo mat thrown in with the hybrid, but otherwise no discount.

      • Thanks. I might wait a bit longer until Toyota are willing to budge

        • That won't happen till the cars are sitting around in dealerships. That still hasn't happened with hybrid Camry, and it's been in the market for 2 years, so…

  • If I were to order a 2wd cruiser hybrid today, what does everyone think my wait time will look like? Might have to settle for petrol…

    • Estimates are 6-8 months, with the likelihood of it coming earlier

      • Still 6 six months now ?? I see a lot of new RAV4 in the road now . My dealer ask me how I like to pay , I said bank cheque and they need 5-6 days for money into their bank account before they can give me the car ??

        • +1

          Yes, still 6 months

          Yes, the car has been on the market for about 9 months so the stock has been coming in.

          We treat bank cheques like cash, they might be more careful I dunno, likelihood of a dud one is pretty slim

          • @spackbace: yeah !! exactly happened with my previous Mazda and Honda, I just handed over bank cheque and they gave me the car !

          • @spackbace: Would I be crazy to get a petrol. Will it have virtually no re-sale value and be stretching for a car that was really meant to be a hybrid vehicle?

            • @G-Unit: It's good, but not great. You'll be far happier in the hybrid model, and you'll be thankful you waited

              When did you put your order in, and what model?

              • @spackbace: Haven't ordered yet but want to.

                My car broke down so I'm lending one from my parents but that leaves them short a car (They have another but it's not ideal to borrow it for such an extended period). Thing is I really want this car!

                • @G-Unit: A bunch of Toyota dealers have the option to rent a Camry for about $600/month while you wait for your RAV4, if that suits

                  • @spackbace: Kept checking stock in Toyota dealerships across VIC until I got lucky and stumbled on the exact car I was after (2WD Hybrid Cruiser) in Pearl White. Brand new and just delivered to dealership. Snapped it up and picking up early next week!

                    Had to pay full whack (47K) but they threw in carpet mats, cargo mat and standard tank of petrol. Did I do ok? The Ozbargainner in me hates not being able to negotiate harder but they know that the cars will sell and have no need to discount.

                    I'm now hearing waits could be stretching out to 12 months for new orders…

                    • @G-Unit: It's always that internal battle - have now for RRP, or get discount and wait 6-8 months! You'll enjoy the car though so just forget about it and enjoy :)

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