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Try Thin Lizzy Velvet Lip Crème for $1 + Free Shipping


Thin Lizzy: "Just choose one of the 11 richly pigmented shades of our Velvet lip creme, add the below code at the checkout and it will be on your door step ASAP… all for only $1!

This can only be redeemed for 1 Velvet Lip Crème. Code can only be used once per customer. Shipping applies to AU orders only."

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  • 😂

    • I know right? Funniest thing I've seen all day.

  • -2

    the lipstick is $1 + shipping … not $1 for lipstick AND shipping….

    • +1

      I only paid $1 for lipstick and free shipping using the code

      • Same for me. Free shipping. Using code it discounted the lippie from $19.95 to $1.00

        • +3

          It was a bit buggy for me, it didn't include the free shipping at first but did after clicking back and forward a bit. @Starvingartist probably had the same thing.

          It works but didn't at first.

      • mine is not free shipping - how did you guys do it ?

    • Just paid $1 for lipstick And shipping.

  • +2

    To ensure "the boys are back in town" for years to come.

    • +1

      As long as they’re not the boys from the Jailbreak. 🤘

  • +3

    Had problems with paying via PayPal but got there in the end. Allowed me to add multiples so got two for $2 one for my share the dignity bag. Thanks OP

    • 2 for $2 here too!

  • -1

    Ladies, can I write using this thing?

    Must buy anything and everything equal or under $1.

  • sweet! I am drowning in lipsticks atm but i got this anyways

  • +11

    Bought one to put on my blow up girlfriend, THANKS OP

  • Thank you. :)

  • Thanks Op :)

  • +7

    Or "Thun Luzzy" as the Kiwi woman in the ads always used to say.

    • Yes! Can only hear it like this. Can’t believe they’re still in business.

    • Thun Luzzy sucks-in-one

  • +1

    2 for $2 delivered!

    Thanks so much OP. Feels good to finally bag an ozbargain for my wife :)

  • Thanks!

  • process and handling $9.99?

    • +3

      Hit “back”.

      • +1

        Thanks OP. Great deal. The back button was a saviour.

  • Scored 2 for $2 (free shipping)

  • +3

    Great deal for a dollar! Thanks OP
    No problems checking out with PayPal but since it only asks for the discount code at the end, I felt so paranoid that I'd pay full price by mistake.

  • Thanks OP! Two for $2 :)

  • +1

    thanks. ps. getting low on stock - be quick :)

  • Scored 2 for $2 with free shipping. Trick is to click back then go to payment again, and repeat till shipping is free.

    • Not working for me I could get 1 for $1, Are you able to share some more details please?

      • use another email to get the 2nd one

  • +1

    Looks like all sold out now. Got one for my wife though, thanks OP.

  • All sold out. Too late :-)

    • Worked for me about an hour ago. Paid $1 delivered :)

  • +1

    I did try now and it worked. Looks like they have stocked it up again ;)

    • yep ordered again as I wanted a different colour

  • Code no longer working. Says it has already been used.

  • Just ordered one. Thanks OP.

  • I just ordered it. It's not expired.

  • All males use lipsticks?

    • no

  • Got 1 for $1 and free shipping. Thanks for posting.

  • It only takes 1$ offer once for one email address.

  • +1

    I hope my missus approves.

  • Ordered 1. Can I make multiple orders? Would anyone know?

    • +1

      With a different email, u can!

  • +1

    Did three $1 orders. Thanks OP! Used different email and payment method for each, but I think only a different email is required.

  • Ordered 5 for 5 GFs :)

  • Great deal. Thank you ameebaro :)

  • Saying all colours are now sold out

  • Anyone receive an email by TV shop instead of by Thin Lizzy and has info. like this?

    Subtotal Amount : -17.99

    Pand H :0

    Total Amount : -17.99

    Does it mean I have to pay $17.99 when it arrive and the lip cream was not truly $1?

    • +1

      I got the same email. I thought it was showing negative 17.99 due to the discount code.

      • But I thought the discount was $18.99, since we are paying $1 instead of $19.99, kinda confused with why is it -17.99 not -18.99

        • Yeah, I haven't got a clue then.
          Did you email them?

          • @mapax: Does it really matter? As long as only $1 came out of your account.

    • Hi there - Can you please forward your confirmation email that you received to [email protected]

  • My order just arrived today! Really efficient shipping and comes in a zip lock bubble wrap bag.

    • Mine came today too! So much packaging for a small item lol

  • Made in PRC

  • I can't get it to work

    • The lipstick or the code?

      If code…it has expired..

      • +2

        The lipstick… it's ok, it's working now after I clicked like 50 times.

  • I received my two Spicy Cinnamon. Does anyone want to swap one of them for a different colour?

  • Mine arrived quite quickly. Have been using them for a week now and must say I am surprised with the quality and lasting power. Really good!

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