8 Day Thailand SIM Card with Calls & Unlimited Data from $4.03 for New App Users @ Klook


Found this deal today, it’s incredibly cheap for 8 days with “unlimited” data.

New app users need to add the code mobile10 to get the discount. People already using the app will be charged $5.85 depending on pickup location.

Please note: Internet speed will drop to 384kbps with unlimited data when 3GB data is overused

Spend money on your holiday instead of hefty phone bills, get a local SIM card for your holiday in Thailand!

Access high-speed 4G and 3G Internet on the go so you can connect with your family and friends
Pick up the SIM card right upon your arrival at Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, or Krabi
This SIM card is easily one of the basic travel essentials for Thailand that you can pick up at Bangkok Airport

Device Details
SIM Card Validity: 8 days
Internet Speed: 3G/4G
Service Type: Calls and texts included
Coverage Areas: The Whole of Thailand
Data Limit: Unlimited
SIM Size: Normal,Nano,Micro
Preloaded Amount: THB100
Hotspot Sharing: Yes
Provided by DTAC




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    iirc KLKSBAU5 is for min spend $40


      Yes I know but if you add it to your account before purchasing the SIM card and purchase an activity or something else through Klook first you can get both deals.

      I assume that if you’re going to Thailand you’ll want to purchase activities to do while over there, like I am. So I used both codes and saved more money doing so. If not you can still get the cheap SIM and not worry about the ShopBack code.

  • +1 vote

    Great deal. And funny enough exactly what I was looking for. Good timing. Thanks.
    Looks like you need to buy via the mobile app … :-)


      I know right! I’m off in three weeks, so perfect timing for me too! Can’t believe how cheap it is. You should look at some of the activities on Klook too, bit cheaper than other places for the ones I’m looking at, plus you get ShopBack too!


    when does the offer expire? i plan to visit later in the year but havent booked a date yet. so can you buy it now and use it at later date in the year?


    I am going to Phuket for two weeks in June. Can I get two of these and use one after the other?

    • +1 vote

      You need to book when to pick up. Activation only on Pick up. Pick up location will be at the airport. I don't think you will go back to the airport to pick up 2nd one. It will cost you more for taxis.

  • +5 votes

    Just get a 99bht ($4ish) sim from any 7/11 when you are there …

    • +6 votes

      599bht for 8gb & 100baht call credit 14day sim from memory last nov, better off getting 2-3 of these sims


      Family mart has more stocks then 7-11. Or go to any phone phones on the street or in the shopping centres. 250b for unlimited 1 month. That's about $11


        Have yet to see a sim with unlimited for 250baht

        The ones I usually see are anywhere between 300 to 450 for 10 to 14 days with 2 to 6gb


          unlimted != Unlimted in Thailand. also diffrent places sell diffrent sim cards and have diffrent top up offers.

          Im with true for example, 711 has some good top up options for high data users.

          150baht - 10 days (10GB)
          200baht - 10 days (15GB)

          Sim Card is 49baht

          there is also lower data limits for people that don't need so much for cheaper.


    Anyone got anything for Bali?

    • +1 vote

      My suggestion is to buy a sim away from the airport/tourist shops, XL or Simpati. You can expect to get about 15G/30 days for around $12.
      It helps sometimes if you get a local to buy it for you.

    • +2 votes

      You can sign up to Klook and install the app on your phone and enter the code MOBILE10 for an XL sim card for Bali for $8.18 with 6GB of data and you can collect it at the airport - hope this helps :)


    Cheers op. Perfect timing

  • -2 votes

    anyone know anything about the italy sim card?

  • +1 vote

    Anyone got a deal for japan?


    I used this exact deal last week, I feel like I'm failing my Ozbargain duties by not posting it.

    Good post.


    Must the first day of activation actually be the pick up day? Just a thought as we arrive late in the evening and thinking of starting from the next day - I believe that you can but thought to ask


      Was wondering the same. . I'm over there for 2 weeks so wondering if they allow you to buy a 2nd sim and activate the 2nd when the 1st one expires

      • +2 votes

        all the sim cards we have had are preactivated. so i don't think that will work unless you go back later to get another card. You can add credit but there sim cards use data and voice packs so make sure you activate one or your money will go quickly.

        most bars, hotels, coffee shops, shopping centers, restaurants will have wifi. Wifi is everywhere. I live in thailand and just use wifi (We get 3BB wifi at our house)


        Also wondering this if anyone can shed some light? I bought two, hoping we can activate the 2nd one a little later.

  • +1 vote

    I paid 250thb for 14 days of unlimited calls, text and data. They are available everywhere in Thailand.


    I will travel in December, and the app only allows the pickup date before 08/nov/2019 :(


    I got a 30 day unlimited for 380 baht ($17.00 aud) with AIS, 7/11 are only Truphone and don't have sims, most Family mart don't have anything, best shot is to get it at the Airport or go to a large shopping centre where all the outlets are located, basically only 3 major providers Truphone, DTS, AIS, and all pretty much the same coverage depending where your located.

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    Picked mine up at Chiang Mai airport tonight. Plane was 2 hours late and still fine and they were waiting at the exit with my name. Set me up within 5 seconds and done.

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