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[Android] Poweramp Full Version Unlocker $1.59 (68% off) @ Google Play


Rated 4.5 stars from 251,478 reviews. 1,000,000+ installs.

Poweramp is on sale again. Still the same sale price as last time, but this time it's 68% off (…meaning the full price has gone up by $1 to $4.99.) Time to buy if you've been looking at this popular music player.

Link to the actual Poweramp player app, if you want to see its features:

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  • Does this have access to Google play music etc…? Or is it just a local audio player?

    • +7

      Just local, and I hate the new interface on the updated version. Wish I could go back to previous.

      • Yeah new interface is pretty trash.

      • That's why I swapped from Poweramp to JetAudio.

        • Will have a look at Jet, I'm over poweramp v3 đŸ˜”

      • +4

        The google play licence works with the old version (v2.x) apk on their website: https://forum.powerampapp.com/files/file/20-poweramp-2010-bu...
        I tried the new interface, even with a lot of customisation I much preferred the old so reverted :)

        • +1

          Omg. I am a tech person and generally understand how things work without much effort but this v3 of poweramp drives me absolutely nuts, I hate it. I think I'll go back to v2 or look for something else :(

          • +1

            @nismo: mate, I am the same as you! and for what it's worth, I think the same about iTunes too!

            • @rogue5: Ha ha, don't get me started on iTunes!

  • +2

    I had this from the last deal and since the latest update it has been hard to use.

    My songs have become scrambled and play out of order.

    • I had the same problem. I have songs in folders (e.g. album name).

      When you're in the folder, ensure you're scrolled to the top. Click on the 3 dots in a vertical line on the right. Then select List Options.

      This will allow you to sort the tracks in the folder: By Track #, By Title, By Filename.

      My filenames are 01. 02. 03. etc. So selecting By filename did the trick for me.

      • I did that and still it didn't work.

        I have audio book mp3s and also 1. Intro. 2. Chapter 1 etc and it was still scrambled.

        I went back to stock MP3 player.

        • Bummer, sorry to hear. Bit silly it's not changing but yeah I agree that it seems the quality of the app has dropped a little since the update. I'm still running it though

    • Can we set it to auto stop after like 30m 1h or so? I often listen before sleeping

  • +5

    TL;DR - The new version of this app sucks.

    Plenty of better apps out there nowadays, many of which are free with no ads.

    • -1

      The new version is OK, if you're willing to learn about the changes. The old version is still available. It is still to most powerful Android audio player I've come across, and I've tried many.

      The only show-stopping bug is in the licence manager. If it can't phone home every 2 hours, the app stops working, which I found out on a long international flight.

      • +4

        Wtf. What's the point of an offline music player of you can't play it offline!?

      • It works for a long while without licence check, randomly it seems to bug out and want a net connection though.

        I ripped all my mother's CDs and set up an old phone of hers with poweramp to play on a bluetooth stereo. It's gone more than 6 months without a net connection and still working currently.

  • +4

    Odd. I love the new update.

    Music library has been a bit weird, but I suspect it's because of the tags in the tracks. I use it for all my FLAC.

    I use the Album Artist view and sort by last added. Working well for me.

  • +1

    The best app to play local music on Android. Has good audio engine and detailed eq, so FLAC files sound great on my device. I like the new update and interface also, a very good app in all and a steal at this price.

  • +4

    A decent app but I hate the interface. So unintuitive.

    • Yes I had to work out how to skip forward in long tracks (Audio books), but when I found it it was actually quite good.

      • +2

        I use PA for music, but for audiobooks I suggest 'smart audiobook player' is sooooo much better. Plus you only need the free version.

        • +1

          And if you use two different apps you can set each to look only at those folders, makes it easier for me

  • +3

    It's one of the best android app purchase you are ever going to make.

  • Any good free app can play SACD ISO, DSD over network? Hibymusic have issue with network play.

  • +4

    I'd highly recommend Musicolet instead.

    • Yep, completely free, no ads, no IAP, and overloaded with features. It's my default audio player.

    • I like it for the widget and simple, intuitive controls. But it does not play or even see most of my flacs.

  • Also- this is compatible with Android Auto.

    I'm bummed I paid for this app.

  • jetAudio for me since it has AGC.

    • +1

      When I google AGC all that comes up is Australian Girls Choir?

      • Automatic Gain Control perhaps?

  • +1

    It's still one of the best audio players, but the new user interface does take some getting used to.

  • I had to go back to Poweramp for flacs playback, but I hate it for crowded controls and other interface issues. All I want from it is to play a folder tree shuffled. It can do it, but when I pause and resume it somehow goes on to play only the first folder in the tree. The widget is crap.

  • It really whips the Lammas ass!

    • In 2014, Radionomy (online radio aggregator) acquired the Winamp media player and SHOUTcast technology. As a result, Winamp for Androidâ„¢ is no longer being developed and is not officially available (removed from the Google Play store).

    • +1

      @customundo, You seem to be lost. This is Poweramp, not Winamp. And it's "llama's". :)

  • -1

    It really whips the Lammas ass!

    • Winamp… But yeah

    • lols I thought I was only one who still used Winamp. :)

      • they were developing it just for you :P

  • I have this & use it but since one of the updates Degauss headset button control no longer works with it. I know this has button control built in but I want single button press for next track.

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