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Karl Strauss Tower 10 IPA 6pk $14.88 24pk $58.88 @ Dan Murphy’s


Hopefully others do find this deal useful to them as it has for me!

Big fan of IPA beers recently (thanks to great deals from Boozebud using the OzB ways of life) and anything IPA that’s floating around < $60 for a case gets my attention and I’m all over it. Especially with 7% ABV =)

I’ve have had the Pin Tails from an old OzB deal and seemed decent. Never tried this IPA before and checking out Beer review sites it seems pretty on par with most other American IPA’s.

Couldn’t find anywhere else that have this IPA and couldn’t really find a RRP. But it does say on Dan Murphy’s site that it’s on Clearance. Again, <$60 for 7% ABV IPA is a bargain in my eyes!

As it’s on Clearance not sure the quantity and BB. My case is ready for pick up now so I’ll be heading down to grab this even so will be able to confirm BB.

Cheers 🍻

Edit: I’m in VIC. May not have the same price in other states as I know Dan Murphy’s love to have different prices for different states!

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    Could you suggest a beer that this is similar to? IPA is pretty broad and I'd prefer beers which lean towards citrus/floral rather than bitter in the aftertaste.

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      this is not a citrus/floral ipa style
      its more bitter and more in line with older West Coast IPA trends (crystal malt, more pine leaning hops eg. Chinook)

      • ah, not for me. thanks!

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          A classic IPA will be bitter - it's the extra hops that are the bittering agent. NEIPAs are more inclined towards what you want I think, or a Session IPA which is made a little bit. But in general, the IPAs will be bitter as compared to a regular pale ale.

    • I found it fairly smooth and slightly sweet compared to most IPAs. Very easy drinking. The recent Sculpin deal from Dan Murphys is a much more bitter beer.

      • +1

        their both about the same IBU, but the perceived biterness would be more on the Sculpin due to it using less 'sweet' malts (ie crystal) though the more fruity hops (eg Mosaic) would offset that a bit

        im suprised you'd find it 'much more' bitter though
        (though i think the stuff we get here is sometimes less than ideally treated/older and therefore some of the differences are likely shipping/handling factors)

        • +1

          Yep exactly that in your last comment; Dan's treat these beers quite badly, store at high temps and don't move stock around quick enough - this beer will spoil quite quickly, not the 12 months you maybe accustomed too. Sadly it means I rarely shop at Dan's for craft/independent hop forward beers.

    • Try the Rover Henty St Ale
      Dans have it at $58 a case
      Some prior deals here for 2 x case $99

  • $58.88 in NSW

    • +1

      Stock was the issue for NSW

      Picking up 3 x 6 pack for ~$45 tomorrow from Bankstown

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    Damn thats a good deal.. This stuff is usually $27 for a six pack. To me it's quite tasty but very rich. I can usually only handle a few before the flavour becomes overwhelming. Usually something I pick up whenever it's on sale (rarely) and supplement with some easier drinking beers :)

    • Really? I have only ever seen it at $14.88 a six pack at Dans.

      • They are at the moment because they're on clearance, but normally they're at about $27

  • Smashing price for that! I only tried it a few months back for the first time and unfortunately as much as I like an IPA - this one was not for me

  • This has been at this price for quite a while, I have gone through 2 cases of these and they are quite good but not very hoppy at all. More malty than expected and not like typical new wave IPA. Also beware that it is a massive 7% alcohol. Its not that easy to notice, until you have your second one…

    EDit:7% cash rewards till midnight.

    • It is a hoppy beer. When fresh.

      • Its an IPA yes, but to me the malt stand out more. Different type of hop I imagine.

        • I find the malty taste comes through more and more strong the older it is and if it hasn't been stored right.

  • +2

    Almost the same price for a six pack. Will give it a go!

    • If you have 60 cents to just throw away then go right ahead.

  • +4

    It may be a bit of an acquired taste, but I have always enjoyed their Red Trolley.

    • +2

      Yep agree, love Red Trolley.

    • red trolley is absolutely disgusting!!!

    • Red ales are the shit

  • We drain poured some last month as they were oxidised.

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    I used to think at $80/carton it was a good buy relative to most stuff in that price range. As said above, it's more malty/bitter, less fruity, but that's how I like my IPAs so it suited me fine. I've tried a lot of IPAs, most I haven't gone back for seconds, but this stuff I'll happily keep in the fridge. My usual beer is Pirate Life IPA if that gives you an idea, KS is comparatively more bitter/malty. Hope this helps anyone considering buying a carton.

    • +2

      love myself some pirate life mosaic. The old wallet however does not :(

      • +1

        Their IIPA is my favourite, but like you say, the wallet does not agree!

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    Bought a couple of 6 packs a couple of weeks ago for $14 each in Dan's.

  • I wouldn't bother. 9/10 times these deals on IPA's etc are because it's old stock. Even if it's not old, it's Dans so it's probably been in the heat at some stage. Basically, if a beer is awesome….. it becomes good to ok once it's been through Dans doors.

    • +2

      This is 100% true.

      However can you name a better beer for the price?

      • -1

        Carlton Draught.

      • Matter of personal taste, but anything Weihenstephan can be found for around $60 a case (other than Korbinian, Vitus, etc).

      • Probably not but doesn't make it a great deal. Too risky getting 24 malty tasting duds. Had it with Mountain Goat Fancy Pants from Dans multiple times.
        I've turned into a picky bastard with beer now, spend alot more for far superior quality and freshness imo.
        For example I recently grabbed a 4 pack of Blasta Brewings Unleash The Beast NEIPA and it was canned a day or 2 before. It is liquid heaven. Feral Biggie Juice can be had here canned within a week or two also. Nail VPA is cold delivered to some bottle shops near me, that stuff is amazing fresh.

        Spend more… drink better.

  • I'd rather put that money towards a cube of Biggie juice at $60-$70.
    Fresh AF and more than likely canned in the past few weeks.
    So it's only 16 beers but atleast it tastes how it's meant to taste….. effing delicious.

  • +1

    The Pintail Pale Ale which is more to my liking is also on clearance for $1 more. Great drop.

  • How much is it normally a carton?

    • 1 x Karl Strauss Tower 10 IPA 355mL (case) $83.99


      • Thanks

  • +1

    This is a very good beer, perfectly balanced, full smack of hoppy bitterness and caramel malt to round it out. Perfect without any sourness.

  • all gone in ACT

  • Picked up, BB Aug 19 😏

  • +2

    So I cracked open one just now and admittedly it’s actually pretty good. Even though it’s only 3 months to BB it tastes fresh still.

    Not sure why people are saying it’s bitter, guess it’s all subjective. My take on bitter is the Bridge Road Brewers Bling Bling IIPA!

    My go to is usually Pirate Life IPA or Bentspoke Sprocket. Recent favorite is the 8bit deal from CC posted not long ago on OzB. This IPA isn’t exactly on par with the taste of these but still fairly decent.

    Anyhoo… I’d buy this Tower 10 again. $58.88 is a bargain!

    • -1

      Pirate Life IPA 🤢🤢🤢

      • What’s your choice of IPA?

        Btw, I didn’t neg you.

        • +1

          All good, probably deserved one from you anyway haha it was a bit of a douche comment by me. Would love to try that sprocket, heard that's good.

          Been loving Garage Project IPA's, Nail VPA, Deep Creek IPA's and in love with anything CHUR… especially Chur Lid Ripper. I like the hazy variety but got some more resin-ish type ones at home to try.. Innate Watch This Space IIPA and Mountain Goat Humanoid IIPA.
          That Stair Way To Resin is top notch too.

  • I basically only drink IPA now, this is one of the low end brands out of everything I've tried. Didn't personally like it a whole lot. I'd personally stick to Pirate Life, Goose IPA, Little Creature and Ballast Point

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