Toyota RAV4 (2019) Discussion Thread

Just wondering if anyone else is looking forward to the new 2019 - RAV4?

Looks to be a very solid release and easily the best iteration of the RAV4 to date - especially the hybrid options.

With the impending release / availability later this month? thought there may be others in the same boat or at the very least interested.

I am aware that there is not much information of the Australian variants (model names / badges, pricing etc.) as of yet - but I really do hope we get an equivalent of the XSE (North America).

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      • Did you take the whole center console off to install the map lights?

        • I did. It was terrifying, too ;-)

          But having gotten the whole thing out, the challenge of removing the clear plastic lenses remained. NONE of the YouTube videos I found showed the correct tab/clip release points for mine. They have obviously changed the design.

          In the end, I removed the grey trim section from the black plastic base box and then it was very easy to remove the lenses and get the LED panels installed.

  • Cruiser hybrid AWD new. What price driveaway would you expect to pay? Im in SA. Was told around $50.5 today but reading thread I'm thinking ?$45k is what some people have received. Was also told $1.3k increase July

    • I got quoted 46.5 drive away 4 weeks ago with standard accessories + slimline weather shields and tint. I ended up paying $47k after finding a dealership that had a June build but wasn’t the colour I wanted.

      I doubt you can do much better than $46500.

      Edit: this is in QLD

      • Was that before or after a trade in?

        • no trade in

      • If you don't mind me asking, which dealer in QLD quoted that?

  • Rav4 Prime is making its rounds in the US now. Any idea if Toyota Aus has changed their mind since 2019, if we would see this model here in Australia? A plug-in hybrid seems to be a better environmentally conscious option, and given the 2/3 uptake on the current hybrid models, surely there is a business proposition for it here.

    • Spoke to the sale rep about it when I did a test drive the other day and she reckons it wont happen. Not sure I see the point in those things anyway as we're just shifting the carbon load from petrol to electricity and given the price of electricity these days I'm not sure the savings would be much at all?

      • Can’t ever feel safe doing an extended road trip on a pure electric.

        • Nope…and don't want sit around for an hour every 200 KM or so either. :) The Hybrid seems the better specced of the Rav 4range ATM with the bigger engine and different CVT technology, it drove well for a small engined SUV TBH.

          • @EightImmortals: The sub 6 second 0-100 is more appealing though… just saying. :)

            • @ATangk: The Rav4 Prime is NOT a pure EV where you need to plug her in when it runs out of juice. It is a 40 Miles range on pure electric and then the ICE hybrid comes in. The adv is that there is no range anxiety.

              • @pork chop: I know, thats why I'm saying I would prefer a Rav4 Prime vs something like a Tesla, even though with 62km electric only range, I could do most of my commute on electric power only.

                • +1

                  @ATangk: Totally agree. I would pre-order one if I could. The 40 Miles electric range suits my daily need.

                  • @pork chop: Could be a few years away due to limited battery production and high selling cost.

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    So I have been driving my GXL non-hybrid 2L variant for over a week now.

    Initial observations:

    Averaging 7.8L/100km
    Engine doesn’t feel underpowered
    Comfortable seats
    Build quality feels top notch
    Low cabin noise
    Loving all the safety features
    Below average speakers
    Multimedia looks better in person than videos
    Boot is heavy to lift without power
    Road sign assist can confuse ramp/exit speed

  • Morning All,

    For a 2020 RAV4 2WD GX Hybrid, what the current best drive away price for VIC?

    I've seen $36.4K with mats, cargo liner and full tank of petrol.


    • It is very good price , what colour ?

      • White.

    • Pre-price rise quote, or is that since July 1?

    • full tank of petrol is a given

    • Thanks a good price. I managed only $38k (rubber mats, cargo liner, full tank and in Black)

  • +3

    We gave up!!! Toyota has done a horrible job with production and getting cars to Aus. Realise COVID has not helped but dealers being uninformed and not wanting to sell, seeing how popular they are so they are letting them sell themselves thinking they don’t have to put any effort into the sale is horrible. Not want to contribute to anyone’s income or profits at Toyota!

    We decided a Mitsubishi PHEV was a better way to go. About $15000 more but we think it will be worth it as we mostly drive short distances so will be only using electric motor so no petrol ⛽️ needed.

    • our sales rep was excellent, even visited our house on his day off, to pickup paperwork for the number plate transfer.

    • I agree, I had same experience .they are literally not interested. Went to dealership and waited for more than 30min for test drive car as they only have one and sales person not even interested in explaining about car.asked for price again they threw a broucher and they are bragging about wait times which i think is ridiculous. I am ok to wait but their attitude put me off. Their fleet sales was supposed to give me a call back last week but they never did. Looks like they forgot about competition, now I am leaning more towards to CX5 GT as I like the styling and heads up display. I won't do many kms a year to justify hybrid price hike

  • So test-drove a GX Hybrid FWD yesterday, the pick-up was smooth however I drive with a heavy foot and could hear the car struggling under hard acceleration (also some kind very slight vibration could be felt) but when back to cruising speeds, everything good. ECO mode felt the smoothest. Could it be the test car I drove or is this how the CVT works? ( have no prior experience of driving a CVT).

    Why would one go for AWD over FWD and vice versa - does the slight power uptake 160/163 matters OR are there some other benefits that I have overlooked? The car would be primarily be used for school pick up and drop-offs and in a few years for my son who would turn 16. I was quoted $46500 for Cruiser FWD non-metallic, with Dashcam, mats, a tank full, and $49,500 for Cruiser AWD metallic -DA - Car in stock (both white - Sydney). Are these good prices - white is not my color of choice but the partner likes it.

    Really impressed with the space in the car. it's a bummer that the passenger side has no electric seat adjustments (even after spending >$45k??) Heard that the upcoming auto-folding feature can be DIY for $100. Any other feature that I should wait for in the SPEC 3 version coming from Aug onwards as my current Car rego is due in Sep/Oct 2020 and preference would be change before that. TIA

    • ( have no prior experience of driving a CVT).

      CVT picks the optimal rev range, so if you have a heavy right foot it'll go higher in the rev range

      Why would one go for AWD over FWD and vice versa

      Better handling, bit better power/torque, can tow 1.5T

      Any other feature that I should wait for in the SPEC 3 version

      Are you looking at GX, or Cruiser?

      • -1

        Isn't the AWD system a front bias anyway? If so how does it have better handling? You'd have identical understeering characteristics, (maybe even worse for the AWD because of the added weight up front). I can understand if it was RWD bias, but I didn't think Toyota did that on Corolla based cars?

        • You can adjust how it performs (eg Sport mode puts it on a slight rear bias), but with the hybrid AWD system it's a second electric motor on the back axle, so fuel consumption is barely affected (4.7 vs 4.8L/100km). It's constantly altering the power between axles (has a cool display to show how it's balancing front to back and left to right). Kerb weight is 55kg different between FWD and AWD hybrid variants.

          On take off from the lights, you'll watch the display put more bias on the rear wheels to aid acceleration. It'll adjust power between left and right when cornering to assist cornering speeds as well.

          Corolla based cars?

          RAV4 shares the same architecture as Camry, not Corolla

          There was talk of the new Yaris GR having the ability to shift all the power to the rear, can't remember if that eventuated or not (as it's on an AWD platform)

          • -1

            @spackbace: All FWD bias AWD do that, (I once wrote off my car, and had to buy a car that weekend, so I bought a Tiguan and drove it for a short period of time), anyway, it did the exact same thing, the problem was the haldex system was slow, and it took a few traffic lights to work out you were going to gun it. Then it kicked power to the rear instantly. For the first one or two, you'd end up spinning the front wheels. But all the awd trickery in the world couldn't disguise that it was a FWD car underneath.

            But using an electric RWD unit seems to be a benefit, doesn't the power of the ICE up front greatly outweigh the RWD EV unit though? So it's still predominantly FWD?

              • -1

                @KMeister: I highly doubt a Rav 4 hybrid uses torque vectoring

                  • @KMeister: That says the torque vectoring is available on the mechanical AWD system, and the hybrid uses an electric AWD system. So while I’m surprised by the fact that Toyota employs torque vectoring on any car, it doesn’t appear to apply to this car.

                      • @KMeister: Instead of shaking your head, how about you actually read your link:

                        Petrol RAV4 gains new dynamic torque vectoring system
                        The mechanical all-wheel drive system for the new RAV4 2.5-litre petrol engine with 8 speed auto features Toyota’s first dynamic torque vectoring system. It ensures stable performance and accurate response to the driver’s steering inputs when cornering, both in dry and slippery conditions.

                        That doesn't apply to the hybrid car, which is the one we are talking about.

                        • @Burnertoasty: Read the two links I've provided. Carefully…again. I'm not interested in educating you, all I'm interested in giving you the resources to do it yourself.

      • Are you looking at GX, or Cruiser?

        I’m after a cruiser spack.

        • I’m after a cruiser spack.

          Ah ok, yeah it only gets auto-folding mirrors, but no idea if it's getting a further price rise

          • @spackbace: Would the auto folding mirror be available as an upgrade for existing owners down the track?

  • +1

    For anyone still watching this thread:

    • Paid $500 deposit 22nd April.
    • 2WD Cruiser Hybrid Glacier White /w Black leather interior. Added dashcam, mats and window tinting.
    • Was told up to 6 months wait.
    • Notified by dealer that it should arrive in Syd on 24/07, ready for collection 1/08.
    • Car is now at dealership ready for collection this Saturday the 25/07.
    • All up 3 months 10 days between order and delivery.

    Looks like production is starting to ramp up to meet the Aus market demand. Hopefully stories of customers having to wait 6+ months will start to fall off.

    • +1

      We've got Cruiser hybrid stock coming next month (ETA 18/8), with GX/GXL hybrid stock on ground now, and more coming on that boat next month.

      So yes, they played catch up during Covid :)

      It's odd delivering cars after 6 month waits, and then selling cars and telling people 4-5 weeks wait, within the same month lol

      • Yeah for sure! There was always going to be a levelling off period, sounds like we're in it now. At least anyone purchasing pre-July 1st were able to dodge the $1300 price bump.

        • +1

          At least anyone purchasing pre-July 1st were able to dodge the $1300 price bump.

          Very true :)

    • The one thing Toyota still needs to sort out is to supply enough cars for those who ordered the Cruiser Hybrid with Nutmeg interior.

      I ended up switching to the Black interior since they said I might not even get the car until next year if I stick with the Nutmeg interior.

      • That's the dealer not wanting to order it specially for you ;) It won't take that long for fresh orders

        • From what's been posted online by various people who have ordered a RAV4 Cruiser with Nutmeg interior it seems like TMCA was trying to convert as many of those orders as possible to Black interior (multiple different people buying from different dealerships and different states being told the same line about possibly having to wait until next year if they stick with Nutmeg) possibly because the increase in production this month is only for the Black interior.

          • @Mucchan: We've got a couple of orders with nutmeg leather in the August production run (new spec) with eta of October

            We have 3 on their way before then (current spec)

            There's 2 unsold AWD Cruiser Hybrids in WA or on their way with nutmeg beige leather

            • @spackbace: Not disputing that the factory is still pumping out cars with Nutmeg interior.

              There are people who have ordered Nutmeg and have not not being allocated a production run though unlike those who ordered or switched to Black.

              I personally am happy enough that my order is now progressing after I switched to Black. Should still match well with the Graphite exterior. It's still a great car regardless of the interior colour lol.

  • bump did we find out what the August spec changes are?

  • Just wondering if you guys can comment if this is a good deal

    Rav4 Cruiser 4WD HYBRID (Crystal Pearl) MY20
    Comes with Nudge Bar, Headlamp cover, Bonnet Protector (Tinted), Slimine Weather shields (Front and Back), Side alloy steps, Floor Mats (Front and Back), Cargo Mat, Window Tinted (2 Door)

    Drive away price of $51,000


    • Which state (Stamp duty varies by state)

      • NSW

        • Thank you for replying! :)

          • +1

            @Andrianan4: We just picked up yesterday an AWD Cruiser after about 3 weeks wait:
            - Glacier White
            - Mats
            - Cargo mat
            - Tint

            For $47.7k

            I know any metallic paint is about $600 extra on top of the Glacier White but not sure how much extra the other accessories are worth.

            • @escusemay: Hi escusemay, thanks for the reply!

              After adding in the extras, looks like you got a pretty good deal!

              Thanks Andriana.

              • +1

                @Andrianan4: I just booked an AWD Cruiser today - ETA Nov 2020:
                - Glacier White
                - Mats
                - Cargo mat
                - Full Tank
                - Side Steps

                For $47.3k

                Not sure if Nudge Bar, Headlamp cover, Bonnet Protector (Tinted), Slimline Weather shields (Front and Back), Tint 2 windows - is worth an extra $3K over what I paid, but you wouldn't be far off - so a fairly good deal for you

  • +1

    Been a long time lurker on this thread for over a year and finally pulled the trigger a 2 days ago (12/08)

    Rav4 cruiser 2WD HYBRID Graphite (Was told it will be the October build with the folding mirrors but have no idea what else is different)
    Comes with Side steps, Floor mats - Front & Rear, Cargo mat and a Tow bar (kicked myself for forgetting to ask them to include tint)
    Drive away price $48,500 (SA)

    If I saw the $51,000 for the 4WD in the previous comment before I went to the dealer, I would've tried to negotiate a bit harder (first time buying from a dealer) but was happy with the price so went with it.

    Hopefully that helps someone looking to buy gets a better deal.

  • Be aware the GX cant take OEM roof racks. I heard Toyota don't make them. Great car otherwise!

  • Just curious if this is a bad buy, cause after researching it a little, it doesn't seem that good.

    Mums been offered:

    Rav 4 GX October build
    Saturn blue
    Sat nav

    And that's it, for $35,900

    I feel like this is way over priced for the model and the lack of any other inclusions (unless there aren't many inclusions and they're just added?)

    Toyota WA, Midland.

    • Auto or manual?

      If auto, that's a $3,218 discount off retail… I wouldn't match it or beat it

      • Yeah CVT auto. I'm assuming cars guide is quite off with their RRP or just pre pandemic (if this has affected prices).

        • RRP is pre-onroad costs

          And yeah, adding the price increase onto that discount becomes around a $3,586 discount. I wouldn't even do that on a Cruiser, let alone a GX.

          She doesn't have a trade-in in play does she? Surprised they'd scalp it so much

          • @spackbace: Oh of course in regards to on road costs.

            No trade in at play.

            I'm happy mums actually getting a pretty decent buy then.

            Thanks for your insight spackbace! Legend.

  • +3

    My personal buying experience….

    7Aug20 - Pondered a RAV4 while watching TV. We had been considering Subaru Liberty, Mazda CX5 and a range of other makes/models as a changeover for the current ride (2016 F56 Mini Cooper S)

    8Aug20 - Wandered into showroom at 2.10pm for a look-see. One of the display vehicles was a Jul-20 manufactured Cruiser Hybrid 2WD Crystal pearl which had allegedly been optioned-up for a customer (cross-bars, tint, mats etc) who subsequently cancelled their order. Salesman indicated he had some room to move on price.

    8Aug20 - Wandered back into showroom at 4.20pm for a look-see with my wife.

    9Aug20 - Wandered back into the showroom at 3.00pm for a test drive. Returned for verdict on the trade-in value (better than I expected), the obligatory haggling bullsh*t, passed-around multiple people for accessory/treatment cross-sell attempts; "Why use your cash, how about Toyota Finance?" etc.

    9Aug20 - Walked out of the showroom at 4.30pm with a contract for purchase.

    11Aug20 - Picked up car and left the old one with them. Oh…and was subjected to a barage of NPS survey reminders and score begging.

    It definitely was not a "dream car" purchase, so it was all pretty transactional and emotionless. We didn't need the AWD option and I didn't even care about colour (although I liked the black/white contrast of the Cruiser). I'm guessing that made the prospect of a long wait time a non-event.

    When I picked up the car, which was covered in a red cloth like it was deserving of a grand reveal (remember, I'd already been all over it just a few days ago), the salesman asked "You must be pretty excited to be picking up your new ride, mate?". I think I saw part of him die inside when I responded, "Mate - it's a RAV4, not an Audi R8 or Aston Martin DB11".


  • Anyone learning (or already learned) how to customise their RAV4 via TechStream and want to share favourite tips/tricks?

    Having picked up a 64bit-compatible VCI cable, my number one priority was killing-off that annoying tailgate beeping all the way down and all the way up. Now it's just a single beep which does NOT piss off our neighbours who live in close proximity. ;-)

    Note: I have no interest in modifying the vehicle's ECUs for performance, additional fuel economy etc. But comfort and convenience tweaks are fair game…and a great way to learn about some of the lesser-known features of the car.

    • +1

      That beep can be disabled through the service department (I always just set it to volume 1 rather than 3 in MID).

      Cruiser hybrid can be set to auto close windows and sunroof (and auto open) by holding the lock/unlock button on the remote (through service dept)

      • Cruiser hybrid can be set to auto close windows and sunroof (and auto open) by holding the lock/unlock button on the remote

        That's something I really miss from my last two cars (Golf and Mini). Opening everything up on approach to the car is a huge help in an Aussie summer.

      • How do you do this? Is it a setting set by service department?


  • +1

    I learned how to disassemble the door trim last night to install a P81 auto-folding mirror module (note: this may now be a standard feature on your RAV4 Hybrid Cruiser if you took delivery on/after September 2020).

    This (unlisted) YouTube video was VERY helpful to guide me through the process, particularly the methods to remove the memory seat connector and the door handle assembly.

  • I've decided to fix another area of Toyota's penny-pinching approach to the XA50 - the appalling cargo area lighting - with one of these kits. Bought the kit on Amazon, but slightly cheaper options are on AliExpress (et al) if you don't mind waiting…and waiting.

  • +3

    Just ordered a Hybrid AWD Cruiser in Atomic Rush with Nutmeg interior and towkit. Came to $48650 D/A, expected delivery Nov 30th. Bought from Cessnock Toyota, I said i wanted it for under $49000, and they came straight back with that price, no haggling back and forth.

    Hopefully this helps somebody

  • Anyone can report the current prices for a cruiser awd preferably qld?


  • Has anyone bought seat covers for their RAV4s? Looking for suggestions/recommendations please.

  • +1
    • That looks so ugly, they have removed all the character from the front end.

      • Apparently it's a fakey, nothing to worry about after all.

    • +2

      Fake. Old photo. Every car around it are also so old. Old Pajero, Camry etc

  • +2

    Just bought a 2021 model RAV4 Hybrid cruiser 2WD blue for $44,800. Is this price okay?

    • I have finalised hybrid cruiser 2wd in 45k

    • including on road cost?

      • +2

        Yes, 44.8K DA.

    • Did you manage to get any accessorises included for free ?

      • No, I did not. You?

        • nope… After deal I was asking dealer for free tinting on glasses and he was saying he will give me good price…

          • @dumkaze: Tinting through Dealer is always expensive even after "Good Price." they offered good price to us and that was $200 more.. than done somewhere else.