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[Android] Poweramp Full Version Unlocker $1.59 (60% off) @ Google Play


Rated 4.5 stars from 245,045 reviews. 1,000,000+ installs.

Haven't seen this on sale for a couple of years. Great music player. Has just been updated to v3 with a new audio engine and a new UI.

The #1 paid music player in the Google Play Store 8 years running—Poweramp is the most powerful music player available on the Android OS. Features like gapless play, an unmatched equalization system, great crossfade, and support for most popular music file format might all make Poweramp the best $3.99 you have ever spent in your life—4+ million users would agree to that.

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  • +11

    Not a big fan of the new layout - the seek bar is pretty stupid to use but it is still my main audio player on my devices.

    • I wasn't first day but actually ties in very well with most UI of Android skins now with the full screen gestures

    • +1

      Check the latest update. He's listened to feedback and there is a simple seek bar option.
      Settings > Look and Feel > Skin > Seekbar Style.

      • Honestly cannot believe the dev went and screwed that one up royally. The new seek bar was unusable without it tapping on the buttons itself and only found it by accident. But nice to know it is back now, buried under 4 layers of options/settings. LOL..

        • Yeah, playing with the skin settings was a PITA, LOL. Latest update fixes that tho — tap and hold the Settings (hamburger) button to go directly to the skins settings.

          You can toggle off the Pro Buttons in skins settings to make seeking easier, but then you need to swipe the album cover to go next/prev song.

    • I uninstalled it, layout too messy when selecting folders from SD card. Player Pro is more lean and simple to play and select from folders.

  • +3

    Just get Blackplayer free version.

    • Does Blackplayer have Android Auto support? that's the only reason i stopped using it a while ago

      • I thought MX Player has it, and free.

      • I use MD Player for Android Auto. It's not as nice as Poweramp though

      • Does power amp support aa?
        Doesn't work on my aa unit.

      • Install AnyAutoAudio, then you can use any Android players.

  • +7

    I tried them all out, when i say all i literally mean all!

    There are so many players on android that are one the same crap just rebranded, new skin, useless, no emphasis put on sound output at all, crappy, simple, useless equalisers. This player and neutron are probably only ones that actually do something to improve music quality, take advantage of the phones hardware etc

    • +1

      Correct couldn't agree more. PowerAmp is the only one I've found that brings out the bass massively

      • +1

        Using it for years, paid full price, and i believe it is the only known app to me that enables hi-Res audio over bluetooth.

        • Nice I didn't know that. Does it do that automatically or do I have to switch it on?

        • -1

          aptX HD is not an app setting, it's a hardware feature that your phone and receiver need to support.

      • -1

        That would be an equaliser setting.

    • This vs foobar2000?

      • This , it has great EQLZR and some more nice features

  • Best of many I've tried

    • +3

      Definitely the best, and I've tried about 10 alternatives.

      But keep a backup player. If the licence manager can't phone home, it stops working. I discovered this 2 hours into a long flight recently. Very annoying!

      • This has happened to me multiple times over the past couple of years. I hope the issue is fixed in this new version.

  • Does it play local music only or come with a online library?

  • +1

    For iOS users, your best bet would be the paid Onkyo app for the best equalisation options.

    • You can get a custom music playing app on iOS that plays from the native library?

    • Foobar2000 is on iOS

  • +5

    2 UI is heaps better, I used the beta for years which is good, not a fan of 3. The seek bar is easier to use but they've got ridden of the 5 * ratings which sucks so I've reverted back to the beta.

    • +2

      5-star ratings can be enabled: Settings > Look and Feel > Player UI > Rating Type.

      • Ahh nice, I only tried the first version of 3, he must of changed it after all the complaints, haha. Thanks!

  • +4

    sometimes, if you're offline (and say, you're on airplane),
    the licence key verification can fail, and PowerAmp can fail to start completely.

    I have had the Paid/Pro version for 3-4 years now.

    • Never had that issue on place.

      • Never had an issue either.
        I've used the free version on-and-off, and its "okay". The only competition for it was DoubleTwist, but I hated that player for so long now and I can't remember why. But then I upgraded to "Music Player" by Leopard V7 and it was a good App, especially when it would fetch lyrics for you and show them by default, even for rips that only had partial title or wrong format in naming. And don't start with the Google Play App, its bad.

        I think stay away from that free App, its gone down the toilet like the rest of them. It's extremely intrusive and annoying with Ads.
        The best thing is to use the free Music Player that comes with your Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei etc etc.
        Or you could use VLC Player, since it handles Music just fine along with Videos of almost all formats.

        And only IF you want something more powerful for your audio needs, then skip PowerAmp and get the full-paid PowerAmp Pro version.

        I've made the jump to PRO for a couple years, and it hasn't "blown my mind", the App has been able to fill my needs.
        You can get even more Audiophile support on your phone if you can get r00t access, then install MODs that take advantage of the D-A-C built-in to modern Snapdragon phones.

        • i have used paid version of Rocket Player too.
          it's a decent music player.

          a good, free, ad-free music player has been "Phonograph"

          • @whyisave: Hmm, looks decent.
            I wonder why PowerAmp PRO can't (or doesn't) automatically find and download Album Cover Art and Lyrics for you.

            These should be implemented for such a pricey Paid App, and one that's revered as "the best".

            Know any solutions?

    • +2

      I've had the same problem. It's a great player, but the licence manager phones home regularly, and you can end up without music on a long flight because it suddenly thinks it is unregistered. The problem persists in version 3 beta.

      VLC is a good backup player, and will play certain formats (.m4b) that PowerAmp won't.

      • You can edit the filename to m4a to make them play in poweramp ;)

        • Thanks for the tip

    • +3

      I set up one of my mother's old phones with all her music and poweramp to be used with a bluetooth stereo. After a few months she mentioned it stopped working.

      Same issue, had to connect the phone to wifi to check licence, it then works again for at least a couple of months.
      When I visit now I normally just connect it to wifi and open the app, haven't had the problem again.

      I did have to revert back to V2 from their website as she's been using it happily for years and the V3 UI overhaul just wasn't worth it.

  • +2

    Anyone else read this as powernap?

    • +3

      Not me, but you made me chuckle.

  • +3

    Been using this for years, and it's simply the best Android music player. Have been a beta tester for v3 and while the initial versions had a lot of issues, it keeps on improving. And yes the developer listens to feedbacks and requests so most missing features have been rrsolved by now.

    If you find something doesn't work, most likely it can be enabled through its many options, like the 5 star rating and seekbar style mentioned above.

  • +1

    I used to just go to Folder then click shuffle then play the entire selected folder. Seems I can no longer doing that. I'd ditched N7 for this but looks like this player turns into N7. FFS v3, gimme back v2!

    Edit: nvm, I have to press SELECT button now & put the selected on queue. More buttons to press to start it up & no Back & Forward control buttons, only swipes. Oh dear my life is just getting harder.

    • +1

      Library > Folders > select a folder > press Shuffle button works fine for me.

    • +1

      Replying to your edit:

      I have to press SELECT button now & put the selected on queue.

      Not necessary to do that. Clearer wording on my part:
      Library > Folders > tap on a folder > press Shuffle button.

      The Select button only necessary if you want to shuffle multiple folders.

      no Back & Forward control buttons

      Turn on Pro Buttons in the Skins settings.

  • +3

    It really is a great player but if you dislike the new version as much as I do (crashing, not so much the UI) you can grab V2 from the poweramp website

    • What's your device it crashes on?

    • Will the key from the Playstore still unlock it? And will it force an update?

      Either way, thanks. Didn't even think to check their website, heh.

      • +1

        Yes, I had to revert it on my mother's phone. The V2 APK from their website picks up the play store license fine.
        Uninstalling V3 then installing V2 did undo all the UI customisations I had made, I'm not sure how you'd go just installing V2 over top of V3.

        You'd need to set google play to not auto update the app.

        • +1

          If you prefer v2 UI you can install the latest alpha build 709 which supports hi-res and very stable. It's basically an experimental release for testing the hi-res on top of the v2 UI.

          • @tukanglistrik: It wasn't just the UI, it broke something with BT support far as I can tell because my Pebble suddenly couldn't control it.

          • @tukanglistrik: Interesting, cheers for the info.
            For my Mum just sticking with V2 is best, the phone its on doesnt support hi-res and she has no use for any new features. I disable as much stuff as I can in V2 to make it harder for her to accidentally get to somewhere she doesnt want :)

            For myself I'm giving V3 a while before I revert, must say I'm still not much of a fan. The design seems to be focused on being flashy rather than minimal.
            If I give up on V3 I'll give that alpha a try, although 'hi-res' audio really does seem to be mostly marketing rather than offering much in the way of actual benefit: https://people.xiph.org/~xiphmont/demo/neil-young.html

  • +1

    Hated the new update so much I'm just using Google Play Music now.

  • If you want a player that's free and simple, try musicolet.

  • None of these players show me the total time of a personalised playlist… It's something so simple but yet so hard for the developers to implement…

  • -2


  • +2

    After the update to v3, mine started skipping and lagging and crap while connected via bluetooth the car. I had to look for another music player and realised this is a pretty basic player, really - not worth money when there are better free alternatives out there.

    I now use AIMP - free, with no ads or IAP, full playlist control, widget and best of all it plays mods as well as mp3s.

  • Pi Music player is anther good music player

  • Does this fix the issue where on Oreo upwards the notification bar became unusable?

  • Poweramp and Neutron are still my favorites Music apps after 10 years. Being using Neutron since Blackberry days then moved to Poweramp when switched to Andriod. They both are Music Apps delivers good sound quality when play lossless and Hi Res music files.

    Have used and paid for most of the popular music apps( GMMP, Stelio, PlayerPro, Shuttle +, Blackplayer EX, Phonograph Pro and etc) and always went back to Poweramp at end of the day. It's all around music app that have all features I needed. Others may be better in on perspective but mising things here and there.

    However, I do have Foobar installed on my mobile in case the infamous Poweramp is unable to validate license in offline mode.

    • +2

      Shouldn't a good player just reproduce the digital audio lossless file (raw) unadulterated, exactly as it was when cloned from the parent file? The DAC in the hardware is what colours the sound during conversion from digital to analogue and it's the analogue re-production which you hear.

      I guess it's different when the equaliser's being employed to add digitised enhancements to the audio file.

      That's the reality of digital files

  • Like it but totally useless when away from internet (eg camping) as it still 'calls home' to check license. No connection = no play!

    • So this player is unusable on the plane???

  • Pretty good player.

  • Its awesome ,the only app purchase i made till date :-)


  • Hi. New to this apps. Can anyone tell me whether can access network music file?

  • Bought it, been noticing a lot of review and recommendation in Ozb.

  • Heads up for the few Pebble watch users left. Version 3 wont let you change tracks from your watch. Developer is unsure why and not sure if there is any plans to fix it. You can sideload V2 though and works with this unlocker. I've used it for years and am happy back on V2

    • I cant install v2 on mine tho, after click install it just shows me no app installed. Uninstalled v3 and still the same. LG V20 android 8.

  • Does this player play FLAC???

    If not what plays FLAC on Android phones?

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