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Logitech G29 (PS4, PC) $310.50, G920 Racing Wheel (XB1, PC) $301.50 Free Shipping @ LogitechShop eBay


After missing out on the JB Hi Fi Deal (order cancelled due to pricing error), I ended up purchasing today through LogitechShop (Ebay) who are offering the G29 and G920 for the lowest price that I could find.

G29 (plays on PS3, PS4 and PC) = $310.50 with Free Postage
G920 (plays on Xbox One and PC) = $301.50 with Free Postage

Remember to use Discount Code: PEEL20 at checkout to ensure you get the above price(s)

Important Note: I am not interested in the shifter. If you want the shifter I would advise purchasing from Gamesmen (Ebay) who are selling both units at $379 (also with Free Postage)

Original PEEL20 10% off Eligible Items on eBay Deal Post

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  • JB, you've done it again!

  • The shifter is $50 all over the place because no one wants it.

    • To be fair, it's a good shifter for $50. 3D Rap make an add on that stiffens the shift too.

      Compare it to the Fanatec 1.5, it's junk but it's waaaaay more expensive.

      • Correction: its the only shifter for $50.

        I'm not saying its bad but I'm slower with it… I'm faster with just the flappy paddles.

        • Everyone is. I certainly am, but I think the nature of H Pattern is slower. Flappy paddles can't be used on H-Pattern gearboxes in Sims. They sort of mis-shift when you use them and slow you down.

          • @imurgod: Agreed, used to play Dirt 3 with the G27 with shifter. Although if I was competing it might put me at a disadvantage. It was a blast thrashing around a dirt track with the shifter. Gave a bit more immersion when the you don’t quite get the shifts right

        • Shuyart kim is pretty fast using a shifter (not that logitech toy though). He never touches flappy paddles.

        • Race cars don't even use H pattern shifters though do they? I thought most of them would have sequential shifters (i.e. push forward, pull back to change gears), hence I don't see the point of buying this shifter anyway.

    • Where can I find shifter for $50? The cheapest I can find is on Gamesmen for $61.

  • I really want/need one and this is actually good price, but when I know someone already bought it for $200..

    • Makes no sense at all…. So what if someone else got it cheaper because of a pricing error, if you need it buy it at this price or spend your life waiting.

    • Same feelings. But considering that most of the orders were canceled, it could be considered as gifts to lucky guys. And every one gets lucky in turns.
      If I tell you that I was one of the lucky guys to get full-syn engine oil for $2 per bottle (price error last for 1 hour), you'll still buy them at $29.99,I guess, just because you need it.
      For the racing wheel, I'm still not sure if I really need it, so my trigger is ~$250.

      • Yeah, I think I just want it rather than need it as well.

      • While I'm not really allowed to tell you the cost price of it I can at least honestly say expecting to find a brand-new one from a reputable retailer for $250 is quite wishful, I'd probably suggest to aim for low $300s on sale (like this one obviously, but JB has had wheel + shifter for ~$320 in the past) if you're wanting to buy brand new. Otherwise your best bet is to keep an eye on eBay and gumtree for near-new ones being sold at a discount as this is the sort of item that tends to be bought by people thinking they'll use it a lot and then eventually not touching it after a few times.

  • Bought this ages ago but haven't really used it since it has terrible settings/feedback for most 'compatible' games.

  • Mine got delivered today from the previous deal, minus the shifter. Does any one use a playseat with theirs, or can recommend one? I've currently got it set up on a coffee table, any it's really not working for me.

  • I've seen em cheaper quite frequently on staticice/msy/pccg for $300..

    It looks like JBhifi still offer the wheel and shifter combo purchase for $349 so if you got no discounts from ebay its probably still better to walk into Jbhifi to buy it.

    • Where did you see that combo purchase for $349?

      • I am also interested. The cheapest I have seen is on Gamesmen ebay for $379 (wheel+shifter combo)

      • Jb Hifi wwebsite has it for $350.. Ahh sadly it seems they've removed the blurb on thier website now.

        A few days ago it was 499 but in red writing under the price it said "pick it up for just $350 if you buy a shifter with it)"

        Keep an eye out on thier website for the next few months i've seen them run that deal a few times every year. (I follow prices of these wheels almost daily as i've been without one for over a year now and been looking to buy a new).

  • Ahh, fast Eddie from Fluidtek is still going eh.