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AOC 32" Gaming Computer Monitor QHD (2560 x 1440) FreeSync IPS $269 Free Postage @ Azeshop eBay


The AOC Q3279VWFD8 is one of the most affordable 2K monitors, yet it features a large 31.5″ screen, a 10-bit IPS panel for stunning colors, plenty of connectivity options, and extra gaming features including AMD FreeSync. Free postage. Cheapest I've seen it. $254.15 with eBay Plus.

I'm using one now, which I got 6mths ago, and love it.

If a VESA mount is needed, see here


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  • +12

    Nice, but just lacks a better/more adjustable stand or vesa mount.

  • +8

    No VESA mounting holes, if that matters to anyone.

  • +4

    Bit hard to recommend this one. It’s a really nice looking monitor for the price and does work fairly well with G-Sync, however mine shipped with a noticeable cluster of dead pixels. I probably lost the lottery but it’s something to be weary of.

    • +3

      bought mine from previous deal and different shop, but it developed a bright pixel vertical line after 1 month. Upon asking about warranty they said they will replace with refurbished unit and can not guarantee pristine exterior condition. I decided to keep the bright pixel line instead.

      You get what you pay for i guess.

    • how many dead pixels? pretty sure if its 3 or more they'll replace?

      • Mine had about 8 or so but was again bought from another seller. Was told that they'd replace the monitor so I sent it back, but after waiting a fortnight they decided to just refund me as they weren't able to check the replacement monitor for defects prior to sending it out. Was a pretty disappointing result, wound up buying a Predator in the end.

      • its not's a single pixel wide vertical line top to bottom, all the pixels in that line are all lit or stuck on whiteish colour.

        of course they will replace, but with a return unit that has been refurbished and probably already had a longer service life than 1 month. I figured it was a poor trade at the time considering mine was one month old only.

    • +2

      I have 3 of these monitors and they're great for the price - except for the lack of VESA holes mentioned above. Factoring in price, the best monitors I've ever bought.

      I don't understand how 'I got some dead pixels' means that you can't recommend something. Is there any suggestion that they suffer from poor QC or something? (Given the price I suppose that wouldn't be surprising).

      • It is possible considering the few here which have had issues with their display. I noticed the finish of the plastic bezel surrounding the panel was a bit rough with raised edges, although that didn't really bother me personally. I would've definitely held onto the AOC provided the defect wasn't such an eyesore.

      • +1

        I have three of these also - they're fantastic and the price just makes them better.

  • +2

    I have one of these. Screen is obviously nice nad big and as my media monitor it does the job fine.

    No complaints.

  • -1

    This one's a tricky one, depending on your usage but I wouldn't use it for "gaming". 75 Hz just isn't worth it.

    Great price for a 31.5" 1440p, however, just isn't a very good gaming monitor imo.

    • +11

      In fairness those in the market for a budget monitor probably aren't geared up with high end components so maybe the 75hz at 1440p will be more than adequate.

      Beats a typical office 60hz monitor anyway.

    • +3

      I use it for gaming. Works fine.

    • +6

      The vast, vast majority of people still game on 60Hz panels.

      • +5

        If we're lucky.
        Maybe i was more sensible with money than most. Gaming for 35yrs. Can't think how much thousands of hours I played single player with best settings possible for 30fps. Hell, RTS games would drop to 15fps at times, based on my settings/preferences.

        When I'd finally splash out on great b4b hardware, I'd race to crank up full res & settings. Yep, looked awesome, but then what? Same game. Not like the 90's where AdLib music/voices needed a 2MB RAM upgrade & sound card, or get stuck with blip-blop sounds.

        Still running HD 22", looking at finally moving to cheapest 32" 4K.

        (cool story bro)

        • +2

          I'd love a 4k screen but you need a 2080 Ti to power it not to mention Windows scaling is mediocre at best. :(
          1440p at 27" seems to be a nice middle ground.

    • +3

      The necessity of absurd framerates to game on is overblown

      I'd rather have more pixels with less frames

      I can't even hit 75fps in a modern game at 2k lol

  • +2

    Can anyone share their experiences with a 32 inch 1440p monitor and the PPI? If I use it at a typical desk viewing distance will I see pixels on the screen?

    • Very borderline imo, if you're fussy about these sorts of things you probably will.

    • Struggle to see pixels on this one myself. Much better than my 24" 1080p Philips monitors from 2014. Bought our 1440p from PLE Wangara last month for 300, no issues with it yet. Viewing angle is good, not so good if you work in a nosy office and need things to remain private. Colours are excellent and refresh rate is a huge step up. If watching movies and high speed gaming is your thing, it may pay to look for something higher than this 75hz refresh rate.

    • I have this exact monitor and sit 40cm away and have no issues

      • I sit about 40cm away too (pretty close), and it looks great

      • i sit 60cm away and i find my eyeballs keep rolling around

    • +1

      As one of the reviews states, is the same pixel density as 1080p on a 24 inch.

      • Sorry, just so I understand PPI correctly, if I have a 24" 1080p monitor and the closest I can get to it without it being pixellated is say 50cm, then that means I can have a 1440p 32" monitor 50cm away and it will look the same just bigger?

    • +4

      It should be equivalent in term of pixel sizes to a 24" monitor (full HD)

      Resolution: 2560 × 1440
      Diagonal Size: 32 "
      Viewing Area: 708.41 mm x 398.48 mm
      Aspect Ratio: 16 : 9
      Pixel Size: 0.276 mm

      Resolution: 1920 × 1080
      Diagonal Size: 24 "
      Viewing Area: 531.31 mm x 298.86 mm
      Aspect Ratio: 16 : 9
      Pixel Size: 0.276 mm

    • -3


    • I have a 34 3440x1440 Ultra Wide next to a 32 2560x1440 and it's a huge difference.

      The increased height of the 32 makes text and pixels very noticeable in comparison. I never use it for text.

      If I didn't have the 34 next to it, it wouldn't feel as bad…

      I think ideally 32 should be be 4k at normal viewing distances. I also wear glasses FWIW.

    • yep you will see pixels as i had 32” 1440 p monitor …then i bought a 28” 4k monitor and you can’t see the pixels .
      primary purpose is office work not gaming for me ….

    • no issues with pixel density here.

    • You will notice pixels if you're picky. Initially was critical of it but now I hardly notice. The good far outweighs the bad

    • No, it's not an issue worth thinking about

      1080p yeah for sure

      But you're talking about a $270 posted monitor

      32" 4k… Double the price to start.

      • Kogan has it for $399

  • How does this compare with the viewsonic

    • Its only FHD 1920 x 1080 Resolution, and no FreeSync (only useful for AMD GPUs).

      • You can force gsync on with NVIDIA GPU and freesync monitors.

      • Modern nVidia cards support FreeSync(but not Freesymc v2 features),

    • +1

      You're asking for a comparison between a 1080p and 1440p?

    • there is 1440p version of this at similar price when on sale about $290 or so, gets posted here regularly - model vx3276-2k-mhd

      difference is 60hz no freesync but came with VESA mount + sleekier slim bezel + speaker

  • +1

    Bought it last sale, it's pretty great and came next day!

  • Bought one of these a while back and returned it a few days later. Could have just been a bad unit but it gave me bad motion sickness Everytime I tried to game on it.

    I carried out the UFO ghosting test on it and regardless of the setting there was always massive amounts of ghosting.

    As I said, could have just been a bad unit.

    • +1

      if I recall correctly there were two versions of this monitor one was TF (?) type and other is IPS. The TF type had bad delays and ghosting. Reading the post this is IPS version.

      • That sounds right. I recall it being a non-IPS panel.

      • +1

        VA is the other version - the ghosting is overblown, Ive got one and I don't notice it at all personally.

  • I have a 27" AOC, which I think cost $199 or less - it was very good value at the time.

    It's a good monitor, although i'm no expert - just use it for MS office and PS4.

    Having said that, it would have been wiser to have invested a little more to get a monitor with more HDMI inputs, and / or built in USB hub.

    And, if anyone's wondering, no one would want to use the built in speaker. A cheap external speaker or notebook speaker would be far superior.

  • +1

    Should I get this or wait for a 4K monitor ?

    • +1

      can you wait/use what you have right now?..? When 4K are common and cheap no doubt we will all be waiting for price drop of 8K monitors….you could end up waiting forever.

      • +1

        Currently have a PS4 Pro not sure whether to buy a 4K monitor or stay with 1080p

    • go 4k …. i bought a1440p and a month later upgraded to 4k , the 1440p now collects dust.

      • +4

        If you're having a garage sale let me know.

  • Silly question, I have a Microsoft Surface 4, can I connect this monitor to my Surface to watch movies?

    • yes, provided you have a MiniDisplay to HDMI adapter.

      • Ok I guess I need to go and buy one

    • Keep in mind that 1080p movies will be scaled on a 1440p screen so they may not have the clarity you're expecting.

      • but that's not a fault of the monitor or his setup, that's just … putting crap petrol into a high performance car.

        • But if this person is asking about how to connect their tablet to the screen then they may not be aware. 1440p is not recommended for movies and TV because 1080p needs to be upscaled and 4K needs to be downscaled. 1440p is a PC resolution, not for media consumption. Someone would be much more satisfied watching movies on a 1080p or 4K screen and I think either of them would be a smarter decision in the short term and long term.

          • @mortyestmorty: Modern video cards have awesome scalers.

            • @Major Mess: Because 1440p is only 1.7x 1080p, doesn't that have an effect on scaling? At least 4K is exactly 4x bigger and I thought it scaled better because it's a whole number and square pixels have four sides.

  • bought a 4k AOC at one time.

    never again!

    washed out colours with a tempting price.

    it's like a Soniq tv

    • +1

      Colours look fine on this one

      • Yes this ^ colours are 10 x better on this IPS over my Acer, Samsung and Dell monitors

        • +2

          Then you should definately sell your Acer, Samsung and Dell monitors to me.

    • It must be a TN or VA panel not IPS

  • +1

    Can anyone recommend a higher refresh rate and lower response time gaming monitor? (QHD/Freesync)

  • radeon rx480 power this monitor ok for some light gaming? maybe not 1440p but 1080p?

    • I've got this monitor and it works fine with my Rx480. I can run BFV at 1440p albeit not with max graphics settings but it still looks nice and runs well enough, depends how many FPS you find suitable (with my custom settings and running at 2k resolution I get between 38-60fps, probably unacceptable for some but for a casual like me it's fine). Games at 1080p should be no worries. It's an older card so it's never going to get high fps but it can power this monitor no issues in 1080p and 2k.

    • Yes I have a 290 and it powers 1440p fine.

  • +1

    Got the monitor, its great. Picked it up for $300 2 years ago

  • +1

    What? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez runs an electronics company. Smart, beautiful and an entrepreneur.

    • -3

      You might be able to get away with calling her one of those things.

      • Let me guess, you think climate change is a hoax, and that multinationals should not be compelled to pay taxes? or do you think Americans don't deserve universal healthcare? What exactly about AOC do you have an issue with? go on..

        • I don't really have an issue with AOC. While I personally haven't owned one I've heard they make good quality monitors, especially for gaming.

    • Smart, beautiful and an entrepreneur.

      what make you think she’s beautiful?

  • I've got the VA panel variant of this (earlier model) and love it. Nice deep blacks but does look a bit dull at first (used to it now) compared to ips

  • +1

    I've been running a dual setup of these ips screens for a few months, they've been great for photoshop and casual gaming etc. Haven't had any issues with them.

  • I run 2 22" AOC monitors for my home office. very nice monitors. best I have owned.

  • I run 3 of these, just bought the last week.. Very happy with my purchase and could never go back to smaller monitors. I'm not a gamer though so can't comment on that.

  • Whats rrp on this?
    This is still available for $299. Is it worth this price?

    • +1


      Get this for $269 with coupon code PSYCHED.

      I love it!

      • Nice find. And thanks for reply.

  • Different coupon in now, and price up to $290, but he changes often, so if you want it, just check his ebay page daily.

    • Back to $269 - a different coupon each day or so.

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